Orglamix Monthly Glam Box Review July2016: Hello Sunshine

*I want to first say I received this for free by Orglamix and ALL thoughts on these products and service is my honest thoughts. This was a surprise actually because we originally corresponded in April and I received a May box for free via email. Thank you for sending me another AMAZING box to open and try out great quality, natural beauty products. You can read more about Orglamix and their boxes in my first review HERE.



This month’s box was a delight to open. The first thing I noticed was the “beauty blender”.  Second, their new boxes are cute!

The most I took out of this box are the following:

  • great selection of products
    • takes care of your skin, makeup, and well being.
  • no repeats from the previous box
  • presentation is perfect once again


Beauty Sponge

Beauty Sponge
Beauty sponge


This was exciting for me because I love the brand Beauty Blender and I do want to try other products that compare to it. I have tried a few other brands, and they never compared. This one however, I was impressed. It gave me flawless skin using it and it was a smooth and easy application with liquid foundation. I even used it for powder. Lastly, this is slightly larger than the Beauty Blender.




Splash Mask

Splash Mask
Splash Mask

This spray is so refreshing and cooling! It is the smell of citrus heaven. It is great for waking up and needing a pick me up! I love this and recommend to anyone seeking a high quality spray that not only takes care of your skin by brightening it up, but wakes you up! It even lightly exfoliates. Say what?! It provides everything you need.






Rise and Shine 100% Natural Essential Oil Roll On

Rise and Shine
Beauty sponge

This is AMAZING. It truly does wake me up a bit without caffeine. I tried it without my morning coffee and following the instructions, I felt great. It is not going to completely replace your daily caffeine intake at first, but it is a nice pick me up!

How do you apply it?

  • roll it on your temples, behind your neck, and lower back.


Banane 100% Natural Mineral Retouching Powder

This is very yellow, however it is meant to touch up areas of your skin to help it cover up blemishes or discoloration.

A few tips when using this:

  • A little goes a long way and it is very pigmented!
  • You must have a light hand when using this.
  • Lightly brush on or use a beauty blender on the areas you want to cover.
  • It works great all over as long as you are careful.

Happy Sparkle Sunshine Vibes 100% Natural Mineral Eye Shadow


This mineral eye shadow gives a nice glow and shine to your sunny day. See what I did there?

I put this shadow all over my lid in the above photos as well as three other mineral eye shadows from the previous box! Check out the other colors in that review HERE.

The application with these mineral shadows are amazing and I use it three ways:

  1. with my finger like I did above with the lid color Happy Sparkle Sunshine Vibes
  2. a makeup brush
  3. apply with a WET makeup brush to add more shine and metallic feel


Last Thoughts

Orglamix is hands down the BEST vegan, Cruelty-Free, and natural beauty brand. Their beauty boxes offer a wide variety and you get a great feel for what they have to offer.

I feel you would not be disappointed in their values or quality. Check them out and tell them Kristina from Love at First Kick sent you their way.

What is your favorite brand?


Orglamix Monthly Glam Bag Review

I personally contacted this amazing natural makeup and cosmetics brand, Orglamix. I came across them online on cratejoy which promotes independent companies that offer subscriptions. I was not paid however I was sent this for free to give an honest review. The number one thing that really made me interested in their particular subscription is this

For every box sold, we donate a meal to orphaned children in need.

About Orglamix

In the beginning…

What started on Etsy as a dream and one product — eye shadow — has since grown to a line of over 600 amazing products. From our flawless foundations to eye catching eye shadows and beautiful balms; Orglamix has become an innovative, creative natural, small batch beauty brand that excels in micro manufacturing.

We’re passionate about healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural & sustainable, cruelty-free goods, while making a difference in the world, one child at a time. For every glambag sold, we donate a meal to children in orphanages from Haiti to Philippines via Rice Bowls.

