Week 37: My Birth Story

This week was interesting! And it led up to the birth of our son, William Evan Stone II, aka Liam.

Notes from week 37 that were my personal symptoms that I was to go into labor on Sunday night:

  • 3 days before water broke-
    • insomnia
    • dreams about going into labor
    • braxton-hick contractions
    • leg cramps
    • numbness/tingling
    • restless leg syndrome
    • saliva excessive
    • sciatica
    • stretch marks
    • tingling hands
      • moods
        • anxious
  • Two days before water broke-
    • “feeling a lot of pressure down there. I feel him, not sure what, near my bladder and sometimes if I am sitting up I am squishing him? It’s an odd feeling I cannot describe. It doesn’t hurt much, but very uncomfortable. Also back aches a lot!”
      • Moods
        • stressed
        • motivated
  • Symptoms-
    • left pelvic pain
    • joint pain
    • backache
    • frequent urination
    • leg cramps
    • pelvic discomfort and pressure
    • sciatica
    • white discharge
This picture was taken Sunday 7:53pm. My water broke 9:40pm. The funny thing is, I shared this picture on a pregnancy app stating : Alrighty baby, we are ready for you lol. Okay I’ll wait till you’re done cooking but I feel so heavy.
And then he decided to listen to me.
My Birth Story:
Sunday August 23, 2015
 9:40pm: I was sitting in my bed on my phone when all of a sudden I felt a “pop” and water starting gushing out of me. Like literally reminded me of the movies. Just like that.
First thing that popped into my head was WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?
I do not think I understood what was happening for about 10 seconds, but then I got up and ran to the bathroom because my body was leaking. I called Ben and told him my water broke. He comes into our place and the face he had was priceless. He looked so excited! Meanwhile I am freaking out.
I call the hospital because I just knew Liam was still breech and we were suppose to go to our next appointment the next day to see if he was. The hospital told us to come in so they can make sure.
Ben starts to pack the rest of what we wanted as I tried figuring how to deal with this leaking issue. We get our stuff together, tell our family and will call them if we are needing to stay at the hospital if he is breech.
The drive there was so crazy for me. I did not have any contractions that I could feel. That was nice. I wasn’t even sure if I would have any, any time soon. There was so many emotions and thoughts going through my head. Ben was excited and we talked the whole way there. It took about 45 mins to get to our hospital.
Taken while waiting in ER to be seen
So many emotions!
11:00pm: We get to the ER and got signed in and the wait begins. Finally we got seen and go into a room. I laid down and I started feeling some contractions. They were not too bad. But felt like period cramps. They checked and he was breech. I was so sad. I had to get a c-section. I was so scared and nervous. Ben was such a great support and made me feel better. Because I ate dinner previously, I unfortunately had to wait eight hours to get the c section. I had to go through labor for eight hours. I chose to not use any medication. I felt like a crazy person denying drugs, but I was determined. I wanted a vaginal, unmedicated birth and since I could not have that, I wanted to still have the labor experience. Unfortunately, my blood pressure got a bit high and I had to be hooked up to manage that which meant I could not use the coping positions I wanted to try to get through the very difficult contractions. So nothing was going the way I wanted. But I was blessed.
The eight hours surprisenly went by fast. Labor was intense. When it first started, I felt like this was something I could totally get through. I had some moments where I was VERY tempted to give into the drugs and by the end of it, I wanted to scream. When the contractions would let down for a bit I would prep talk myself and Ben was so supportive. I felt so bad because when I had a really bad one, I would breath faster and sometimes cry out and he would wake up and stand next to me and let me hold his hand or he would rub on me(I sometimes would shake my head no because I didn’t want to be touched). He was what kept me from taking the drugs. He was my birth coach. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
FINALLY, eight o clock came and I kept looking at the clock and I would tell myself through each very hard contraction that it will only last a few seconds, it will be over soon. I would breath through them and shake my head no for some reason. Sometimes verbally say no or say ouch! Ben would calm me down a little to help me get back to my breathing, which honestly does help distract you.
My family came in and walked in on a bad contraction. Then a nurse came to help me walk to the surgery room. I was so mad I had to walk and did not get a wheel chair, especially since I started having a real bad contraction on the way there.
We get in the room and I burst into tears. I was so scared. That room was intimidating! Ben had to wait until they prepped me to come in so my support was gone. The surgery crew was nice but I felt so alone for a bit.
They put the needle in my back and my bottom half instantly when numb. I felt great! I started to calm down a bit. They had to move to onto my back and they started to get me ready for surgery. The curtain went up and a few minutes later, Ben was there. Once Ben was there, I felt so at ease. And Ben took a video of the birth. Liam was taken out within 4 mins of surgery! The waiting for the first cry was like time stood still. And that little cry had me in tears. I look to my left and they take him to the cleaning table and I could not keep my eyes off of him as they sew me up.
I finally get to see him and they put him on my chest for a little bit. That was the best moment of my life.
Ben and him had to leave and I was sewed up. They wheeled me to our room and I finally get to see my baby.











