A Mother’s Day of Reflection

This Mother’s Day I reflect the person I have become and the person I want to become. Motherhood has helped me open my mind to many things and work on the flaws that keep showing its ugly face.

I generally want to post positive things on here to bring light during the tough times, however this year’s Mother’s Day I reflect on all of the ways I have failed. This is not to be negative but to bring myself awareness and show how I can do better.

My number one flaw is patience. I seem to be quick to anger or frustration when things feel out of control and overwhelming. I have learned to avoid those situations with distractions such as going to the park or playing with toys. Situations have presented themselves a lot more lately since Liam turned two. This is the season of tantrums, clinginess, and emotions. As a stay at home mom who also needs alone time to rejuvenate, I get to see every emotion and every no. As much as I want to say that I have a good grasp of this season of parenthood, I have not handled this phase very well.

Lately I have been putting more effort into remaining calm during the screams and uncooperative behavior. We have learned what works best to teach him consequences.

The positive thing about this season is that he is talking so much now. We can understand him easier and he uses many more words. This has helped during those hard situations by talking out what is going on.

Motherhood is a series of seasons. Some seasons are a calm and cooperative sea. Others are the stormy and waves that crash so much emotions on all parties.

Remember to forgive yourself. Remember to learn. Remember it wont last forever.


Mothers day pic


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