Beachbody Insanity Program Results and Review

*I will first point out that I am a Beachbody Coach. You can watch THIS video about why I became a coach. Today’s post is my honest opinion and results. If you are in need of motivation or accountability with exercise or nutrition, email me at kristinadstone @ gmail dot com or message me on my facebook page HERE. You can also find me on my facebook fitness page, Coach K Fitness. I can set you with a program that meets your lifestyle and needs. Do you want to look back with regret or with a new found confidence? 

Insanity-What is it all about?

*Information from Team Beachbody

Trainer: Shaun T

  • Creator of INSANITY and Hip Hop Abs®, he’s a former track and field star.
  • Graduated from Rowan University, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science with a minor in Theater and Dance.


  • Transform your body in 60 days with the hardest workout put on DVD.
  • You’ll push yourself to your limits with this extreme cardio challenge. No weights or equipment required, just the will to make it through.

How Insanity WORKS

  • Get into shape in record time with Max Interval Training. You’ll perform long bursts of high-intensity exercise, followed by shorter periods of rest—the opposite of traditional cardio methods.
    • Adding high-intensity exercise, during which your heart rate increases to 80% or more of its maximum capacity, forces your body to use fast-twitch muscle fibers not normally engaged in cardio exercise. These fast-twitch fibers continue burning extra fuel even during lower-intensity exercise.
  • You can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout, and get lean and ripped without any weights or equipment.
  • Shaun T explains the moves very well and challenges yet encourages the viewer.

Insanity is FOR

  • Anyone who is ready for a fitness challenge and wants to get into the best shape of their life.
  • It’s an advanced program that’s meant to challenge even very fit athletes. But anyone can go at their own pace until they’re ready to meet this ultimate challenge.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their cardio.

Insanity is NOT for

  • Beginners, pregnant women, obese people, people who aren’t willing to work hard, people who don’t consistently do high-impact exercise.

What do YOU need to be successful with INSANITY (space/equipment/supplements)?

  • Space: Just enough room to perform cardio in place, move side-to-side, jump, and do floor exercises. A small living room space should do the trick
  • Equipment: No equipment is required but a jump mat is helpful to make for a more comfortable workout. (A jump mat is included in the Deluxe Kit.)
  • Supplements that are recommended include:
    • Shakeology®: This ultra-premium nutrition shake promotes digestive health, energy, and even weight loss.*
    • Beachbody PerformanceTM Energize Pre-Workout supplement with key ingredients to help boost your energy, sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer.*
    • Beachbody Performance Recover Post-Workout supplement, with key ingredients shown to help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness and speed muscle recovery to help you accelerate your fitness results.*

Insanity Resources

  • Fitness Guide includes your Fit Test and gets you working out fast.
    • The fit test is every two weeks and you write down your reps and compare.
  • Elite Nutrition Plan provides tips and recipes to fuel your intense training.
    • if you are breastfeeding like me, you adjust accordingly
  • Wall Calendar helps you track your workouts.
    • takes the guess work out and easy to follow

What to do BEFORE you start the program?

  • Talk with your Beachbody Coach(if that is me contact me, I will be in contact with you) and go over your goals and WRITE those down
  • Take your BEFORE photos-back, front, side and you can flex as well as the three basic photos. Keep in mind these should be the same workout clothes you use in the AFTER photos. ALSO, try to be in just shorts and sports bra to SEE all changes.
  • Take your MEASUREMENTS and the program has instructions on how to do so.
  • Throw out any junk food, soda, or food that will keep you off track.
  • Go grocery shopping and make meals that go with the nutrition guide.
  • Get good workout shoes and get workout clothes if need.

What to do AFTER you finish the FIRST round of 60 days of the program?

