The Real Solution to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

You may be here to find answers to your exhausting problem: your child will not sleep through the night and you’re about to check into a psych ward. You would rather put duct tape on your sunburn and rip it off than sleep another night waking up 5 times.

The solution is neither close nor far. Because your child will be ready when they are ready. Guess what mommy, the magic solution is patience. Or you just drag your feet throughout the process like I did.

You can go onto your favorite Facebook mommy group and beg for answers. You can try everything under the sun like essential oils, music, bedtime routine, daddy help, or whatever you find on the magical google. But he will not sleep until he is ready.

When will they be ready?! That is the most irritating, hair-pulling, and exhausting question a mom can ask herself.

It does have a lot to do with circumstances. Do you share a room? Do you breastfeed? Do they have health issues? Do you sing to them every night? Many things can contribute to their sleep habits. Or you have no issues and get the beauty sleep we all envy and will sell our left leg for.

Here are a few ideas that can help your child create good sleeping habits. Remember all families are different.

  • Establish a consistant bedtime routine. This helped us create a calm time for our son to know it is time to sleep. It helped him  to fall asleep on his own. It took months for him to finally sleep through the night but this helped the process.
  • Find a sleeping helper. We put an Eeyore in his bed. 
  • If your child is past 16 months and they still breastfeed at night like our son did, you can slowly wean a feed at a time until you are fully weaned. This also prevents pain. This was the only method that helped our son finally sleep through the night. Do what works for you.
  • Comfortable temperature. If it’s too hot they wake up. Too cold they wake up.
  • Night time diapers. These have helped us because the pee won’t wake him.
  • Dinner about an hr before bed. This helps keep him full all night.

These are just my experiences. If you’re going through sleepless nights, I feel you. I left my keys multiple times in my locked apartment because of sleep deprivation. I’ve locked our son in our car. I’ve tripped multiple times in the middle of the night. The list is long. Not to mention patience is rare.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Find support and remember this won’t last. Remember if something doesn’t work, don’t loose hope and don’t feel like you’re failing. Always ask for help. You got this! 

Breastfeeding update 14 Weeks old

I had it rough for a couple of weeks. My right nipple was in pain and I got milk blisters again which led to clogged milk ducts. That hurts so bad! Now, for about a week or so I have been great! A little pain now and again on the right nipple but I have kept the milk blisters at bay. The best thing that I have done is just kept an eye on it and kept it from getting too dry. That has seemed to help.

I do have some concerns though. I asked on a breastfeeding group on Facebook about nipple pain and reaccuring milk blisters and also about teething because I thought that had something to do with my nipple pain, and was told Liam may have a lip tie.

The teeth have not broken through yet but thought it was still rubbing on my nipple. But that wouldn’t explain why my right nipple was fine most of the time. When I posted my question with this picture, a admin of the group who are very knowlegeable mentioned how it looks like he may have a lip tie which can cause nursing issues such as milk blisters or poor latch. So I called the pediatrician office last week and got an appointment to talk about my concerns. Our ped is also a lactation consultant.

Once we figure that out, hopefully I won’t have anymore issues because being in a lot of pain while nursing is so hard! I have almost cried a few times. Thankfully I have been great lately and enjoying breastfeeding again. If you are having a rough time, know it will get better and if you are having reaccuring issues, talk to a lactation consultant!