Earthwise Beauty Facial Serum and Moisturizer Review

A few months ago I received some wonderful skincare by Earthwise Beauty during the OBL Club giveaway by @organicbeautylover on Instagram.

Earthwise Beauty is an amazing small business that is certified cruelty free by Logical Harmony, PETA, and Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. They pride themselves in their commitment of protecting animals and our environment.

Earthwise Beauty had never tested on animals and carefully choose suppliers that do not test on animals.

Most of their products are vegan, however in a case where a product does contain animal by products; “the only animal product we use is carefully sourced, organic, humanely harvested raw honey and wildflower pollen. We have gone to great lengths to vet and hand-select a few small suppliers for our honey and pollen who love what they do and treat their bees with care and respect.

For more info on Earthwise Beauty and Ava, the founder, visit their About.

I highly recommend you visiting their Instagram, @earthwisebeauty to gain more understanding of their brand and the behind of scenes of product development and care.

Ava is very active with their social media platforms and is very sweet and informative. Tell her Kristina from @kaystonebeauty sent you.

My Experience

Earthwise Beauty has very recently changed their packaging to a sleek, black and gold look. Check it out on their sites! Below is the old packaging.

Formally, Carrot-a-Day Face and Eye Serum, now Resiliency Face Serum

What is advertised:

Anti Aging


Heals and reduces acne

Reduces fine wrinkles

Lifts and forms the skin

Fades brown spots and lightens the skin

Natural sun block


This facial and eye serum has an interesting smell. It does have a carrot smell like you would imagine. I actually like the smell and it will linger awhile on the face.

I have great results with this serum. My skin is soft and the texture of my skin is so smooth after using this product. It seems to give my skin a youthful glow!

As mentioned in my video review at the end of this written review, it does feel tight on the skin for a bit, however goes away. My skin does not feel dry or irritated though.

This serum absorbs quickly and is not oily rather watery and smooth.

Lastly, this serum works nicely under my eyes and seems to smooth the lines nicely.

Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer

What is advertised:

Deeply hydrating and nourishing


Evens tone

Improves the appearance of brown spots and scars

This Liquid Moisturizer is a beautiful color and the smell is light and sweet. This is advertised as a lightweight Moisturizer. Do not let the description fool you. This gives deep moisturization, however feels light. It is a lightweight feel, but is slightly thicker than a serum.

This has given my skin a beautiful smooth finish aswell as given my dry skin a plump and balanced texture! This works well under makeup.

This Moisturizer absorbs quickly, however still brings long lasting results throughout the day.

Nap in the Meadow

What is advertised:

Deep hydration

Strong anti-inflammatory




Tissue repair

Sun damage repair

It is no secret that this is my favorite of the three once I looked into the benefits! Nap in the Meadow has transformed my slightly red and dry skin. Whenever I use this, any redness I have will disappear and give mean amazing even complexion. My skin is extremely soft.

This works well under makeup and even by itself!

The smell is something to get use to and lingers a bit, however once I got use to it, it does not bother me.


Overall, I recommend all three to those who seek products that help with redness, aging, drying skin. These have given my skin balance and hydration. I feel my lines look softer and my texture smoother. A perfect way to create a great canvas for makeup. Give them a try!

Thank you Earthwise Beauty for the giveaway and creating wonderful products that are not only safe for me, but also animals and our environment.

For more information on how to keep these products fresh, click HERE to be directed to their website.

For more information on their commitment to sustainability, click HERE.

For more information Philanthropy and SeaLegacy and their program The Tide, click HERE.

If you support Earthwise Beauty, you will also support The Tide, “an organization founded and headed by two renowned nature photographers and activists, Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier. Their mission is two-fold, to work on increasing the awareness of the state of our ocean ecosystems by presenting the world with informative and stunningly beautiful photographs of the earth’s nature wonders alongside with easy to grasp bits of information on the state of the particular ecosystems and the steps that are needed to protect them, and to form alliances with other likeminded nature conservation organizations.”

You can also go HERE to support The Tide.

My passion is to present to you small business that support greener life and sustainability. Earthwise Beauty is a trusted business who has a huge heart for all living things. I hope you take a look at their website.

Video Review

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