Liam’s Second Birthday Elmo Style

We celebrated Liam’s 2nd Birthday Saturday August 26th 2017. He had a great time opening presents, seeing his Elmo balloons, and eating his daddy’s Elmo cake.

We enjoyed the sunshine and Jimmy John’s subs while catching up with family. It was a relaxing time that was much needed.

Party Prepping

Daddy making the Elmo cake!

Making the goodies bags!


The Day of the party!







We enjoyed the day and thank you all who came and celebrated! Two years have gone by in a flash. We are excited to see what is to come with Liam’s 2nd year!

18 Months Toddler Update

Where has half a year gone?! It feels like last month we had Liam’s 1st Birthday party. This past few months have been a lot of new things and developments. Liam is growing into a toddler and less a baby. He has learned so much and his personality is showing more and more. These past six months accelerated his speech, abilities, and social skills! After the year mark life gets interesting, hard, fun, exciting, and challenging.




  • Liam started kissing on the mouth about a month ago. If Daddy or I pucker our lips and make the kissy noise after asking for a kiss Liam will kiss us on the lips.
  • He has started high fives recently.
  • He has officially starting to wave back properly or waves goodbye to his class.
  • Hugs and today he hugged me from behind as I was sitting on the ground.
  • Babbles while is reads a book with me as though he is reading it to me.
  • Hits quite often now but will be gentle after a few reminders.
  • Shows compassion when someone is hurt or sad.
  • Crying or showing signs of frustration when he doesn’t get his way.
  • Sharing with others even though he doesn’t quite understand that yet.
  • Takes turns throwing a ball with me.
  • He likes to pull us and tries to get us to stand up and has us follow him.
  • Holds hands while walking.


  • Can repeat almost clearly the words shoe, sock, tree, uh oh, no, dada, momma, and hat.
  • Sighs more, please, milk(this is new), all done without being asked! He can sometimes sign thank you when asked.
  • When he asks please he usually means for food. Today he did that and I got him a snack.
  • Says “uh oh” when he hits his head or drops something.
  • Can follow a few directions like “go build a tower”(gets blocks), “go get woody or Chaucer the Bear(gets those toys), “kisses”, “get a book”(gets a book), “clean up” (cleans) or “clean your face” after I hand him a wipe he will.
  • Sounds like he is “singing” The ABC Song.
  • Pretends to talk on the cellphone by holding is up to his ear and babbling.

Newer Intellectual or Cognitive Skills


  • He can match colors, shapes, and pictures.
    • Examples:
      • we have a cute box of little books and they have matching pictures on the cardboard container that holds each little book and he can match them in the proper places.
      • Matches puzzle pieces.
      • He can match shapes on his shape car. He can almost match all of the shapes in the proper holes.
      • He can match the colors in his All Better book. The sticker bandaids can be placed back onto their colored spot in the book and he can match them by himself.
  • He can put away things back where he got them.
  • Remember familiar songs or parts of a book and react to them, in the same way, each time.

Newer Physical Developments

  • Has 4 new teeth(top pointy and bottom molars).

Fine Motor Skills


  • Can use a spoon!
  • Can hold a pen almost correctly and pretends to write.
  • Grab small objects and place them into their proper places or containers.
  • Builds a tower with blocks or stacks toys.
  • Points at things.
  • Tries to blow air(watches me blow on his food).
  • Pushes anything that looks like an on button.
  • He tries to put on his socks and shoes. He also will bring over our shoes and knows who shoes are whose. He has tried putting my shoes on my feet or has tried putting on our shoes on his feet. It is just too cute.
  • He can put on hats.
  • Tries to put a key in our front door.



  • Liam likes to play ball.
  • LOVES to have Daddy or Uncle hold him up to the ceiling and tap it.
  • He has been obsessed with the lights and wants to have us turn it off and on. We even have him use the switch.
  • He loves anything that has a box or container so that he can take things out or put things in.
  • He likes to match things up like his puzzles or little books.
  • He likes to pretend he is talking on a phone.