  • Take your AFTER photos in the SAME POSES AND CLOTHES as the BEFORE photos to get the BEST photo results.
  • Take your AFTER measurements.
  • SHARE your results with your Coach, family, and friends to motivate others to live a healthy life!
  • Go onto your Team Beachbody account(it is the one you sign up with when you order) and go to the Beachbody Challenge tab, then the Take the Challenge and do STEP TWO and INSERT your results to receive a FREE Insanity t-shirt and be in the drawing to win MONEY!


My Thoughts

Why I wanted to try out Insanity

  • Improve my cardio because I get winded very easily
  • Get in even more shape
  • Prove to myself I can complete this extreme program

Did I accomplish these things?

  • My cardio did improve and each week I was better than the last
  • I am in way more shape than I have ever been in my life and I had a baby last year via c-section; and breastfeed! It can be done.
  • I finished and feel proud. I can say I did that crazy Insanity program!

How did I feel after?

  • Stronger
  • More energy
  • I feel firmer and my clothes are too big! I see a Target stop soon.
  • Happy!
  • I am more flexible and can carry Liam more comfortably because he is over 20 lbs!


Tips to keep in mind during this program that I learned personally

  • ALWAYS have water at hand-you will NEED IT or you will have a hard time finishing.
  • EAT something before the workout in order to NOT feel winded or dizzy.
  • Remember, even the trainer NEEDS to take breaks. Just jump back in when you can.
  • Keep FORM always! When you cannot, take a break until you CAN.
  • If you are feeling down, just TRUST the process! You WILL see RESULTS after the initial 60 days. You can do it AGAIN and AGAIN for desired results.
  • Remember, COMMITMENT is doing something even when the motivating feeling you had in the beginning goes away. Nothing hard comes easy, but the life you will have is WORTH it!
  • INVESTING in yourself is a long mental progress that is scary or hard, however it is the BEST thing for your family, your self image, and your health.
  • You WILL FAIL sometimes, and that is OKAY. You learn what to do next time and KEEP GOING!
  • Look at this as a LIFESTYLE, not a diet or just working out to loose weight. To MAINTAIN all your HARD WORK, you must keep the habits. It does not mean you have to be EXTREME all the time. I was/am NEVER perfect with any of these programs. It is learning to portion control, moderation, and adding HEALTHY habits and food into your life. And letting go of other habits. BALANCE. I am taking a break on the more intense workouts right now. It has been two weeks. However, I am starting another workout program soon. Give yourself some time to refocus. You can wear yourself out or you can get overwhelmed.

My Results


STARTING weight: 129.8 lbs

ENDING weight: 124.4 lbs

Total weight loss: 5.4 lbs!



Before-36 in

After-35.5 in


Before-27.5 in

After-26.5 in


Before-36.5 in

After-26.5 in


Right Arm:

Before-10.75 in

After-10 in

Left Arm:

Before-10 in

After-10 in

Right Leg:

Before-20.5 in

After-19 in

Left Leg:

Before-20.5 in

After-19.5 in

Fit Test Results:

Day one: from first move to the last

86, 46, 60, 20, 5 circles-stopped at 11 mins

Last Fit test: from first move to last

75,50,65,26,10,19,19,57-finished the fit test!


Let me be YOUR Beachbody Coach!


You can either contact me HERE, email me kristinadstone @ gmail dot com, or if you want to do it on your own, click this LINK to order. After you order I will contact you with the email you provided and we can discuss your goals and needs. If you do not order through me, you will be placed with a random coach. Let me be your coach today!

Why choose me as your coach?

  • I have been a coach for two years.
  • I have personal experience with many of the programs and shakeology.
  • I am a mother, had a c-section, and breastfeed and can help other mothers achieve success and happiness after baby.
  • I LOVE to help others and see them succeed and be there when they fail. I am YOUR pick me up!
  • I strive to be that positive thing in YOUR life.
  • I am committed to CHANGE in not only the physical, but emotional, spiritual, and mental. It all works together to achieve health.
  • You will help me stay home with my son and help our family.
    • if you are interested on working at home, contact me!

Who am I looking for?