William Evan Stone II
And that is how our little, adorable bundle of joy came into our lives.
How are the parents?
We are overjoyed and extremely happy! I am sore but healing very well. I will do an update on baby Liam when he hits one week.
P.S. Sorry if it looked like we didn’t tell anyone that I was in labor. It was literally 12 at night and I had to have a c section. We didn’t want visitors the first day since I was recovering and wanted our time with Liam. The second day my aunt Memo and cousin Lacey and Keira visited. We really appreciated the company. 🙂



Week 36: Roller Coaster of Emotions

He was hiccuping in this picture. 🙂

This week has been a struggle in many ways. Although I am doing real well and so is Liam, I have had many times where I have felt very overwhelmed.

I have been a little blue lately. It is nothing bad enough for medication trust me, but I guess my hormones are on overdrive and reality is setting in so many things are overwhelming me.

What is overwhelming me?

  • I would like a few more things for Liam, so I mentally don’t feel prepared although we have most essentionals.
  • Labor and delivery feels so new and scary still. Our birthing class has helped me feel more prepared and what to expect, however since Liam is still breech I am so worried what my options will be. 
  • I am worried I will let myself down if I do not end up handling things correctly and getting medication during labor. Ben and I want to have me go natural because, one the needle is scary, two we just want to not have those chemicals in my system and have a better delivery and recovery.
  • Recovery makes me cringe.
  • Breastfeeding is something I have always said that is a must for me. It still is. I am just worried I will feel lost and not know what to do. I have read into things, and have people to talk to, but it comes down to the fact that everyone is different and you have to figure out how to make it work for your baby and you.
  • Caring for an infant in the first few weeks feels so foreign  but excited to have him here.
  • Lastly, although this is a lot, I know I am not the only one who has had these thoughts before having their first baby. I am okay and I feel good most days. Just lately I have felt overwhelmed.

I know all will be okay. 🙂

Symptoms this week:

  • Backache
  • Fatigue
  • Moody
  • Hot flashes
  • Braxton Hick Contractions
  • Restless Legs 
  • Insomnia
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Appetite Increase
  • Flatulence
  • Worried
  • Anxious
  • Grumpy
  • Excited
Positive things this week:
  • My mother in law Jodi has been giving us updates on the quilt she is making for Liam. It is going to be so cute and pretty! Jodi and Rob have also sent us our crib mattress, sheets, and mattress cover. Soon we will have a cute rail bumper to match! I will be showing pictures of Liam corner once it is finished! 😀
  • I have gotten some walking in. I feel so sore and exhausted afterwards but I know it is a good thing. I use to work 8 hrs a day full time before we moved here!
  • My mother’s birthday was on the 16th! She had a nice time with my dad at my Aunt Memo’s.
Little facts about Liam this week:
  • He is moving a lot!
  • He is still breech.
  • His movements still don’t hurt all that much. Sometimes if he is moving a lot, I will have some sharp pains on the sides, but nothing bad.
  • According to my app, he is about 19 inches and 6 lbs. We will see. 😉
  • He is producing meconium.
  • His digestive system is the only major system in his body not fully developed yet.
  • His reflexes are coming in.
  • Facial muscles are building and practicing sucking.
  • He is about the size of Cabbage Patch Doll–awwww. 😉
Little facts about me this week:
  • My belly is measuring at 37 inches from back to belly button.
  • I weigh 155 the last time I was checked.
  • No stretch marks just yet.

