Must Have Newborn Baby Items on a Budget

There are so many things that are advertised as what you NEED for baby. While many things seem very great or even convenient, you do not need them. If you are on a budget like many of us, here is a list of baby items that you will be fine surviving off of for the first few months.

1. Receiving blankets/ Burp Rags- x a million!

  • I started out with about 6 burp rags and trust me when I say you need at least 10 or 12. They go through those things like no other! Especially when they go through that phase where they spit up or projectile vomit after every feed. They are getting use to their reflexes so it is normal.
2. Diaper Bag
  • Of course you NEED this! This is what carries all the things you need for baby while out and about. Click on the title Diaper Bag Essentials to be directed that separate post.
3. Socks/ Hats
  • This is good to have because their feet get so cold in the beginning months and hats to keep them warm.
4.  Clothes
  • It is good to at least start out with 5-6 pairs of sizes newborn-6 months to get you started.
5. Butt Paste/ Diaper Rash Cream
  • This will be helpful when baby has a rash.
6.  Baby Bathtub
  • This might be considered as a want, but I did not want to use the kitchen sink! I also do not have a normal bathroom and only have a shower.
  • Baby bathtubs are great for someone who has a small space and it perfect for small babies up to 6 months or so.
7. Baby Shampoo/ Body Wash
  • We LOVE The Honest Company.
8. Baby Lotion
  • This is good to have for after bath time or in general. 
  • It is advised to wait until the baby acne comes in and their natural oils start before using any type of lotion on baby.
  • We LOVE The Honest Company.
9. Nail Clippers
  • A MUST! You may not like the idea of clipping your baby’s nails, but you will end up being scratched like a cat and they will scratch themselves.
10. Baby Thermometer
  • It is good to have when you feel they have a fever. 
11. Baby First Aid Kit
  • For those times when you cut your baby’s nails and nip them and need a baby size bandaid. 😦
12. Binkie
  • If you plan on breastfeeding, it is advised to wait at least 6 weeks to introduce one in case of nipple confusion.
  • These are great to help soothe baby when you cannot.
13. Carseat/Stroller Combo
  • Speaking from experience, although I do carry my son in a baby carrier, they do get very heavy later and it hurts your back. It is great to have a stroller later incase you do not want to carrier. If you get the carseat stroller combo, you save monty getting both rather separately! 
  • An infant carseat is great for the first half of their first year!
14. Mini Crib/ Diaper Changing Table Combo
  • We needed to save some space and mini cribs are great! They seem so small but they will be able to sleep in it well over a year old.
  • You save money on the combo and it also being a mini crib.
15. Baby Carrier 
  • This is great to have in moments you cannot use a stroller or do not want them on their backs all the time in an infant carseat. They also will love being close to you.
  • You can get many of these for reasonable prices. 

    What To Pack For Baby’s Hospital Bag

    Packing a baby hospital bag is more simple than one may think. Here is a list of what I feel is the only things you will need during your stay at the hospital after your baby is born.

    Tip: Try to keep it simple!
    1. Receiving/burp rags
    • These are generally great to have for many reasons. The main reason is for spit up or any body fluids that may get on the baby or you.
    • They are great for using a blanket or covering up during a nursing session when guests are there.
    • NOTE: They provide this as well, however it is nice to have softer ones that you may have brought.
    2. Two pairs of baby clothes
    • Your baby will most likely be skin to skin with you or wrapped up in a receiving blanket in their bed, so clothes are not very important the first day or so.
    • Two pairs of clothes is great for a photo shoot at the hospital and going away outfit.
    • Also good to have an extra incase of accidents. 
    • This includes pants, onesie, socks, and hat.
    3. Baby Butt Paste
    • Figure out what type and brand of baby butt rash cream you want because it is great incase they need it.
    4. Carseat 
    • This is a no brainer, but it is a must to have before leaving with baby.
    Things Hospitals Provide For You
    • Diapers and Wipes
    • Blankets
    • Baby Thermometer 
    • Formula(if you don’t want to nurse or need it for other reasons)
    • Nose Squeezy
    • Hat