  • Baths lately, but gets into it once he starts to splash around.
  • Being in the carseat.
  • Doesn’t care for cow’s milk.
  • Rice.
  • Getting his diaper changed; wiggles or screams.

Recent Behavior Developments


Liam for the past month or two has been hitting at home more and at daycare. He does this when he gets something taken away or needs to be moved. Sometimes there isn’t a clear reason. At daycare he is doing this to the smaller ones. We have been working on this.

18 Month Old Ped Appointment

Height: 2′ 7.5″ (16%)

Weight: 22lbs 8 oz (24%)

BMI: 15.94 kg/m2

He is still a little guy and is great health. I thought he may have had a reaction to the Amoxicillin that he used, but when talking to his Ped, he did not. What I saw the day after using this medication back in February was a red mark shaped like a heart on his knee that went away after about a week. About a week after he was done with the meds, he has some light red spots on his chest and back, but went away fast. She is not convinced this was related and if so, was not to be concerned about it. *I am adding this for my own records.

Liam has grown so much lately into a toddler and less like the little baby we took home in 2015.








New Developments in the Toddler World and Christmas 2016

Liam seems to be growing up at a faster rate lately. In the past month he has learned quite a few things and changing into a little boy. The little baby is fading away and this momma is feeling a sense of disbelief that she will no longer have a baby. He has almost outgrown his crib and barley fits his toy jumper. The only thing I can hold onto is that he still breastfeeds so he needs my comfort still.

A few new things lately:

  • He can now say “Uh Oh” and it is completely adorable. He still doesn’t say many words at 16 months. He can say dadda, momma, tree, and now uh oh. He does baby talk all day long though and you can tell he is using his vocal cards differently to almost distinguish between a question or sentence.
  • He signs more, thank you, please, and sometimes all done. But only when he wants to.
  • He pulls himself up onto our chairs and sits up to the table.
  • Two upper back teeth are cutting through so he has been cranky and clingy.
  • He is very emotional lately and learning how to manage his emotions.
  • We thought he had reflux at night or night terrors when he was acting really odd for a couple of weeks, but it turns out he had a growth spurt and was teething. We had an appointment that confirmed he grew a little quite quickly and also later I noticed two teeth had cut through.
    • Lately Liam has been screaming bloody murder at night until I nurse him. And sometimes doesn’t like me putting him back down to bed and screams again. He’s not colicky and it is not night terrors. But seriously, this new thing on top of him waking up a billion times at night is killing me!

      We have no idea why he’s acting this way! He sounds like he’s being tortured.

      I have a routine at night, make sure he’s eaten, and make sure he’s not cold.

      What gives?!!! -December 17, 2016

There are a few things that he already has been doing like stacking blocks but he is perfecting that skill. The same with climbing and keeping his balance while running.


Liam is still Breastfeeding, but he is slowly nursing less during the day when we are not at daycare. He now just nurses at night or before nap. I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. And perhaps he will finally sleep through the night as well soon.

I cannot believe this little guy will be a year and a half very soon! Our life is so blessed!


Christmas 2016


Liam’s second Christmas was fun and it was our first time buying a real Christmas tree. His second time going to see Santa did not go as well as last year, however he liked playing with the car. We had a nice Holiday season!

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15 Months and Counting

This is a developmental update on Liam! There has been a few exciting things that he has learned and not so fun phases he is in.

What has Liam learned this month?

  1. Picks up tissue/wipe and wipes nose.
  2. Starts peek a boo.
  3. High fives.
  4. Can sign “all done”, “more”, “milk”, “please”, and “thank you”.
  5. Can hold a pen or crayon and knows what to do with it.
  6. Puts foot up as I get his shoes/socks on.

The not so fun things:

  1. Whiny this month- throws more fits when he can’t have his way.
  2. Does not eat that much food and wants to nurse more.
  3. Wakes more at night.

