Ipsy Subscription Review

I have been subscribed to Ipsy a few times now since they first started in 2011. If you like beauty subscriptions such as Birchbox, Glossy Box, Little Black bag, or many others then you will LOVE Ipsy. You receive many great products and brands, even companies many people haven’t tried or heard of. They have a variety of high end or drugstore products so if you fall in love with something, you don’t have to buy an expensive product. I believe Ispy has grown so much as a company and they truly strive for excellent customer service.

The History of Ipsy:

Ipsy was formally called MyGlam founded by Michelle Phan in 2011. I remember watching on Michelle’s Youtube when she announced the opening of the site and it was also when I received my first Myglam bag! Many other beauty gurus on Youtube joined as beauty advocates or stylists and showcase the website and the bags they get for each month. Beauty gurus such as Promise, Andrea, Jessica, and Bethany. Since then, there has been many faces of Ipsy.
There was a lot hype before it opened as well as a huge waiting list after the first subscribers signed up. I was apart of the first group! After some mishaps, they became one of the most popular beauty subscription service. You can read their about here.

The Benefits of Subscribing:

  • It is only $10.00 a month with free shipping for deluxe or full size products!
  • You take a quiz on their site to determine the types of products they will send you.
  • You can earn points by sharing your unique link. You are able to redeem a set amount of points for FREE products.
  • You try new products you have never tried before ranging from low end products to high end products that way you can discover brands or products you would want to purchase in the future.
  • Every month Ipsy has coupon codes or offers from the brands that were featured during that month, even if you were not sent that particular product!
  • Every month your products are in an adorable bag. Get ready to have a plethora of bags!
    • You can use them for storage, gifts, or your purse!
  • This is a great way to bring fun content to your readers by reviewing the bags each month.

The Website

The website has changed a few times and I feel this current setup is the easiest and simplest version to use. There are four tabs on the top labeled:
  1. Glam Bag
    • This tab is for inquiring about your glam bag of the month. It tells you the story behind that bag and its contents. You also have an option to review the items you received in exchange for points. Lastly, this will give you more details about the products you got.
  2. Offers
    • Ipsy Offers
      • “Score early access and sweet deals every week day @ 9 AM PT”

    • Brand Offers
      •  You get amazing deals from the brands that where in the bag that month. You get coupons codes to use on the brand’s site
  3. Points
    • You get to turn your points into bonus items in your glam bag for the month.
  4. Giveaways
    • I cannot explain how amazing Ipsy Giveaways are! So many in a month with AMAZING brands like Pixie by Petra, Eva NYC, IT Cosmetics, BeFine, and MORE. It is a huge loot!

Your Account

This is very easy to navigate and you can adjust your subscription and billing info. This is also where you can update your beauty preferences and take the test again. You can also edit your username, email, or password on this page.

Your Profile

This will showcase your photos you may have uploaded and your profile picture.

  • On the right will show any reviews you have posted.
  • On the left is your profile picture- your hair, skin, and eye color, and lastly how long you have been apart of Ipsy.


Customer Service

Everyone will have their own experiences and ALL brands have problems. That being said, throughout the years Ipsy has worked well with me if I ever had any problems. They are fairly quick to respond and even when it was my mistake, I was going to get sent another bag.

Past Bags from 2011-2017

Last Thoughts

I always come back to this subscription service! It is like that one mascara you always go back to after you ventured off to try something new.

Let Ipsy be your mascara!

If you want to sign up with my invite link either click the IPSY links or CLICK HERE.



New Developments in the Toddler World and Christmas 2016

Liam seems to be growing up at a faster rate lately. In the past month he has learned quite a few things and changing into a little boy. The little baby is fading away and this momma is feeling a sense of disbelief that she will no longer have a baby. He has almost outgrown his crib and barley fits his toy jumper. The only thing I can hold onto is that he still breastfeeds so he needs my comfort still.

A few new things lately:

  • He can now say “Uh Oh” and it is completely adorable. He still doesn’t say many words at 16 months. He can say dadda, momma, tree, and now uh oh. He does baby talk all day long though and you can tell he is using his vocal cards differently to almost distinguish between a question or sentence.
  • He signs more, thank you, please, and sometimes all done. But only when he wants to.
  • He pulls himself up onto our chairs and sits up to the table.
  • Two upper back teeth are cutting through so he has been cranky and clingy.
  • He is very emotional lately and learning how to manage his emotions.
  • We thought he had reflux at night or night terrors when he was acting really odd for a couple of weeks, but it turns out he had a growth spurt and was teething. We had an appointment that confirmed he grew a little quite quickly and also later I noticed two teeth had cut through.
    • Lately Liam has been screaming bloody murder at night until I nurse him. And sometimes doesn’t like me putting him back down to bed and screams again. He’s not colicky and it is not night terrors. But seriously, this new thing on top of him waking up a billion times at night is killing me!