So as you can see, there are ups and downs to pregnancy. My downs are mainly emotional thank goodness. I know so many who have it so hard physically. My journey has been so blessed and so smooth. I pray labor and delivery goes well and that he is not breech at our next appointment. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

Week 34-35: Baby Breech

These two weeks have been a whirl of emotions. I have been doing okay and feel pretty good for being so far along, but I am uncomfortable and feeling a little down. I have had some ups and downs but I think it is normal considering being first time parents and all.

Week 34

 This week we met up with Bert, Ben’s brother in law. He was taking a road trip around OR, WA, BC and back to CA.
 The tavern was pretty good.

Best friend Kailynn and her fiancé were visiting WA and came by to give us some gifts for Liam and this hat is so cute!
This weeks:
  • Backache
  • Heart Burn
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Frequent Urination 
I have been a little down just because we are getting near the end and sometimes feel overwhelmed. BUT I promise I am good.
  • Liam is still breech.
  • This week has been the week that I could say I started to get a lot more uncomfortable. I feel so tired and sore at the end of the day and need a nap the next day if we had a long day of walking the previous day. 
  • I feel so heavy in bed and night and have to pee a lot more.
  • I need a lot of water.
  • I need to lay down more often.
Week 35:

I sorta see a difference?

Probably his head since he is still breech.

 Made a few dinners in the crock pot!

Belly button hasn’t popped!
This weeks:
  • Backache
  • Insomnia 
  • Gassy 
  • Forgetfulness
  • Braxton Hick contractions 

  • Anxious
  • Excited
  • Calm
Doctors appointment Aug 6TH
It went really well. He felt Liam’s head up and he is breech. I am hoping he will flip soon!
Beginning weight: 127
Weight now: 155
Blood pressure: 114/78
Liam was moving a lot that day and at night for a good hour. Spinning around and kicking a little.
That is it from the last two weeks. We are excited to meet the little guy! I feel better this week emotions wise. It is getting harder getting around and staying out for long, but that won’t last too much longer. 😉

Week 33: Liam’s Corner and Ultrasound

This week has been very busy! We have moved things into the little house in the back that will be our little home for a while. We had two doctors appointments! And organizing where we want Liam’s stuff to be.

Week 33 Symptoms:

  • I have been very tired. Fatigue kills me some days especially the day after we have been out for a doctors appointment or window shopping. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and then go back to bed two hours later for a 2 hr nap!
  • Backache. This happens a lot when I have been out all day. It happens when I sit in a spot too long. It happens when I clean.
  • I may not feel like anything to eat, but my appetite has increased.
  • Thirsty all the time and must keep up with hydration or I am either cranky or don’t feel good.
  • I think I have had Braxton Hicks contractions. 
  • I have been a good mood this week. I haven’t been moody which is nice!
  • Nesting!!
1st Doctor Appointment
My uterus was measuring at 30 weeks and I was 33 weeks. My doctor was not concerned and because he did not have time to look over my records(we have moved and we just gave him the records that day), he wanted us to have an ultrasound to make sure all is good and that the baby was having proper blood flow. 
My weight: 153 lbs
Starting weight: 127 lbs

2nd Doctor Appointment: Ultrasound 
I will admit I was slightly worried. I have not seen Liam since 22 weeks and was scared to find something wrong. I was also excited. Both emotions were an odd combo.
We arrived at Tacoma St. Joseph Women’s Health and we were early and still got in faster than any other place I have gone to.The nurse who took my weight and blood pressure was nice. The rooms were nice and high tech. Then we had to go to another room for the ultrasound. 
The ultrasound tech was very nice. The equipment was super awesome. I remember back in Culpeper I thought all ultrasounds were the same, but Tacoma had a medium tv screen on the wall so we can see the ultrasound perfectly. The lady measured so many things and talked it through with us. My last doctor was nice, but did not walk us through it much and the screen was very bad quality. 
Also did not like the pictures we go the first time. This time we got a decent profile and a face shot!
Liam looked so big and developed! His measurements were good.  He’s in the 36th percentile. She said all looked good and confirmed that he is still a boy! (Slight fear he was a girl. Only because we have so many boy things now lol).
Liam was breeched but she did not seem concerned. She said we have options if he stays that way. He was estimated to be 4 lbs 12oz according to his measurements. His head was a little small but she said it may be because he isn’t faced down and my cervix(I think) hadn’t help shape it. He is at normal range and measuring on time so my smaller measurements was not a concern!
Then the doctor came in to look at what the Ultrasound tech did and she said all was good. 
Overall, we loved that appointment, excited to meet Liam, and glad all is good. 🙂
My weight: 153
Blood pressure: 130/79
Baby Liam’s Corner 
We have a lot more decorating and organizing to do with his space, but this is what we have so far. We have moved things around more than once and finally feel this may be where his crib and chair will be. 