15 month Check Up:

  • 21 lbs 3 oz- He lost almost a pound due to being sick for a month. 23%
  • Height 2ft 6.25 in 13%-Our little shortie
  • Head 49.5 cm 98% -Stone genes

Liam’s Interests this Month

  • I have come to the realization that Liam really enjoys watching Elmo. I love his smile and laughter as he watches him.
  • He likes to build with his blocks.
  • He loves playing with household objects like the iron(not on), mugs, pushing buttons on electronics, looking at his picture books, making a mess, and a lot more.
  • He loves sausage, bananas, and goldfish.
  • He loves bubble baths!

He is growing so fast and his personally is so goofy and adventurous! He is always on the go! I can barley cuddle him.





Liam is One and A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party

As I reflect over the past year, I feel so blessed to have this little guy. I feel blessed for his health, his personality, and blessed to have his father/ my husband Ben by my side. The past year has been a learning experience of going with the flow and transforming into a mother. It is transitioning to not only from being a wife, but caring for another who needs me more. Being a mother has many challenges and you have to adjust to a new life, a new way of thinking, and a new way of approaching things. It is appreciating your life even during the darkest moments in the middle of the night. It is being happy even when your little one is not. Being a mother has its joys and proud moments. When you see your child learn something new for the first time is the best feeling in the world. The cuddles and the kisses. The laughter and the smiles. The soft skin and little toes. The silliness and the goofiness. It is the little things that make the day amazing. The quiet moments that create the bond. My life the past year has changed so much and I am so happy to have this little family of mine.

Liam at Birth and Now

Birth-First Birthday.jpg

What I have learned this past year

  1. I am stronger than I thought.
  2. Patience does not come naturally to me, however this past year has shown me I MUST work harder to have it.
  3. The motherly instinct does kick in when you have your child.
  4. Babies do not get spoiled, they are loved.
  5. Babies will sleep however they like no matter what you do.
  6. The bond or love you have for your child is stronger than any other love.
  7. Motherhood is a crazy ride of emotions that brings out the worse in you if you let it, but brings out the best in you to.
  8. Having a life to take care of is the scariest thing and you try not to think about the possibilities.
  9. You will worry about your child for the rest of your life.
  10. I have never been more proud of myself because taking care of a child is hard, amazing, and confusing at times!
  11. Making it a habit to not look things up on the internet and just go with your gut.
  12. Listen to my husband because he is smart and is usually right.
  13. Balance is key to surviving life.
  14. Hardships make you better if you let it.
  15. Children are in awe of you and watch your every move!


Liam’s Development This Past Month



  • Liam is a full time walker now. He does occasionally crawl, but it up running around exploring!
  • He does fall all the time, however has pretty good balance.


  • His two top teeth finally cut through this past month.
  • He has been cranky because of the teething.
  • He had some rough times crying because of teething pain.


  • He loves to walk all over the place and find rocks, shoes, cords, or anything that he should not put in his mouth.
  • He crawls under things and hide.

Listening to Mommy and Daddy

  • Liam does a good job most of the time listening to a command or when being corrected.
  • Liam does have more of a tantrum moment when he does not want to leave something or when I have to take something away he should not have. But it only lasts a few seconds.


  • He is usually a very happy guy and will make silly faces.
  • He is so sweet and also can be a crazy monster to; as in growl and whack you for fun.
  • He is adorable when he sees Mittens the cat or his cousin Aria. He makes the cutest sound when they are in sight.
  • He dances to music and loves it when we sing.
  • He hums to himself often especially when he is tired.
  • He cuddles a little more now, but is usually on the go.
  • He is getting a little attitude when being corrected, however is quickly gone when I distract him.
  • He is so silly per usual and will make the funniest noises or faces.


  • He still does not sleep through the night!
  • Most nights he is up about 2-3 times.
  • He is up about 1-2 times before 12am and then usually wakes maybe once after and then up between 6-8.
  • He still nurses at night.
  • He takes really great naps that are usually about two hours. He takes 1-2 naps a day depending on the day.