      We have no idea why he’s acting this way! He sounds like he’s being tortured.

      I have a routine at night, make sure he’s eaten, and make sure he’s not cold.

      What gives?!!! -December 17, 2016

There are a few things that he already has been doing like stacking blocks but he is perfecting that skill. The same with climbing and keeping his balance while running.


Liam is still Breastfeeding, but he is slowly nursing less during the day when we are not at daycare. He now just nurses at night or before nap. I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. And perhaps he will finally sleep through the night as well soon.

I cannot believe this little guy will be a year and a half very soon! Our life is so blessed!


Christmas 2016


Liam’s second Christmas was fun and it was our first time buying a real Christmas tree. His second time going to see Santa did not go as well as last year, however he liked playing with the car. We had a nice Holiday season!

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What Does Fatherhood Look Like?

It is 2017. This question can mean ANYTHING now. There are many experiences out there and many opinions on Fatherhood. But one thing is for sure is that Fatherhood can look like this. How do you have this? I can share more about that in another post. Here is a little peek into what Fatherhood looks like in no particular order…

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You can see many sleeping pictures. Fatherhood is very tiring when you are the one getting up very early, commuting, and working/ being out of the house for more than 8 hours.

You can’t see a dad who never hung out with babies prior to Fatherhood, but it shows it comes naturally.

You can see a Father’s love.

You can see happiness.

What you do not see is the hard work to keep the family safe and fed, the calm during moments mommy is not, and the moments where Dad keeps an eye on the little guy while mommy sleeps.

What you don’t see or hear about very often is that daddy feel hopeless and sad when baby prefers mommy. Or feels upset when he can’t make baby feel better when they’re teething. 

Fatherhood is seen as silly, negative, lazy, or deadbeat in many people’s lenses. I want to show you the positives and the reality of what Fatherhood can be.

Uplift Fatherhood!

Ben, I love you very much! Thank you for all you have done and are doing for Liam and I. Parenthood brings out positives and negatives within ourselves, however having a person by your side that is here for the long run makes all the growing and learning easier. Parenthood is hard work! I am blessed and extremely grateful for you! We have been through so much and Liam has been a great blessing to both of us.




Foraged Fields Review

Welcome to another Small Business Review. I love to try out natural and homemade products as you may notice. This brand appealed to me because of the logo and products offered. This kit was paid for on a discounted price, however this is my honest opinion of this shop.

Customer Service

My interaction with April was pleasant and she created this review kit. I love how quick she is to respond and her patience with me with getting this review up and running.

What is  Foraged Fields All About?

I started my shop because I love decadence. I have some amazing things in my life and I want to share them with everyone. Now I can!

I love everything natural and love learning about homesteading and going back to our roots. I want to help people slow down and appreciate the little things in life; like soft pants and doing things for yourself.

I started this shop to share natural and organic products that were hand made and not pumped out in a factory. I get my ingredients from local sources where possible and make sure that there is nothing fake in each product. It’s amazing how sensitive we all are but we just don’t know it. Going back to natural whole products and fibers can help change your life!



Her blush is plant-based and Organic. I like how smooth and soft this is. It is VERY subtle on the skin, but gives a nice little glow. If you are looking for more of a natural look then this is for you.

  • Materials: beets, arrowroot starch for lighter shades, french red clay for lighter shades
  • Ships worldwide


Powder Foundation

I am not a huge fan of powder foundation because it tends to cling onto dry patches or my little hairs. However, this is very soft and I like to use it over my under eye concealer to add more staying power and coverage. This softens the area up nicely.

  • Materials: Organic Arrowroot starch, Organic Bentonite Clay, Organic Rhassoul Clay


Natural ChapStick

This really hydrates my lips and smells nice. I love that it does not take long to warm up and glides on smoothly.


Natural Face Cream

I LOVE this product. It is amazing for the winter and although feels a little thick, it soaks in the skin nicely and your face is smooth and plump. I love to use this at night to have nice skin in the morning. It smells very nice as well.