  • People who are interested in changing their life and sticking to it
  • People who stay committed and consistant
  • People who want to be coached and be checked up on
  • People who need help with nutrition and portion control
  • People who want to work at home and help others
  • People who need help with what workouts they should do


Not sure what a Beachbody Coach is? We simply provide you with solutions to create a healthier lifestyle such as Beachbody products and programs, answer any questions you have regarding Beachbody programs or products, and is your accountability partner that you can count on. Each coach is different and has different backgrounds. We are not fitness or nutrition experts, we simply represent Beachbody and living a healthier lifestyle. You are also placed in a challenge group on facebook or the Beachbody app to get inspiration and motivation with other like minded people. That is the key to success!

What is stopping you today?











P90X3 Results & Review

This past February, about 6 months post pardum, I finally decided to get off my butt and finally loose the extra weight after my pregnancy. I did not feel ugly or horrible about myself, however I wanted to feel better and fit into more comfortable clothes. I wanted to feel strong again and also have more energy. There are many reasons to want to get active and also start eating healthier. I opened up my Beach Body OnDemand, read about P90X3, and my husband and I took before pictures and measurements. I was ready!

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Why Start Your Fitness When You Have a Baby


Fitness is important for a mom. It creates stress relief and strength both physically and mentally. Having a healthy lifestyle helps give mothers a better day and a overall positive outlook on life. When a mother sees themselves as important, they will find a way to take care of themselves and also find balance within their home. These tips will help mothers find encouragement in starting their fitness as soon as they can. Why is it important to workout while you have a baby? Here are some examples:

  1. Creating an environment in which you are working out at home will set a routine in your child’s mind that this is time for mommy to focus on this task. It will encourage the child to give mom that time to do their workout or the child may even want to participate!
  2. It is setting a great example of health and showing it is important to be strong. Being strong helps one finish harder tasks, gives more energy to keep up with the day, and creates more flexibility to prevent injuries as a mother who must keep up with their young child/children.
  3. It is encouraging children to be active. The more active children are the healthier they will become. Children will want to participate in other activities and not have a languid manner due to the example set from a very early age.
  4. It will show dedication to something that is hard and not always fun. The more a mother pushes forward with their fitness, the more their child will see that is takes time and effort to become better. There is no quick fix or instant gratification. It is hard work that makes one feel proud.
  5. It creates a positive and healthy self-image. Children will see a strong and committed mother who loves their body and how it feels to them. Society may cause children to question their self imagine, however as the mother shows they care about their own well being and their own personal or unique physical attributes, children can push out those negative voices.
  6. Fitness not only creates physically accountability, it will also encourage healthy eating habits. In a perfect world, a mother would want her children to eat healthy foods. Finding what a child likes is key to helping them have a balance diet.

Mothers can only hope that their example can help their children create healthy choices. Only way to find out is to start now. Go for a walk. Dance around the house. Find a workout program that is enjoyable and do it with the children. A mother also needs to find time for herself in order to feel balance.

Have you started your fitness journey? Contact me at kristinadstone @ gmail . com.


Top Five Reasons You Need To Fail at Fitness


Today as I was working out at home to my usual program of choice, I came to the realization it was past noon and I usually get the workout done in the morning. However, I learned another important thing that will change my fitness journey.

 Push Yourself Harder

  • You understand that when something is not working, you try to find a way to make it work. The result, if you are determined, is that you keep moving and do not quite, even if you seem to not get it right.

Failing leads to Perfection

  • No this does not mean physical perfection, but perfecting a move that you once failed at. The more you fail at it, the better you get. 

Continue reading “Top Five Reasons You Need To Fail at Fitness”

Fitness Journey: Body After a Cesarean

I want to share with you my fitness journey so far since last February. I also thought it would be hard to do certain things since I did have major surgery after all. However, these worries were put to rest once I jumped back into fitness about 5 months PP. I tried at 8 weeks but the incision area felt sore. I got scared and did not workout again, until a couple months ago.