  • We still breastfeed. I use to use an app called Baby Feed that currently says I have been nursing on the left side for 1050:35:05 so that just shows how long I have not been using it to track the feedings and left on the tracker since July 11th. I do not know how long he goes between feedings anymore. I nurse on demand and he does nurse less.
  • I do not know when we will officially stop breastfeeding, but I will be slowly weaning him.
  • We just introduced a sippy cup to him a few days ago with water and I am going to start giving him cow’s milk soon. A large part of me is sad and does not want to transition him, but it will be nice to have my body back.


  • Liam learned to clap this month! He finally mimicked me when singing If You’re Happy and You Know It.
  • He also started to stomp his feet during the song to!
  • He also waves, but does not always do it on demand.
  • He follows directions sometimes. He “gave” food to Paw Paw during FaceTime when he asked him to.

Things that interested Liam this month

  • When walking outside Liam loves to touch rocks.
  • Liam prefers to walk on the sidewalk or rocks rather the grass.
  • He loves to play in the dirt and feels around with his hands.
  • When he feels something crackle or make noise on the ground while he is walking, he stomps on it repeatedly.


  • He has not been to his one year appointment yet, but I will edit his size and weight here.
  • He may be growing out of his size 4 diapers because he leaks at night again.
  • He is in size 12 months clothes. He can fit into his 9 months, but I use 12 months.


Liam’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party

Decorations and Food

Family and Friends

Opening Presents

Special Present from Grammie and Grandpa McPhail

This is the rocking chair I got on my first birthday party. My parents put it back together for Liam! The padding is new and is so soft. Thank you again, mom and dad!

Eating cake

A special thank you for all of those who helped, hung out, and made Liam’s First Birthday fun and memorable!

Gifts from Nana and Paw Paw Stone & Uncle Bert and Spencer

They sent two packages of gifts full of 18 months clothes, toys, and a Olive Garden gift card for mom and dad. The note said, “For surviving your first year” haha.


This whole year has been a fun ride as well as a learning experience that will keep on going. Thank you to all who have helped us throughout the year and made Liam happy. We love you all!



A Silly 11 Month Old

*Mom confession: I look like I remember everything my son did or does, however I cheat and look at past Facebook posts to remember everything. Life HACK. You are welcome.

This past month has been so fun! Liam has been practicing walking and has now been able to walk about 80% of the time. It baffles me how fast these months go. It is said every month but it continues to surprise me! What has Liam been up to?

Developments This Month



  • Around July 8th, Liam was being more bold on walking unassisted. It started with just two or three steps and then he would fall on his butt.
  • He is walking a lot lately! -July 15th 2016

  • Liam is walking all over the place now! He still crawls but walks and walks! – July 20th

  • He now walks most of the time!


He will crawl when he has fallen down from walking. He cannot stand up from sitting, so he still needs to crawl to something to pull himself up to stand so that he can walk. He is almost there!


Liams teeth are making nursing a bit more uncomfortable but I have not gotten bitten yet!

Liam has been fussing this month because little did we know, he will be cutting the TOP two teeth pretty soon! He will have two bottom and top in the coming weeks.


  • Liam LOVES to crawl under things. He recently crawled under his crib, under boxes, chairs, or under anything he thinks he can fit.
  • He loves to climb over/on things!
  • He likes being outside and exploring the grass and all that he thinks he can eat.
  • He explores the house and learns new things all the time. It is really neat to see.

Listening to Mommy and Daddy

  • Liam actually does a really good job at listening. Although I do have to repeat, he will leave an item or area when stating “no no” or “let go”. He recently has developed a permanent monster voice and will use that when I tell him no. It is adorable.
  • He does a good job with listening to Ben as well.
  • He does have a hard time with no when it comes to taking off our glasses or anything to do with us.



By the way, Liam loved the fireworks. I was so nervous and he almost fell asleep before the show started but woke up as soon as the first was lit. He did great!