  • Great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. SUPER hydrating and great to apply after a shower, before bed or throughout the day. Great for people who work outside and have painfully dry skin or people who just want to not have wrinkles in the future. Can be an excellent intensive night treatment. Testers have seen results after only one use!
  • Materials: coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower infused with calendula, shea butter, beeswax, maca, kelp, reishi mushrooms
Overall Experience

If I had to say which product to get out of these few I have tried grab the Face Cream! It also works well on my lips while I am also hydrating my face. A little goes a long way and it has amazing benefits. Check out April’s shop and let her know I sent you.

Places you find Foraged Fields:

Her Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ForagedFields?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ForagedFields/?hc_ref=SEARCH


15 Months and Counting

This is a developmental update on Liam! There has been a few exciting things that he has learned and not so fun phases he is in.

What has Liam learned this month?

  1. Picks up tissue/wipe and wipes nose.
  2. Starts peek a boo.
  3. High fives.
  4. Can sign “all done”, “more”, “milk”, “please”, and “thank you”.
  5. Can hold a pen or crayon and knows what to do with it.
  6. Puts foot up as I get his shoes/socks on.

The not so fun things:

  1. Whiny this month- throws more fits when he can’t have his way.
  2. Does not eat that much food and wants to nurse more.
  3. Wakes more at night.

15 month Check Up:

  • 21 lbs 3 oz- He lost almost a pound due to being sick for a month. 23%
  • Height 2ft 6.25 in 13%-Our little shortie
  • Head 49.5 cm 98% -Stone genes

Liam’s Interests this Month

  • I have come to the realization that Liam really enjoys watching Elmo. I love his smile and laughter as he watches him.
  • He likes to build with his blocks.
  • He loves playing with household objects like the iron(not on), mugs, pushing buttons on electronics, looking at his picture books, making a mess, and a lot more.
  • He loves sausage, bananas, and goldfish.
  • He loves bubble baths!

He is growing so fast and his personally is so goofy and adventurous! He is always on the go! I can barley cuddle him.





Kloverbox Subscription Review

Today I will bring you Kloverbox, a green living subscription box. Their products range from skincare to People Towels. This box is perfect for anyone interested in green living and testing out brands/ products you may have never heard of.

Disclaimer: I was sent boxes for reviewing purposes for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

About Kloverbox

Kloverbox is an expertly curated monthly subscription box. We help you incorporate safe and effective products into every aspect of your life. Discover organic, natural and cruelty-free beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home brands. Choose a Monthly Subscription, a Three Month Subscription or a Six Month one-time purchase.

My Customer Service Experience

My interaction with Lora from Kloverbox has been very pleasant and she has been extremely patience with the timeframe of this review. She replies in a timely manner and very professional. I feel very comfortable contacting Kloverbox.

The Website

The website is very clean and easy to navigate. The logo is a cute clover which obviously goes with their clever name. The tabs are straight forward which eliminates any confusion. The website is very appealing and gives the natural feel you want in green living.

The Boxes

I have received three boxes thus far and every single one of them have been packaged perfectly. I love how each time I checked my mailbox they were a surprise.

  • The boxes have themes that curate products related to the theme.
  • Natural and biodegradable products
  • American made
  • A well balanced product selection
  • Product description and prices are included

Here is an example of what came in the recent boxes: Kloverbox Monthly

September 2016 Box

October 2016 Box

November 2016 Box

My Overall Thoughts on Kloverbox

I love what they pick in each box and how they have themes. This makes sure you have something different each month. I feel they have done a great job with the selection and is a great deal for the quality of products they send.

I love how this is a great way to get started in green living in not only in a beauty standpoint, but lifestyle. You can get introduced to so many things you may not have thought of.

I love how they went Green with their boxes.

Kloverbox has proudly teamed up with ECOENCLOSE  for our boxes!

Your Kloverbox will now be packed using eco-friendly materials in our ongoing effort to support sustainability. The box you are receiving every month is Recyclable, Recycled, Biodegradable, Renewable, Reuseable and Upcycled. Saving our forests has never been easier! EcoEnclose boxes are made from a mix of 95% post-consumer waste and 5% post-industrial waste. Absolutely NO new materials are used in the manufacturing of these ridiculously green shipping cartons. The crinkle paper (filler) is also made out of 100% recycled material.

For only $25 a month you can be sent amazing high quality green products to create a healthier and eco-friendly life. You also have other payment options.

I highly recommend this subscription for anyone who loves green living!


