What is Love at First Kick?

Love at First Kick is a place for inspiration, hope, and creativity. Founded in 2015 by Kristina Stone, a mother who writes about her experience as a new stay-at-mom, originally started as pregnancy updates and baby milestones for her family and friends, then transformed into a resource site for those seeking reviews on Greener products, brands, or services any mother would search for while learning the ropes of Motherhood. This site is for those who enjoy supporting small/independent business brands that offer greener alternatives to cosmetics, household products, lifestyle, or anything that will help a mother take care of herself and her family. Many posts may include big business or perhaps products, brands, or services that are not marketed as green because quite frankly, life is about balance.
Along side that, Kristina adds her blog insight into those categories to create a relationship with her readers and show her experiences of Motherhood and Homemaker.
She hopes to bring some positive light to your day and will leave this site feeling encouraged, entertained, and enriched.

Who is Kristina Stone?

Hello, I am Kristina Stone. I have always had a passion for writing. I had all sorts of journals growing up. I would write about my day or write about how I felt. In 2010, I started a beauty blog. That was the first time digging into the blogging world. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and have spent the last six years living in many different states with my husband: Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina.
Throughout that time we have experienced many wonderful and some not so wonderful things that we have learned from. We are currently residing in my home state of Washington with our son Liam. I post on my Instagram account little tidbits of my life with them. Be sure to check out my Pinterest, to see the types of things that I’m into and to take advantage of my web-exploration.
My life consists of many ups and downs that shape me as a mother and I try to make sure that I end up as the mother I want to be. I hope this site, will bring some inspiration, hope, and just plain ol’ fun to your life. I respond to comments so don’t be shy! If you need to get in touch with me Contact Me Here.
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