  • As mentioned before, he uses this adorable monster or dinosaur voice. It is more pronounced when we use “no” or if he does not want to do something.
  • He loves to sing or hum. It is so cute and will also dance.
  • He now acts bashful in the high chair and brings his head to the side and smiles.
  • He is such a goof! He just does the silliest things or makes the silliest noises.
  • He is very loud and likes to shout.
  • He likes to gabber all day and especially when mommy is talking.
  • He is also is quiet and observes.


Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve woken up at 10am! Little man slept in! Hate waking late but I got some sleep!!


I am trying something new tonight. I left Chaucer the Bear in his crib after he fell asleep. Liam loves him and is always happy around him. I am hoping he will soothe Liam at night. First time may not work, but I am going to try this for awhile. You never know.

So Liam woke up for the first time tonight after less than an hour. I went over to him, patted his back, put Chaucer the Bear in his arms, patted his back, he ended up laying on him, and he got quiet. I snuck over to look at him after a few seconds and he’s asleep! Score 1 for mommy thus far!

 Update on Chaucer the Bear: Liam didn’t sleep amazingly and the Bear didn’t help him sleep. It seemed to help a little bit I had to rub or pat his back. I did only nurse once. He woke up 3 times before 12 or so and then slept about 6-7 hours? I didn’t look at the time so I wouldn’t get really upset. All in all, wasn’t too bad! I was up late anyways.
  • Sleep has not gotten worse and some days are way better, but Liam still does not sleep through the night.
  • He does cuddle the Bear in bed. I do keep it in there for him.


These night feedings are killer.

  • We are still full time breastfeeding on demand.
  • I do not know when I will wean him.
  • We still night feed because that is what works for us right now.
  • He eat between 2-4 hours.


  • He does really well with solids and eats more!
  • This month I found out he loves fresh honeydew and strawberries.
  • He eats pretty much anything I put in front of him. He may not eat it all, but he will eat. If he does like it, he eats it all.



  • Eating from mommy’s plate.
  • When mommy sings.
  • His reflection.
  • Music.
  • Cords.
  • Eating anything off the ground.
  • Daddy’s teeth or glasses.
  • Fruit.
  • Nursing.
  • Playing chase.
  • Hitting food on his tray.
  • The cat, Mittens and touching her.
  • Playing with his cousin Aria.
  • Hanging out with family.
  • Being outside.
  • Going on walks with the stroller


  • He HATES being changed.
  • Does not like it when I make sure he did not eat something bad off the ground in his mouth.
  • Sudden loud noises.
  • Being confined for too long.
  • Having to sit still for very long.


  • Size 4 Honest Diapers
  • 9 and 12 months clothes.
  • Still no appointment this month so no measurements or weight.

Time is flying by so quickly it is so bizarre. We almost have a one year old! He is such a blessing and joy.




Ten Months Old

Liam turned 10 months June 24th. I am a bit behind on this update!

New Developments This Past Month


  • This past month Liam has been practicing walking along side things and holding himself up by pulling on things.
  • He took his FIRST steps this month! 6 to be exact.


  • He continues to crawl more often than walking.



  • Liam stands all day!
  • He will stand in the middle of the room for a while playing with a toy or dancing.
  • He likes to stand in the crib or the playpen.


  • His TEETH finally pop this month, two of them.
  • He likes to bite but I feel is of course is affection. I am currently teaching him to be gentle.
  • He had a hard time with nursing for a few days when they were cutting.


  • He is climbing ALL OVER the place lately. I have to change the “blocked areas” with larger things because he can climb up on things now.


  • This month has been the beginning of the testing phase for sure.
  • Liam gets upset when I say no or try to tell him to stay off of something.
  • There are many times he will obey.



