Imprinted on the Heart

In the midst of chaos and utter failures that creep into my mind, sometimes a simple thing will remind me that the storms will pass, growth will happen, lessons will be learned, and the next struggle of parenthood will be less difficult.

Children teach you the hardest lessons in life. They teach you to let go of your high expectations that are seemly impossible and rather too much to ask for in a small human that is still learning. They teach you that you can achieve things without juggling the to do lists, stressing over Mom guilt, or perfection.

Sometimes as a homemaker or stay at home mom, you learn what you are horrible at and how much you need to grow in order to truly thrive as a mother. Sometimes you simply feel like you are surviving as a mother instead of thriving.

When you get stuck in the spiraling chaos that is your own mind, your household is effected. It is not intentional however, a homemaker is a job you do not know how it is until you do it. It breaks away your comfort zone, it creates doubts, and it can bring forth many issues if you do not stop and pray, and create an environment that both your children, husband, and yourself can thrive.

That is a large task! If you go into it in the wrong mindset, you will fail and get frustrated. If you let go of everything, start over, organize your day, and work on yourself, you will create an environment that helps all.

In the middle of the hard times like a growing toddler who is learning how to communicate and handle their emotions, it can really take a toll on your thriving environment and attitude.

But a little reminder such as a adorable, chalk handprint on your sofa can bring you back to the important things in life and help you create a game plan during the tough times.

Take care of yourself and breathe. Let God take some of the burden. It is simple as that. He will bring clarity.

If you are in the trenches of toddlerhood I am with you and may this period of time bring growth and forgiveness within ourselves.

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