It is the Little Moments that Keep Us Going

Written June 14, 2016 in a different stage and circumstance of our life.

Life is hard and a roller coaster of ups and downs! There are some times that are so overwhelming it can paralyze your mind. However, in order to live a positive life you must focus on the little things in life. Those moments that create warmth in your heart. Those moments that keep you going throughout the day.

It is the giggles from baby as you stare at him through a mirror.

It is the family cuddles Sunday morning.

It is the discovering the new things your baby has learned.

It is the one on one time with your spouse playing a game.

It is the sound of rain outside your window.

It is the moment when your spouse thinks of you and brings home a little snack or beverage surprise.

It is the smile on your spouse’s face when they feel loved.

It is the family outings.

It is the moment when a stranger pays for your bottled water.

It is the quiet moments as your family is asleep as you recall all of the blessings you have.

It is smile your baby gives you when you come in the room.

It is the nursing sessions that bring happiness and love.

It is the moments when you succeed at something you work so hard at.

It is the sunset you see.

It is the thoughtful messages you get from far away friends or family.

It is the congratulations on the life events.

It is the peaceful moments as you can rest when your baby rests.

It is the appreciation for all the things people have done for you.

It is the moments when you can admire the beauty of nature.

It is the drive to an exciting adventure.

It is the dreams you have.

It is relaxing on a hot summer’s day.

It is the moment when you celebrate someone else’s accomplishment.

Find those little moments and breathe in the life those moments give you. Often times we fall into a rut and stay in the negatives of life. We are faced with so many hardships, sad news, or failed goals, but do not let those moments bring you down a path that creates hopelessness or depression.

Look for the little moments.

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