  • He has grown into a silly little guy. He has always been so happy and chill, however is loving to make cute monster voices a lot more lately, and cheesy smiles per usual.
  • He cannot stay in one place for too long. He MUST explore and MUST climb.
  • He has a fascination with Ben’s teeth and loves to put his hand in Ben’s mouth.
  • He still enjoys music and almost always dances.
  • He loves attention! Absolutely loves to be held by family and gives the sweetest smiles to everyone.
  • When he is angry is now will arch his back.
  • He hates being changed either a diaper or his clothes. I feel he just does not want to stay still.
  • He LOVES nursing.
  • He MUST try anything Ben and I are eating if it is safe.


  • This is just no. It has been horrible and the most challenging part about Motherhood/Parenting.
  • He still wakes every 1 1/2-2 hours up until maybe 2am and then I may get 5-7 hours span IF I am not awaken by Ben’s work alarm.
  • He nurses at night still. I am trying to cut down a little. Extremely hard due to our situation.


  • We still nurse on demand.
  • He usually nurses between 2-4 hours depending on the day and what we are doing.
  • I still have NO issues and so blessed and happy about that.
  • I have not see ANY milk decrease since I starting working out and watching what I eat.
  • I only nurse, but may pump some to go on DATES!


  • He is starting to like solids more this month so he eats a lot more.
  • He eats fingers foods like puffs, fruit, fish, avocado, veggies, or whatever we are eating sometimes.
  • He eats about 2-3 solids feedings a day.


  • Kisses
  • When I kiss the inside of his neck.
  • When I sing to him.
  • Chaucer the Bear.
  • His daddy.
  • Mommy because she has food. Okay, fine he loves mommy because of her hair.
  • Petting the cat.
  • Crawling EVERYWHERE.
  • Standing.
  • Dancing.
  • Eating everything off the floor.
  • Shoes.
  • Being at the park and exploring everywhere because he can stand and walk along the stroller.
  • Watching himself on a video.
  • His reflection in the mirror.
  • His grandparents, uncles, and aunties.


  • Letting mommy sleep at night.
  • HATES being changed.
  • Does not like when I say no.
  • Baths do not seem fun for him lately.



  • Size 4 Honest Diapers
  • 9 and 12 months clothes.
  • We did not have an appointment this month so no measurements or weight!
  • We thought he had a lazy eye, but we were put to ease when the doctor did not seem concerned, but referred us if we wanted to see a specialist. I have not made an appointment. His left eye seems to drift or look odd when he is tired or spacing out. Other than that, he is good.

That is all that I can think of this month! A lot is repeat from last month because he is just the same silly little baby boy.


Liam is 9 Months Old

My little baby boy is growing and learning so much! I see more personality growing daily. I love how happy and silly he is. Liam is now 9 months old!

Also, I want to clarify because I even get confused with this, these monthly updates are updates from the past month. This means although the title says 9 months, he did all of this up to 9 months if that makes sense. It is all of the development up to 9 months and what he can do now. So basically updating what he did as a 8 month old, does that make any sense? 

New Developments This Past Month


  • He is very fast now and can get to any place he desires.
  • He does go underneath things.
  • He moves his legs really well to move from all fours to sitting, to all fours, and likes to put his butt up in the air and look under his legs at me.


  • He has always been great at standing. Now he can let go of the side of the bed, coach, or whatever and can stand their longer, up to 5-7 seconds.
  • He now walks along side things faster and more confidently. He even lets go from one thing and lightly throws himself forward to the next, with decent balance.
  • He likes to move up and down or dance while standing.
  • He loves to stand.


  • He talks all day.
  • Dadda and mamma are still the two clear words he says.
  • He loves to squeal or scream for fun.
  • He makes a cute monster voice.


  • He does a really great job with listening to me when I do not want him near something or on something. He does take a few tries, but he eventually crawls away. I do not think he understands what I am saying, but gets what I am after. For an example, I do not like him in the kitchen and I repeat “no kitchen” or “out of the kitchen” usually with his name, and a lot of the times he leaves or moves. I still need to redirect or move him of course.