New Development of a 14 Month Old

This month as he nears to 15 months old, Liam has learned to do a few things that we’ve been waiting on. I wanted to document these for future reference. Enjoy!

Pointing with his pointer finger:

This is huge because for awhile he would only “point” with his hand. It has been so cute since he has started pointing with his finger.

Stacking blocks:

He usually would knock down anything I built and although he still knocks things down, he also stacks about 3 blocks at a time now. It is fun playing with blocks with him and seeing his face when he stacks.

Putting my cellphone up to his ear:

Today is did this for the first time. It was so adorable! I was completely surprised!

Signing All Done:

He does not do this on his own but if I ask him, he will do it. I do this at mealtime. 

Taking keys and putting up to the door:

Today as I was editing this post, he took my keys and walked over to the front door and put the keys up to it. He’s growing up so fast! 

Putting hats on his head:

I believe he started this last month. He loves to put on beanies.

Hugging teddy bear:

I also believe this started last month. It is so cute when he picks up Chaucer the Bear and buries his head into him.

Time is flying and his baby-ness is almost gone! Bittersweet. 

The Grieving Stages of a Former Stay at Home Mom

The transition from being home with your child all day, everyday, to working full time without seeing them is not only hard and tiring, but sad. Separation anxiety and missing your child is so strong! The routine goes from always tending to your child to giving them to other people for the whole day without knowing everything that goes on. And that is scary and heartbreaking to an anxious person.

These are the mental stages a mother can go through when transitioning into a working mom:

1: The First Day

This is surprisingly not the hardest day. However, your child will be on your mind all day and when they cry when you pick them up makes you sad. You do get somewhat distracted by the new job.

2: The First Night

You dread having to go back and cry because you will miss them so much.

3: The Second Day

This is hardest day because you know how the day will feel and your child is still confused why they are being left even if though they are distracted by the toys when you drop them off.

4: The First Full Week

The last day of the week your child is done being there. You may see more crying than the first day. It will make you cry in the bathroom before you start work.

5: The Second Week

You feel a lot better this week and can focus on your job. Your child has adapted fairly well to the routine. There are little tears now and then, but a lot of progress has been made for both parties.

6: The Constant Reminder That You Don’t See Everything Anymore

You have to accept that you no longer get to see everything your child learns or does for the first time or see their development first hand. This makes you sad.

7: Acceptance

You are confident in his caregivers and know that at this time you are doing what is best for your family. You know your child is learning a lot, gaining social skills, and having fun. Someday you will be able to be home with your child/children again and in the meantime enjoy life.


A Mother’s Pumpkin Patch Reflections

This year during our family time at the Thomasson Family Farm I was thrown into a whirl wind of emotions and memories of the past year. We came to this very same farm last year when Liam was almost 2 months old. I remember seeing all of the activities he would be able to do once he got older. This year I experienced joy as our little boy enjoyed himself on the farm. As cliche as it sounds, this past year has gone by way too fast!

Pumpkin Patch Fun a Year Later

Pumpkin Patch 2015 and 2016


Reflecting over the year I think of all of the challenging and amazing moments as a mother.

  • I remember the long, tiresome nights with tears and hair pulling.
  • I remember the snuggles in bed.
  • I remember the first time Liam crawled.
  • I remember the first time he said momma.
  • I remember the insecurities and the guilt for dreading the nights or the feedings.
  • I remember all of the family moments going on adventures and creating memories.

This time last year I carried Liam around in his carrier. I breastfeed in the Corn Maze. He did so well! This year he is a big boy and walking around exploring with family, riding in his new stroller, and loving his little tiny pumpkin that daddy found for him. Life goes on and you better keep up!

Going to the same place around the same time a year later brought all of these emotions and memories. I am excited to see more pictures like this in the future. He grows and learns so fast! Please slow down.


Small Business Shoutout Series: Green Beauty Cosmetics Review

Today I bring you Green Beauty Cosmetics. I have been a huge fan for years and the first time I used Mati’s products I knew I would be coming back. The quality and effectiveness are the reasons you will want to repurchase!

Disclaimer: Some products mentioned in this review were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the products.

I also want to note that some of these are sample sizes and do not depict the actual size of the products.

Green Beauty Cosmetics Mission

This small business is ran by Mati Fuller, a women who believes you can achieve your cosmetics desires without compromising your health. Her mission is to make women feel better about themselves by creating products that fights aging and brings out the natural beauty.