Putting the crib together

Once our whole place to put together, I will have more pictures. We still need a few more things for Liam and us so eventually it will be a nice cozy little place to ourselves! 😀

Week 27-32 A New Journey

I wanted to keep myself updated on these weeks and I am a little irritated with myself because I have slacked again! Well, can you blame me? We decided to move to WA from VA and that has took a lot of my time. Since being here, we have also planned out our little studio house in the back of my parents house, hung out with family, and just settling in. I hope to keep updated each week with this blog and when baby Liam is here!

I have not had anything really to update with the pregnancy besides bump pictures, but I do have a few notes in my app that I can share. I have symptoms that weren’t really there before or have gotten even more uncomfortable that I will share as well.
Week 27 
June 6th- June12th
I had to go back to my app or Facebook to see what was going on that week. 
  • I usually have the same backache, which wasn’t a lot. 
  • Tired. 
  • Heartburn and acid reflux started to get worse around this time. I did not get it everyday or it wasn’t intense, but if I had Mexican, I would have it. Sometimes soda did it to me


  • And I craved sour cream!
Week 28
June 13th-19
  • I put Nasal Congestion as one this week, but that has gone away since moving to WA. VA gives you allergies! 
  • Fatigue/Exhaustion
  • Moody
  • Backache 
Fun Facts:
  • I started to feel more heavy and the bump popping out more!
  • This week Liam has given me bigger kicks! 
Week 29
June 20-26th
  • Stress
  • Appetite Decrease- I have had a hard time wanting to eat and nothing sounds good.
  • I started noticing that at night sometimes my inner wrist would be really itchy, or hand. And sometimes my feet. But not every night.
  • Backache
Week 30- Move to Washington!!
June 27th-3rd

  • Backache
  • Appetite Decrease
  • Acid Reflux-especially during our drive to WA.
Our Road trip WA

Week 31: 
July 4th-10th
  • Normal backache and can be very uncomfortable when out all day
  • Harder to get up if sitting lower or on low bed
  • Burp all the time!
4th of July- Spreading Grandmas ashes

Our Trip to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Week 32
July 11th-17th
I did not get this bathing suit, but it was the only 32 week pic I have!
  • Increased backache 
  • Increased thirst
  • I feel drained a lot more at the end of the day, and even more if I was out all day. 
  • Hips hurt sometimes when I wake up
  • Frequent bathroom breaks
  • Mac and Cheese
I had my first doctors appointment since moving to WA. I saw the nurse and she was really nice! Just did the usual questions, blood pressure, and pee sample.
Weight: 151 (starting weight 127)
Blood pressure: 104/62
Fur babies I get to hang out with

That is how it has been the past month. I still have a pretty comfortable pregnancy. I have moments and now that I am not working, it has helped with the back pain and soreness. I am thankful for my family and cannot wait to share our studio with you and baby Liam’s corner. 😉
Love you all!

Weeks 25-26 Adventures

I have missed a week or to, but here is what I got before and after the baby shower. 🙂

This was week 25 before I left for the baby shower.
 The flight to WA

Family Time at a McMenamins- Olympic Club

First Day of week 26- The baby Shower!

Stay tuned for the thank you cards! I appreciate all who came to the shower or sending gifts:) And also thanks to my family for setting it up! Ben and I really enjoyed it.
Day at Alder Lake!

Week 25 notes:
Liam is a lot more active! Not too much to say this week. 
Week 26 notes:
I have noticed that I started getting acid reflux. Mostly during longer car rides, if I am stressed, or when I am trying to go to bed.
I cannot think of any specific cravings I have had, but the main thing these two weeks is that Liam has been moving a lot more and it is more than just kicks. 🙂
I also had my glucose test two days after our trip. It went well and my results were good! I do not have gestational diabetes! I was slightly low on iron, but all I need to do is add more to my diet. 🙂
Weight at doctor visit: 147
Blood pressure: 119/69
Mood: Calm 
Symptoms: Fatigue
Work is getting a little more uncomfortable, as in my back, but overall is not too bad still. I do wish to bed home earlier than a full shift, but this is what I chose. 😉
Thanks for reading and I hope to get up week 26 soon!