  • Happy all the time! He enjoys so many things and people interaction.
  • The only things that bring him down is if he is hungry, needs to sleep, or gets hurt. And if he just wants mamma or gets frustrated if I need to move him or take something. Oh, and night time….yeah.
  • He is so silly. He likes to “sing” or make funny noises while smiling at me. I feel he wants a reaction.
  • He will look at me from time to time while playing almost as if he wants a smile from me. Or maybe seeing what I am dong.
  • He is on the go a lot because he has learned he can get somewhere, but he does observe and focus well on one thing. He likes to listen to others and has the cutest focused face that reminds me of his dad.
  • He loves music and happy when I sing songs to him.
  • Liam loves kisses and hugs. He will cuddle, but is not a huge cuddle baby because he wants to be on the move. There are times I can snuggle if he wants to watch a little netflix with me or rest.
  • He gets so happy to see daddy when he gets home from work and is focused on him for awhile.


  • Oh goodness, it is a struggle. We live in a studio at the moment, so we have learned to go with the flow and I have tried many things and he still wakes often throughout the night.
  • However, only recently the last two days, I am working on giving him more solids throughout the day to add calories and we tried music last night, and it seemed to help a lot. He still didn’t sleep all night, but we will keep at it.
  • Naps are great. He goes down without a problem. He may whine a little or cry for a min, but goes to sleep.
  • Nights are a struggle after the first wake up. Sometimes he decides he wants to talk and stay up, or he wont go down unless I nurse.
  • We are working on sleep.


  • It is going strong. He still nurses between 2-4 hours.
  • He still nurses throughout night. I do not mind, but the lack of sleep is killer.
  • I am trying to work on slowly taking the nursing out during the night. Hoping the music and more solids in the day will help. If not, we got this. I am in no rush in anything dealing with breastfeeding changes.
  • I do not have any pain still with breastfeeding. Sometimes he does surprise me and will sleep longer at night so then I will be a little full and it is uncomfortable, but nothing like the early months.
  • I also do not need nursing pads. I will leak a little or a lot if he surprises me at night with sleep. But I do not need it during the day most times.
  • Also, I am in no rush to wean. One year is not the end mark at all.


  • He loves to eat sweet potatoes, bananas, yogurt, or peas.
  • He loves to crawl.
  • Liam loves when I get on my hands and knees and chase him. He will crawl away. He also loves when I go hide and likes to find me.
  • Loves to be outside and is very curious of his surroundings.
  • He is like mamma and loves the natural light coming through the window.
  • He loves to play in the water.
  • His favorite things to put in his mouth is anything with a tag or long piece of fabric.
  • Loves to nurse and just be close at times. We will have a very short sesson just so he can be close.
  • He loves mirrors just like most babies.


  • Night time sleeping
  • He does not like having to stay still during a diaper change or outfit change. Typical baby development.
  • He is not a fan of staying in his jumper very long anymore. We usually wouldn’t go much longer than 30 mins if needed, but cannot get him to stay in long. He is on the go!
  • There are a few flavors of baby food he hasn’t cared for, but cannot recall exactly which.


  • Size 4 Honest Diapers
  • Size 9 months clothes(Carter’s mainly, Gerber is too small), but fits 12 months(Carter’s mainly so other brands a little bigger) perfectly He is growing fast!
  • His head is too big for suggested size so we currently need to find ones that fit!

9 month appointment details

  • 20 lbs 7 oz
  • 27 inches long
  • I believe 48 cm head
  • Doctor suggested more solids for sleep and to get use to eating pieces of food
  • No shots this time
  • No problems and doing great!

I love to share his fun journey as a baby. It is mainly for me to look back on and it is very fun to read the other updates.

What is your baby doing?


Mr. 7 Month Old

This month has been exciting and tiresome. It has ups and downs. It is full of love and full of new experiences. Liam is now 7 months old!