The past 10 weeks have been a whirlwind  of emotions and determination! You want something so bad so you try everyday to get to your goal. If you fail at all, it can be discouraging and you can fall into a rut. Remember, it takes time. Refer to this blog post about why you may not be getting the results you want—-

When I became pregnant, all of my fitness and nutrition motivation went out of the window! All of a sudden I had no appetite and no energy. That put my in a rut for months! Thank goodness I worked for most of my pregnancy, full time in retail on my feet, so I did not gain too much weight.

After I gave birth, I was not very anxious to workout and loose the extra 20 pounds. I wanted to take it slow and focus on my newborn. I did not hate my body, but it was not ideal.


I weighed 127 in January 2015, according to the doctors when I first was weighed to check to see if I was officially pregnant. I have my measurements somewhere and I can reference that later. I also eat pretty well before then. I was working out to Piyo, but also working out with friends online through Zoom.


I believe I went down to 155 lbs a few days after birth August 2015. I was about 163 lbs right before I gave birth.
After a few months, I just stayed at 148 lbs. Breastfeeding helped a little, but as you can tell, it doesn’t keep it all off. 
In Feb 2016, I decided to try P90X3. Man, was I in for a ride. This is more challenging than 21 Day Fix or Piyo. But so worth it! I work out 6 days a week, sometimes walk to the park, and occasionally miss a day. I have been so committed to this that I am so excited to see my results at day 91!
I have lost track of which day I am on but I will be done with week 10 in two days! I will do a reveal post in the next few weeks!
These photos below are just two weeks ago! I already feel and see much more progress in the last two weeks! 
Weight when I started: 148.8
Weight TODAY April 15, 2016: 134.0 !!!!
Pounds lost: 14.8 lbs! in 10 weeks!
Inches will be measured at the end and compared to the beginning. I am excited to share with you all of that. Thanks for the support and encouragement! 

Do you want help with your fitness journey?

If you would like for me to help you in your fitness journey, I am a Beachbody coach who helps you find a program that fits your needs! You get support, meal ideas, a facebook group to gain motivation from others like you, and a fitness program that gets you where you want to be. I totally get the busy mom thing and can help figure out ways to get it done with a baby.
Refer to this blog post about Beachbody coaches for all your questions about what we do and fill out the survey at the end of that blog post, and I will get back with you! Or email me at
Comment below if you did the survey! Lets do this!

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Why You Are Not Seeing Your Fitness Results

Fitness can be a very intimidating word. You start to think about that fact you will need to let go of many things like your coffee creamer or the daily intake of that soda you love dearly. The fact that you will be sore or CARDIO!

However, you want that lean, sexy body you always wanted. You want to feel stronger and LOOK it. The strength you gain is worth all of the sweat and tears you go through. You want that energy and stigma you hear about because you now have a small child to run after. Speaking of that small child, you want to set an example. These are the goals.

Two months have gone by and you start to feel discouraged. The number on the scale is not where you want it to be. You don’t seem to LOOK the part. You don’t “this” or you don’t “that”.

How about DON’T think those things!

Reality is, it takes time. Like studying for a test. It takes time to gain the knowledge. Hours of studying and many failures. You will fail. But you will gain so much more!


Why are you not seeing the results you want?

