Liam’s Second Birthday Elmo Style

We celebrated Liam’s 2nd Birthday Saturday August 26th 2017. He had a great time opening presents, seeing his Elmo balloons, and eating his daddy’s Elmo cake.

We enjoyed the sunshine and Jimmy John’s subs while catching up with family. It was a relaxing time that was much needed.

Party Prepping

Daddy making the Elmo cake!

Making the goodies bags!


The Day of the party!







We enjoyed the day and thank you all who came and celebrated! Two years have gone by in a flash. We are excited to see what is to come with Liam’s 2nd year!

The Real Solution to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

You may be here to find answers to your exhausting problem: your child will not sleep through the night and you’re about to check into a psych ward. You would rather put duct tape on your sunburn and rip it off than sleep another night waking up 5 times.

The solution is neither close nor far. Because your child will be ready when they are ready. Guess what mommy, the magic solution is patience. Or you just drag your feet throughout the process like I did.

You can go onto your favorite Facebook mommy group and beg for answers. You can try everything under the sun like essential oils, music, bedtime routine, daddy help, or whatever you find on the magical google. But he will not sleep until he is ready.

When will they be ready?! That is the most irritating, hair-pulling, and exhausting question a mom can ask herself.

It does have a lot to do with circumstances. Do you share a room? Do you breastfeed? Do they have health issues? Do you sing to them every night? Many things can contribute to their sleep habits. Or you have no issues and get the beauty sleep we all envy and will sell our left leg for.

Here are a few ideas that can help your child create good sleeping habits. Remember all families are different.

  • Establish a consistant bedtime routine. This helped us create a calm time for our son to know it is time to sleep. It helped him  to fall asleep on his own. It took months for him to finally sleep through the night but this helped the process.
  • Find a sleeping helper. We put an Eeyore in his bed. 
  • If your child is past 16 months and they still breastfeed at night like our son did, you can slowly wean a feed at a time until you are fully weaned. This also prevents pain. This was the only method that helped our son finally sleep through the night. Do what works for you.
  • Comfortable temperature. If it’s too hot they wake up. Too cold they wake up.
  • Night time diapers. These have helped us because the pee won’t wake him.
  • Dinner about an hr before bed. This helps keep him full all night.

These are just my experiences. If you’re going through sleepless nights, I feel you. I left my keys multiple times in my locked apartment because of sleep deprivation. I’ve locked our son in our car. I’ve tripped multiple times in the middle of the night. The list is long. Not to mention patience is rare.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Find support and remember this won’t last. Remember if something doesn’t work, don’t loose hope and don’t feel like you’re failing. Always ask for help. You got this! 

Seeing Compassion in Your Toddler for the First Time

Today I needed to sub in Liam’s class all day. I like being in his class because I get to see a new side to Liam. I see how he interacts with his classmates and teachers. I see him respond to songs. He knows how to sign now. He dances with his friends. He listens to instructions like sitting at a table for meals.

Liam has learned so much since October when we both started daycare. 

One particular thing he has learned that caught me by surprised and gave me the biggest smile is compassion. A little girl he is always hanging out with fell down and started to cry. Liam walked over and sat down next to her reaching out to her. She softly fell and was okay but Liam went to her. It was such a cute sight and happy to see him this way. At this age they are hitting, grabbing, or crying so it was a nice change to see him comfort his friend. 

Don’t get me wrong, these kids hug, dance together, and laugh but it is usually in between the grabbing. 

New Developments in the Toddler World and Christmas 2016

Liam seems to be growing up at a faster rate lately. In the past month he has learned quite a few things and changing into a little boy. The little baby is fading away and this momma is feeling a sense of disbelief that she will no longer have a baby. He has almost outgrown his crib and barley fits his toy jumper. The only thing I can hold onto is that he still breastfeeds so he needs my comfort still.