Tidbits from this month

Motor Skills

  • This past month Liam has been practicing crawling and even more mobile. He can get places faster, and further than before.
  • He makes heads stands, planks, and down dog. He is so close to crawling!
  • He can stand longer and even moves a bit when held unto something he can hold onto like side of a couch or low bed.
  • He prefer to be on his tummy now, scooting around. 
  • This isn’t mobile, but he can sit unassisted, but still falls over. He is working on balance. However, from sitting position he can go onto all fours.

  • He started saying mamma a couple weeks ago and now likes to say dada over and over. 
  • He gives very good eye contact now and laughs at funny things.
  • He will almost instantly respond to his name and also to chunky or chunk chunk.
  • He still loves to hear us sing to him and dances to it.
  • Liam makes high pitch screams when he is happy and waits for your reaction or to look at him.
  • He talks a lot more and babbles in the car almost the whole trip.
  • He is generally a very happy baby and is very social.
  • Non verbal includes happy faces, pouty lip if scared, wide eye when very happy, dad’s stern brow, and curious focused stares.
Fine Motor Skills

  • His hands are always in his mouth and occasionally his feet as well.
  • He will hold onto something and stare at it for a bit. He seems to concentrate on one thing very well now and likes to look all around the item.
  • He grabs onto something you put near his hands and has a strong grip.
  • Scratches everything and loves to feel soft fabric.
Details, weight, height, measurements 

  • His hair in the back where his bald spot is, is growing in.
  • Weights 18 lbs 12 oz.
  • Little over 26.5 inches long

  • He has been eating solids, 1-2 times a day. 
    • He has tried banana, pears, apples, squash, peaches, peas, green beans, mangos, carrots, prunes, and oatmeal(mix into one of the mentioned foods).
  • He still breastfeeds on demand every 2-4 hours.
Fun and Play

  • Liam loves balls, tags from (clothing, toys, ect), shirts, string, shoes, wipe containers, lent, random things on the ground, water bottles, burp rags, blankets, cords, basically anything but his toys he puts in his mouth. (He does love his turtle toy).
  • He still loves his jumper.
  • He does this new thing now where he likes to suck or bite his bottom lip. 
  • He loves to play games like peak a boo or tickles.
  • He loves when I nibble on his tummy, thighs, neck, or face.
  • He loves to watch nursery rhyme videos on youtube. I sing the songs with him while we watch cute little animation. 
  • He loves songs that you use your hands to add action such as happy and you know it, baby shark song, or itsy bitsy spider.
  • He enjoys picture books.
  • No teeth popping up just yet! Although he drools like crazy and I see some white.
Baby Eczema 

Liam development some baby eczema on his back that was very red and dry. He was prescribed some cream that has worked wonders. He has had some dry patches on his legs and arms that were very light and also was not an issue. However, the back got worse and thought it may have been ring worm. He now has clear skin and we continue to use the cream just in case, for a couple weeks.
Also, he was prescribed a fluoride and Vitamin D drops. He has been on the Vitamin D drops since like the first month, but now around 6 months old they start them on fluoride as well.

Sleeping Update

This month has been rough! It is similar to last month, but slightly more tiresome! 
Now that he has turned 7 months, I hope that this new month will be better.
During his 6 month, he only sleeps maybe 30 mins each nap and has about 2 naps a day. Sometimes longer sometimes less. It is different everyday. 
At night is the trickiest! I try to get him down between 8-11 pm, with the lights low, quiet, and same thing every time(get clothes off, jammies, snuggles, nurse, and put down to bed). For awhile he would not want to be put down and cry. I would have to hold him to sleep or when he is half asleep and he would generally fall sleep in the crib.
He would wake every 2-4 hours at night and it was brutal. Some days in a row every two hours!
I believe it was only one time this past month I got a good six hour span. 
Baths or solids before bed did not always help. 
My theory is that he is growing and also when learning a new skill such as crawling can throw sleep out of whack. My Wonder Weeks App says he has been on a leap.
Liam is growing like a weed and time is full speed ahead. I cannot believe he is half way to a year old! Liam, slow down boy!