Week 23- First Mother’s Day/ Ben’s Birthday

This is up a little late because I will be posting my week 24 this weekend, however this week was pretty good. I had my first Mother’s Day and Ben’s Birthday was celebrated that weekend as well.

First Mother’s Day!
The titles of these books Ben got me for Mother’s Day are funny. 😉 

The card and flowers are what Jodi and Rob got me. I had to work Mother’s Day but we all went out for dinner after I got off. It was a nice day. 
Fun Things I got from Zulily For Me
What is Zulily?!
It is an amazing discounted online store where they have new daily sales going on from high end to lower end brand names. I have only done one order and it came in a timely fashion and everything looks great! There are so many good deals on baby and maternity. Also kids, women and men. It has many things to choose from! Check it it out. http://www.zulily.com/invite/kstone1822
 These long shorts are nice, but a little snug on the belly band, but I may loosen it. It fits perfect everywhere else! Only $15!
I love these shorts. Only $15!

This tank is comfy and cute. I cannot remember the price.

I am wearing the tank and shorts.
The shorts belly band is super comfy!
Zulily Finds For Liam
I could not resist this cute fox stuff animal! Less than $10!

This was only $7! Zulily has like so many good deals on their site!

I  did find a ton of cute things for him but I don’t need to shop for him much right now since we have baby showers. I will for sure come back when I need to!

A friend named Ben got us this set from our registry. I thought it was sweet of him. He really wanted to shop for Liam. 🙂

What I noticed during Week 23
  • The day after mother’s day I believe I felt baby hiccups for the first time. I haven’t noticed sense then.
  • The next night I was very tender on my belly, like in the belly button area. It sorta hurt to touch. I think I was stretching. I was fine the next day.
Ben’s Birthday
Like I mentioned above, we celebrated both Mother’s Day and Ben’s birthday Sunday. He worked on his birthday so we had dinner that night when I got off work. They were able to go Wine Tasting and other things while I worked, so they enjoyed a nice day. 
I got Ben a new baseball mitt for baseball season. It was on sale and it seems to work well. 🙂
That was all that week from what I remember. I try to take notes in my app so that I can remember what to write. Nothing too uncomfortable happened and I got a lot of cleaning done. I put up some of Liam’s clothes with new baby hangers. I can’t wait to get more things in the nursery!
I cannot wait to see family and friends next week in WA for our first baby shower! We have missed you all.
Thanks for stopping by! If you have any ideas for baby registry stuff, comment below or Facebook comment! 

Week 22 Backache

This week had it moments, however overall good. It can be hard to have motivation some days and this week my days off were, again, separated rather than in a row so it can be hard to want to get anything done. This week I put off many things.

This week I do not have too much to report.

Symptoms This Week
I mainly noticed that at the end of the work day I would have more back pain. 
This week I noticed that I have popped a little. I am not huge by no means, but my tummy has grown quite a bit lately. I have some discomfort sometimes but nothing I cannot handle. It is also a little harder to get up off the couch, out of bed, up from a lower seat, or going up and down stairs multiple times.
I occasionally felt a little itchy on my belly and boobs, but rarely and the belly balm I use helps with that.
My appetite has increase a bit, but still can’t eat a lot of food at once. It get full quickly sometimes. I just need to eat often.
Uncle Bill’s Candle Lighting
May 7th, my family all lit a candle to remember my Uncle Bill. He is my dad’s brother. He passed away last year due to complications of heart surgery. I miss him and it is neat that baby Liam will share the same first name as him. 🙂 
Liam Updates
He is pretty active. I mainly feel him when I eat, driving, laying down at night, sitting sometimes, or singing. It can be random to. I do not notice him much at work while I am standing doing things.
According to my app, this week his hair is growing in thick, if he has some lol.
He is about a foot tall and weighs close to a pound.
Size of an ear of corn.
His sense of hearing is improving and probably can hear what I say. 🙂
I believe that is all I can update on week 22. I am now 23 weeks and 5 days and so much more to update this week! Thanks for reading!