A few new things lately:

  • He can now say “Uh Oh” and it is completely adorable. He still doesn’t say many words at 16 months. He can say dadda, momma, tree, and now uh oh. He does baby talk all day long though and you can tell he is using his vocal cards differently to almost distinguish between a question or sentence.
  • He signs more, thank you, please, and sometimes all done. But only when he wants to.
  • He pulls himself up onto our chairs and sits up to the table.
  • Two upper back teeth are cutting through so he has been cranky and clingy.
  • He is very emotional lately and learning how to manage his emotions.
  • We thought he had reflux at night or night terrors when he was acting really odd for a couple of weeks, but it turns out he had a growth spurt and was teething. We had an appointment that confirmed he grew a little quite quickly and also later I noticed two teeth had cut through.
    • Lately Liam has been screaming bloody murder at night until I nurse him. And sometimes doesn’t like me putting him back down to bed and screams again. He’s not colicky and it is not night terrors. But seriously, this new thing on top of him waking up a billion times at night is killing me!

      We have no idea why he’s acting this way! He sounds like he’s being tortured.

      I have a routine at night, make sure he’s eaten, and make sure he’s not cold.

      What gives?!!! -December 17, 2016

There are a few things that he already has been doing like stacking blocks but he is perfecting that skill. The same with climbing and keeping his balance while running.


Liam is still Breastfeeding, but he is slowly nursing less during the day when we are not at daycare. He now just nurses at night or before nap. I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. And perhaps he will finally sleep through the night as well soon.

I cannot believe this little guy will be a year and a half very soon! Our life is so blessed!


Christmas 2016


Liam’s second Christmas was fun and it was our first time buying a real Christmas tree. His second time going to see Santa did not go as well as last year, however he liked playing with the car. We had a nice Holiday season!

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15 Months and Counting

This is a developmental update on Liam! There has been a few exciting things that he has learned and not so fun phases he is in.

What has Liam learned this month?

  1. Picks up tissue/wipe and wipes nose.
  2. Starts peek a boo.
  3. High fives.
  4. Can sign “all done”, “more”, “milk”, “please”, and “thank you”.
  5. Can hold a pen or crayon and knows what to do with it.
  6. Puts foot up as I get his shoes/socks on.

The not so fun things:

  1. Whiny this month- throws more fits when he can’t have his way.
  2. Does not eat that much food and wants to nurse more.
  3. Wakes more at night.

15 month Check Up:

  • 21 lbs 3 oz- He lost almost a pound due to being sick for a month. 23%
  • Height 2ft 6.25 in 13%-Our little shortie
  • Head 49.5 cm 98% -Stone genes

Liam’s Interests this Month

  • I have come to the realization that Liam really enjoys watching Elmo. I love his smile and laughter as he watches him.
  • He likes to build with his blocks.
  • He loves playing with household objects like the iron(not on), mugs, pushing buttons on electronics, looking at his picture books, making a mess, and a lot more.
  • He loves sausage, bananas, and goldfish.
  • He loves bubble baths!

He is growing so fast and his personally is so goofy and adventurous! He is always on the go! I can barley cuddle him.





Toddler Milestone Surprise with a Toy Car

Last week Liam showed me that he has been learning new skills I did not know he could do! Below is a video showing you the joys of motherhood. I am also doing a quick review of the toy with a 12 month old boy. Eventually I will update this as the months go by while he continues to learn how to use this toy.

Huiletoys 516 Fruit Car gifted by Second Cousin Lacey and Family 

Features about this toy:

  • This is a nice quality learning toy. I love that it not only teaches shapes and color, but also food, numbers, and letters.
  • Inside three of the six shapes is a fruit that matches the color and a shape on the top that starts with that food.
  • The other three have the numbers 1-3 on the top with a fruit inside as well. Example: letter B goes with the yellow banana.
  • The hatchback trunk opens up and teaches children how to open and close.
  • The toy plays music and moves around when you turn it on using the switch on the bottom of the car. You also have an option to turn off the music while it moves.


  • The one thing I did notice that was off is in the second picture below: the 3 on the heart is backwards, so you would need to put the heart upside down to show that it is a 3.
  • When looking around to see where my cousin got this toy, I see it is not easy to get as in it is not in local stores. It is not an American toy so you must order online. I found a site that sells it here.

Thoughts about the toy: This is one of the toys that Liam plays with the most. He loves to put the shapes in his mouth or shake the shapes to hear the fruit hit the plastic to create noise. He also likes to push the car around. I love to also interact with him to teach him to put the shapes in the right hole and eventually teach him about the other features like the colors or numbers.
I will update later once we get batteries of the movement and music feature mentioned above. Here is a youtube video demonstrating it. I will film my own video to share of Liam playing with it as it drives around soon.