Mati’s shop is the definition of ageless beauty!

Shop disclaimer:

Since none of the Green Beauty Cosmetics products have been tested on animals, I assume no liability for any kind of allergic reaction, eruption or any other damages that the products may potentially cause, including (but not limited to) loss of wages, revenues or business, or disappointed expectations of any kind. The customer must agree, before buying the products, that if they are not happy with them, the only solution shall be that they stop using the products. If, however, an allergic reaction or eruption should occur, a full refund for the cost of the products will be given as the only form of compensation.
No other form of compensation will be given. -Green Beauty Cosmetics

About Mati!

I was born and raised in Bergen, Norway and came to the USA in 1985. I have worked for myself most of my adult life, and I always have at least 3-4 projects going on at the same time because there is just so little time and soooo many cool ideas to create! I have a 2 highly spirited indigo kids and 4 gorgeous, snugly cats.

I live in a tiny town in the mountains of Colorado, and I love the silence – it is such a source of inspiration for me because everything is so beautiful and majestic here. It makes me feel like I’m an important part of something so much bigger than myself!

I’m alive, which to me is the most exciting thing, ever! Every day is a new day, with new possibilities and new potential!!! So, when I first open my eyes in the morning, I ask myself, what shall I create today? And, as soon as fresh ideas start coming, I can’t wait to jump out of bed and get started! I just love being alive!!! -Mati

Where can you find Green Beauty Cosmetics?

Site: http://www.greenbeautycosmetics.com/

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenBeautyCosmetics

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenBeautyCosmetics/?fref=ts

My Experience with Green Beauty Cosmetics

Every single encounter I have had with Mati have been pleasant and helpful. She is quick to respond and always professional. She seems to me to be a very kind and passionate person. She takes her job seriously and every product I have purchased have been in great condition and the packaging always clean. I have never had a problem.

Dealing with women on a regular basis, I have discovered that most of us feel bad about how we look. We don’t love ourselves enough, which is sad. But, perhaps this can be changed. Perhaps, natural skincare can become the perfect excuse to love yourself…-Mati

Products sent for this review

The Mineral Face Balm


This product is a great if you are looking for hydration, protection from the elements(sun, wind, snow) and safe ingredients. This product is not a foundation and is not intended to cover.

What is advertised for The Mineral Face Balm and did it work for me?

  •  Rubs in easily and feels creamy and moisturizing on the skin.
    • This is very easy to rub in and it is so creamy and mosturizing. It continues to moisturize all day. 
  • The face balm is an oily cream that feels good on dry or sensitive skin
    • I now have very dry skin ever since my pregnancy in 2015 so this product truly brings life to my face and keeps the flakes away.
  • The color nicely blends into light skin and leaves no whiteness
    • This does not cover my redness completely but does help even out the skin tone with the touch of color it does have. It brings a beautiful glow to the face.
  • Contains 11.6% micronized zinc oxide and 11.6% micronized titanium dioxide (NO nano particles)
    • I love this feature beacuse that means no white in photos and safe!
  • Reflects both UVB and UVA rays away from the skin
    • I have not gotten sun burned!
  • Contains oils that naturally absorb radiation, such as sesame oil, avocado oil and organic coconut oil
    • These are amazing oils and so healthy for your skin.
  • Smells good, feels good and keeps your skin looking beautiful
    • This great for those who do not like strong smells. I like that I cannot smell much because sometimes the smells can be too much.
  • Pocket size – take it with you and apply it anytime!
    • The size is great and fits perfectly in my purse.
  • A little bit goes a long way!
    • This is very true!

Ingredients: avocado oil, sesame oil, cocoa butter, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, iron oxides, kaolin clay, vitamin E, vanilla

This is a very nice product to use if you need a quick pick me up. I love how easy and smooth the application is. I use my fingers to blend it into my skin and add a little more on my red areas. It brings a beautiful glow to the skin and keeps it feel so moist and plump!

Eye Brightener  


If you are looking for a product that brings a beautiful glow to your face, this is the product! It is a lovely addition to my makeup collection.

What is advertised for Eye Brightener and did it work for me?