Week 21 Tidbits

This week felt super fast mainly because of the fact that the ultersound changed my due date to Sept. 5th instead of the 8th, so my week shrank!

(click on pic to see bigger)
Week 21 didn’t have anything new to report. I had good days at work and proud of myself when it was challenging that I kept my cool. I feel as though my belly is noticeably bigger and co workers have commented. I have slept a bit better thanks to my Snoogle! I love that noodle pillow. 🙂
I have worked many days in a row due to the way my days off are, so I have been very tired at the end of the day! However, it is good that I am up and about than at home laying around. 
Working, adding to the registry, and surfing the net for baby room ideas has been my week. That is basically it. 
Thanks for reading this really short post.

Week 20 Ups, Downs, and Baby Gender Reveal

Before I start this blog, I want to point out that below is info about my WA baby shower, so if you are attending that, please be sure to read till the end. 🙂 

Week 20 was a roller coaster! I already posted about a hard day I had. A few days I was having a hard time keeping it together emotionally. I cried a lot, and was very moody. I had almost no patience at work and was not myself.

However, after trying very hard to change that and asking for prayers from friends and family, my week got better! I also had the baby ultrasound to look forward to and my birthday!

Cravings: Salad, friend chicken, corn on the cob, ice-cream. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
Symptoms: Moody, back pain, frequent bathroom breaks, and appetite increase.
Beginning weight: 128
Weight now: 139
Blood pressure at ultrasound: 136/77 mmHg

Baby was moving a lot this week, especially the day of the ultrasound! He continues to remind me he is there. ❤

Baby Ultrasound Appointment 4/27/2015

I was so excited and nervous! Ben and I had his older brother and father with us during the appointment, which was fun. Jodi and Spencer had to work. I enjoyed having family there. 
The appointment was suppose to start at 1:20pm. We didn’t see the doctor until around 3:00pm. This the due to the fact that he was on call and had to assist two births. So, lets just say we were so ANXIOUS and slightly irritated. I was okay, just nervous that we wouldn’t be seen and I was so excited to know the gender.
Finally the doctor comes in and gets started. It was so neat seeing the baby on the screen. The last time I saw the baby it was a small little blob at 6 weeks! This was an actual baby on the screen, moving, touching its face, and finally after moving my belly HE opened his legs to reveal his little parts. I instantly started crying and it was such an amazing moment. That moment I was seeing my son for the first time. 
Ben looked so happy and the family was happy. It was a very fun time. The doctor said the measurements were good and I had to drink a lot more water so he could get a good measurement of the head. 
I was originally due Sept. 8th and now it is Sept. 5th. 
Baby facts:
Gender: Boy
Name: William “Liam” Evan Stone II- named after Ben’s grandpa on his father’s side. He will go by Liam.
Nursery theme: Foxes
Nursery colors: Light orange, mint green, and grey.
Baby Due date: Sept. 5th.
Maternity Things I love this week
Snoogle!! Oh how I love thee. It is a life saver. I sleep better(still get up to pee a lot), but I do not toss and turn as often and my legs do not hurt anymore. SO comfy and highly recommend it!
Clothes for Liam
We wanted to get a few things after we found out the gender. Because shopping is just too much fun! We have a few more not pictured, but you can get an idea what we like. 😉

Eventually when the nursery is finished, I will have a blog post about that! Aren’t these outfits adorable?!! The last pic, I got that on my birthday the next day. I had a really nice birthday thanks to Jodi and Rob! Jodi and I had lunch and then later Rob joined us for dinner and baby shopping. We got a few things for the nursery. 🙂

WASHINGTON Baby Shower Info
IMPORTANT: If you are attending my WA baby shower, keep in mind that we will be flying. If you are interested in pitching in for a big item, contact me for more info about what local store to send it to or gift card it and make sure you check it off the registry! Smaller items I can check a bag with. Thank you so much!
SIDE NOTE: Also, another thing is that Ben and I looked into what products we really want to use on our baby, and we would appreciate it if you want to buy bath or body stuff to buy Honest Company or Babyganics. We also plan on only use Honest Company Diapers and wipes. Please get any size! We really appreciate it. Thank you in advance! 
Thank you for reading this blog post. I love to update everyone and it has been a fun journey thus far. 🙂