Where we are today…

Today Orglamix has become known as the most innovative, creative natural beauty brand on the market with a full range of cosmetics, perfumes and skin care. We’ve elevated natural beauty with our unwillingness to accept substandard performance in natural products and has made it our mission to uplevel the perception of natural beauty products.

We would surely have failed by now were it not for the support of our amazing fans: makeup artists, bloggers and moms everywhere who share our love of natural makeup, innovative products, color and good ole fashion customer service. Our online reviews are off the charts; if we don’t get five stars, we just about cry.

What do you get in the Glam Bag?

What’s Inside?

When you sign up for Orglamix, every month you will receive a 4-6 expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural & sustainable, cruelty-free goods + a $10.00 Gift Card to

For every Orglamix subscription box sold, we donate a meal
to orphaned children in need.

How does it work?
Once you have selected your Orglamix subscription and submitted your information, your payment will be processed. Depending on your subscription plan (monthly, 3 month, 6 month), re-billing will take place on the 15th of each month.

The cut-off date for new subscriptions, to receive the new month’s Orglamix Box, is the 4th of every month. For example, if you join Orglamix on June 5th through July 4th, you will receive your first shipment in July.

When will my Orglamix Box ship?
Your Orglamix Box will ship between the 5th and 7th of each month. For example, your Orglamix Box for June will ship out between June 5th and 7th.

 What I got in the May Bag

The Glycol Rose Peel + Mask is very nice. It is soft, gentle, and easy to use. It is not like many peels, and I would say it is more of a very thin mask. You wash it off after it dries. It makes my skin soft. You do not need a whole lot and smells so fresh. I do love rose. This is $62.00 for 2 oz if you were to buy separate from the subscription.

Fresh Rose Butter Balm is amazing. I love the fact it is mainly coconut oil and that is one of my favorite things to use for my skin.This has multiple uses! You can basically put it anywhere that is dry. The directions do not mention to use on the face, but I LOVE to use it after I wash my face. It smells heavenly and it makes my face so soft and mosturized! It will give you a very nice healthy glow.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace $32.00  and Peace + Calm Essential oil $6.00. Hello! Worth he subscription since you pay $29.00 a months and this is $38.00 together! What?! I was so surprised about this awesome addition to the subscription! I did not know what came in the box/bag and when I opened it up I was so happy to see this. I always wanted to try essential oils and the fact that this is a necklace was very exciting because I can smell it all day. I have used this almost everyday since I got this over a week ago. It really does help my mood especially if I wear it all day. I only need one to two drops. The ONLY downfall is that I wore it so much I rubbed off some of the silver on the back of the necklace, but you can’t see that when I am wearing.

Pure Mineral Eye Shadow in Pink Peony, Creeping Violet, and Cranberry Rose $12.00 each.These alone are worth the subscription since they are full size and for all three it is $36 alone and the subscription is $29.00 a month! These are very pretty colors and go on with a lot of pigment. If you are not use to loose eyeshadow, do not fret! It takes a little time to get use to how to apply and how much, but once you do it is worth the beauty of using them. In the above photos, I only used my finger to apply. I wanted to show that if you do not have brushes it can work. It does work a lot better and easier to use brushes. You must use a little at a time and dab onto the lid rather than brushing on to prevent fall out. These are very shimmery, but you can control it with how you apply and they would look amazing if you wet the brush first! Give them a try!

The Details

Price for the subscription: $29.00 a month, $169.00 pre paid for 6 months, or $289.00 pre paid for a year!

Every box sold you help hungry orphans in need!

Natural and safe products, vegan, and cruelty free!

You get a $10 gift card with each bag!

$25.00 off your first bag.

Value is way higher than the subscription price!

You support small business!


Support them on Social Media

Instagram: @orglamix



Last thoughts, I feel many need to know more about this brand. It has many affordable natural options and worth some of the higher priced items. The more simple you are with makeup and beauty, the less you need or buy! Pick a few high quality, safe options and stick with that! Try this subscription out if this is something you are looking for.