  • Brightens the eye area
    • This brings a lovely glow that will have you look in the mirror over and over
  • Evens out skin tone
    • My experience with this is that it does help bring a slight color to the skin 
  • Titanium dioxide reflects light away from fine lines and wrinkles
    • I do see an improvement when I use this!
  • Titanium dioxide provides sun protection close to the eye
    • I have never had any problems with the sun in this area but it is great to be protected
  • Oil free and fragrance free
    • I love that it does not have a smell
  • Doesn’t dissolve your mascara
    • This does not do anything to my mascara
  • Highly moisturizing
    • This is amazing!
  • Doesn’t look pasty in daylight
    • This is very true and continues to look great all day
  • Made to match the natural tinted moisturizers
    • It also goes well with the face balm
  • Works well as an eye makeup primer
    • This is great for that

Ingredients: glycerin, oat starch, plant based emulsifiers, shea butter, rosewater, geogard ultra preservative, licorice root extract, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, guar gum

The best thing about this product is the beautiful glow it gives you.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum


What is advertised: The hyaluronic acid moisturizer serum is so light it just melts into the skin and leaves it silky smooth and deliciously moisturized. It is made to penetrate deep into the skin to increase water levels, plump up the skin cells and make the appearance of fine lines less visible. If you only want to use ONE product, this would be the one!

What I love about this product:

  • This works very well at moisturizing the skin.
  • It does make the skin silky!
  • A little goes a long way.

What I do not like about the product: The only downfall in my opinion is the strong smell it has to me. It may not be that way for all. I cannot pin point the exact smell and it does smell nice, however very strong smell that lasts for awhile. With that being said I use this at night to minimize how long I smell it.

Ingredients: water and Abyssinian oil, rosewater and vegetable glycerin, corn starch and hibiscus flower extract, fermented sea kelp and hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and macadamia seed oil, soybean oil and grapeseed oil, soybean lecithin and beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter, rosehip seed and tamanu oil, olive squalane and vitamin E and vanilla, geranium and xanthan gum and carrot seed oil, plant based emulsifiers, geogard ultra preservative and yogurt

Lavender Body Lotion


What is advertised: Made with rich oils and butters, the lavender lotion is a good choice for dry or mature skin types. Because this is a slightly thicker lotion, more like a thick cream, it is also excellent as a hand cream or a face cream. The natural body lotion is softly scented with vanilla, lavender and rose geranium essential oils which are all beneficial for dry skin conditions.

What I love about this product:

  • It makes my skin very soft.
  • It smells good but not a strong smell.
  • Keeps my face moisturized all day!
  • Gives my skin a nice glow.
  • I love using this on my face because it gives it extra moisture during the winter.

Ingredients: water and plant based emulsifier, soybean oil and coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, cocoa butter and vegetable glycerin, lecithin and honey, chamomile and green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and palm stearic acid, geogard ultra and kaolin, hydrolyzed oat and yogurt powder, vitamin E and vanilla oil, rose geranium oil and lavender, xanthan gum

Cream Blush/Lipstick in Rose


What is advertised for this product: This cream blush is made for women who want a blush that looks sheer, translucent and natural. The cream blush blends in easily and leaves the face with a subtle and healthy glow. The blush colors even match the colors of the lip tints, for a more complete and harmonious look. Yes, it has to be re-applied once in a while, but it looks so sheer and natural that it is worth the effort of an occasional touch up.

What I love about this product:

  • It does not stick to the spot you first rubbed it on so it blends very nicely.
  • It does give you a nice natural glow and you can build it up to your desired look.
  • It smells nice.
  • It gives your lips a beautiful natural tone.

Ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, soybean oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, mica, stevia leaf, tocopherol, kaolin clay

Other Products I have Purchased in the Past

  • Oatmeal Face Scrub:
    • This is in powder form and you mix this with water or cleanser and feels great on the skin.
  • Tinted Moisturizer:
    • This was one of my first I have tried as a sample and then purchased full size later. I love this better than the foundation because it gives enough color to even the skin tone yet gives a beautiful glow!
  • Mineral Foundation:
    • The difference between this and the tinted moisturizer is that it is matte and has a little more coverage.It is so smooth and leaves the skin looking fresh! I love this and is great for a more put together look. I will say it is not like traditional foundations because this is a natural foundation after all.
  • Natural Lip Balm:
    • One of my favorites because it gives you a great glow look and this looks great over the lip tints. They smell great and last a long time. You usually have a coupon with every purchase for a free lip balm.

Overall Green Beauty Cosmetics is an amazing alternative to name brand cosmetics because as stated before you can achieve your makeup or skincare desires without compromising your health. It can take some time to adjust to natural or safe cosmetics but in the long run your skin and health will thank you. I am happy to bring you this wonderful shop.