Because you are not giving it enough time! You see those ads for the “6 weeks to abs” or ” 3 weeks to fit” type of titles. Sure, you will see SOME results or may not. The fact of the matter is, is that it takes longer than a couple of months.
  1. Go into it as a long run, not a short term “I want to look good for a wedding” mindset.
    • Once you fall into the trap of trying to look good in a time frame, it will most likely lead to failure and not trying anymore.
    • You will feel like it is not working.
    • Short term goals lead to disappointments.
    • How about instead of saying you want to try for a couple of months, how about you DO it for a year. Then you will see results.
  2. Tell yourself you want this and make it happen.
    • They say you do not want it enough if you make excuses. Excuses will always lead to missing a work out then to not working out at all.
    • You must tell yourself, it takes time, you will see results, and you will KEEP GOING.
  3. You must know that it does not getting easier, you get better.
    • That means that eventually you will do a move during your workout without pausing or modifying. But then you push yourself again to make it harder. That is how you get results.
    • It is not about perfection, but about progress.
    • Keep at it!
  4. You must try to eat better than you did before.
    • This doesn’t mean eat perfect.
    • This means to try to incorporate healthy foods and stick to it.
    • Add more water!
    • Find healthy recipes you like!
  5. Find someone or a group of people to help you stay focused! 
    • When you have someone keep you accountable, you want to continue.
    • Perhaps tell yourself, as your child watches you, that you are setting an example!
    • Join a facebook group or find a beachbody coach, such as I, to help you get to your goal.
    • If you would like me to be your coach, comment below or email me at Refer to this post about what a beachbody coach does:

Remember, it is a journey. And all journeys have their ups and downs. Just do not get stuck in a rut forever. You will thank yourself a year from now. It is all worth it. You got this!

Most of all, do not compare yourself to others.



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How to Work Out as a First Time Mom


This is the topic that is hard to write about because simply put, after giving birth to a baby, who wants to talk about weight or inches? No one. And sure as heck hard to think about pushing yourself for over 20mins.

I am 23 weeks post-pardum with an adorable baby boy Liam. I get a lot of help and even with that help, I have a hard time with doing things for myself with a 5 month old who wants mom and only mom at times. I breastfeed so I have a baby who needs me. However, there is still no excuse as to why I cannot get back into shape. There just isn’t. If I want this, I need to do it.

I am finally starting a program from Beachbody Ondemand! I am a coach and I know from experience how well these programs work which include a workout program and nutrition guide. And a team of people who keep me accountable! If I choose to rely on them. And I need to again. Once I got pregnant, I fell behind and I am very upset with that. I wanted to be an example and I failed not only myself, but others. It is never too late to try again!

How can you work out with such a hectic schedule?

I worked full time retail and had crappy hours. I understand the annoyance of figuring out when to workout and meals. It isn’t consistent.

PLAN out your meals on the same day every week that best fits your schedule, PLAN out your day every day for a least a week ahead, and FOCUS on your goal when you try to give yourself an excuse! Remind yourself of WHY you want this so bad. Find someone or a group of people like a beachbody support group, to help you stay accountable!

First Thing First

NUMBER 1 thing suggest is to take a BEFORE photo of yourself from front, side, and back views so that when you finish a program, you take an AFTER photo of the same poses, and you will SEE results. Throw away the scale! You will SEE and FEEL the results and will not stress over your weight. I say weigh yourself once a month if you feel the need, but if you stick to it, you will be where you want to be. You can do a weigh in the first day, and weigh in the last day of the program you choose.

How Do I start?
If you are on here most likely know me or interested in what I am doing. 
First off, go here and feel out this form. This will give me a better idea of what you need and WHY you want to do this. CLICK HERE 
I will contact you for more information and instructions. My email is also
If you plan on doing your own research about what beachbody has to offer and decide on a program, PLEASE contact me so I can hook you up and answer any questions! The BEST thing about beachbody is that you get hooked up with a coach who helps you along the way! I want to be that for you. If you sign up without me, you will be put with a random person. We don’t want that do you we? Let me help you. As you can see, I have my ups and downs with trying to stay in shape and I have learned a thing or to. I am not a professional, however I am your help.
Want to join my team?
As a beachbody coach you get access to many things and also get a discount on everything you personally purchase. You also receive a % of anything anyone else purchases. You can be a discount coach, or you can help others achieve their goals as well as the benefits of being a coach! If you are interested CLICK HERE and I will contact you.
What is keeping you from your from your goals?

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