Video Demonstrating the shape learning with Liam(12 months old) for the first time:

What has your child learned recently? What toys do you play with your one year old?

Milestones at 11 Months Old

This past week Liam has shown us two things that are new to his development! He surprises us every time. He puts smiles on our face and reminds me that he is not a baby anymore. He is transforming into a toddler!


Liam starting waving last week. It is not always on cue. It usually happens when he is playing or sitting. He will mimic sometimes. It was so adorable when he did it for the first time. He is catching onto things so fast now!

Following directions

The other day, Liam, Ben and I were on FaceTime with Ben’s parents. While Nana and Papa were talking with Liam as he ate sitting in his highchair, I believe it was Papa who asked Liam if he could share. Liam held up what he was holding up to the phone. It was so sweet and shocked us all. He is doing little things like this now and it is amazing watching your child develop.

He makes us smile all the time by how smart he is and the new things he does. Can you believe he will be ONE in just nine days?! I sure cannot.

What are some new things your child has done recently?



Teething the Second Time Around

Teething the second time around is like hitting your funny bone again, on the same exact spot. It hurts more and you are Mr. Jackel and Hyde.

That is how teething for Liam has been the second time around. The symptoms are the same, yet enhanced. Liam will go from all smiles to a crying mess within seconds. He has more crying fits that are longer and needs more physical interaction with me. Nursing is more often in small intervals.

The interesting thing this time around is that he actually sleeps better than he has been in a while!

Here are some of my tips that have helped us through this difficult time: 


  • Nursing always helps when Liam is crying and cannot calm down.
  • The Nuby Teething Keys that have been in the freezer help a lot.
  • We use Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets-these take a bit to kick in, but does the trick.
  • Distractions help a lot.
  • Taking him out of the house for walks or another environment besides the house helps!
  • Night times are when it is worse, right before bed or after his nap, so have your teething aids ready beforehand, like teething rings in freezer a few hours before.
  • He likes to chew on textured toys.

Symptoms that he was teething again:

His two top teeth are cutting
  • Excessive drooling is the first to show
  • Eating his hands and always having something in his mouth
  • Very moody going from happy to upset in seconds
  • Grumpy
  • Sensitive
  • Has a hard time going down for bed
  • does not listen has well as he once did when correcting him

Common things that we did not experience:

  • not sleeping well
  • fevers

When did he start teething again?

Ten months old and has been trying to pop these teeth for weeks but less than a month

What are some things you use to help during teething?




If You’re Clappy and You Know It

At 11 months old, Liam has learned something new this week! I have been working on this with him since he could give me eye contact. I would sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and clap. He always loves this song and will smile or laugh while I sing it. This week he has finally clapped as well! Today, he would do it on cue every time. These small milestones are so exciting and adorable!

Teething Signs Before First Tooth

Thursday,  Liam was acting very fussy and not himself as he has been for a couple weeks now. However, more so than ever. I decided to check his gums again for any teeth. Sure enough there is a small hole that has a little white popping through. Here are the things that told me Liam was going to have a tooth come in soon:

  1. Excessive Drooling

    Liam has not drooled like crazy since about 4 months old or so. The fact that his shirts were starting to soak again was a good sign he was teething.

  2. Fussiness for no real reason

    Liam is usually a very happy baby and smiles 85% of the time. He has been fussy and not himself.

  3. More Clinging

    He has wanted more attention or closeness lately. He usually likes to play on his own for a while.

  4. Putting his hands in his mouth a lot

    Besides the usual wanting to eat everything, he did want his hands in his mouth way more than normal. He did want to bite a lot of things. He also nibbled on me more often.

  5. Refused to nurse

    Liam has never refused to nurse before. This was the last sign before popping a tooth and it was what really made me know for sure that he was teething after all. Teething signs are normal baby things, but when happening at certain times, can be more obvious that it is teething related. We used teething keys that were frozen and was able to nurse shortly after he bit on those for a min or so.

Liam has always had bad sleeping habits so although that is a sign for many other people, it is normal for us.

It is about time that he showed a tooth. He is 9 months old after all! I have been so nervous for this day to come because I am scared that he will bite me during breastfeeding. I hope we do well with that.

What were the signs that your baby gave you that meant he or she was teething or popping a tooth soon?