Liam’s Two and a Half Year Update

The trying two’s have reared it’s ugly head these past few months. Liam has learned many new things and many new words since his second birthday.





  • What has changed the most in the past six months is Liam’s ability to tell us what he wants. Although, many times we may not understand what he is saying, it is able to communicate very well now.
  • He is still a bit shy around those who he does not know, however he will still talk to other kids he may see at the park or adults that he meets.
  • He uses his manners and smiles to those who talk to him.
  • When talked to by an adult, he will respond with sentences, even if they are not understood well.
  • He is a bit rough while he plays with others however does show compassion if he truly understands they are hurt or if he may have done something to them. He does shy away from apologizing at times.



  • Liam can now talk in sentences.
  • He tells us how he feels. For an example: “That hurt my body”. “I want(insert want) please”. “I want to go outside”. Simple things like that.
  • He is able to recall past experiences for an example ” nana and papa ride on airplane” referring to the fact they left for VA after Christmas.
  • He no longer uses signsto communicate.
  • He knows all of his family’s names that he is around.
  • He knows his age and his mom and dad’s.

Cognitive Skills


  • Liam has a great memory and can remember how we did something the last time we did it. For an example; if we played with play dough and he wanted me to build a trolley from Daniel Tiger, he will remember exactly how I made it when we go to play with play dough again.
  • Liam is able to recognize a pair and say two without having to count, one two.
  • Liam loves a few educational series on Amazon and he is able to soak that information up easily. Just in a few days he is able to count with a few teen numbers.
  • He tends to use words in his own way even if corrected. For an example; he can say say small words like cup correctly but a larger word he will mess it up like helicopter. if I try to break down the word, like copter, he is able to say it mostly right, but all together has a hard time.
  • Liam remembers the strangest things. For an example when visiting family in Oregon, he noticed his great uncle leaving in a yellow car. When we got home, a car was mentioned and he starting talking about the yellow car leaving.
  • He still knows his shapes. He will recognize shapes and point them out in everything.
  • He knows all of the basic colors.
  • He can count to 12 without messing up. He tries to count in the teens and knows a few like 17 18 19.
  • He is able to do a small floor puzzle by finding pieces of the animals; with help.


Fine Motor Skills

  • Liam has great balance and is now being more bold by trying more challenge things.
  • He can climb children rock climbing stairs.
  • He is able to balance on things such an arm of a chair, walking alongside a playground wall, or on play equipment.
  • He is able to use a spoon and fork easier.
  • He is able to use a normal cup without spilling, a lot of the time.
  • He can take off his clothes.



  • Liam has been using his imagination so much these past months.
  • He loves playing “house”: playing under the blanket in our room.
  • He loves painting and creating things he has seen before like the sun or waterfall.
  • He likes to draw or imagine people he knows in his artwork.
  • Liam enjoys outside time and going to the park.
  • He likes to role play with his animals or stuffed animals.
  • We pretend there are monsters and run and hide, but also pretend they are nice.
  • Liam loves cars, firetrucks, trucks, and airplanes.
  • He is obsessed with monster trucks.
  • Lately he likes to pretend to be a baby.
  • Books are not grabbed as often during the day, but loves reading at bedtime.



  • He still hates getting his diaper changed, but refuses to learn to use the potty most times.
  • He does not like the idea of going to bed.
  • He does not like trying new foods.
  • He doesn’t like to have to sit for a long period of time like a car trip or stroller ride.

New Behaviors

  • No is a huge word lastly of course.
  • Liam is now liking to use the negative attention during the day because we are starting to get a bit bored this winter. I became a stay at home mom again back in October.
  • Liam doesn’t like to talk when he wakes up from nap and I have learned that the hard way. He is grumpy and I have learned to snuggle and snack right when he gets up and he has less issues.
  • He is his usual silly self. When playing with other kids, he likes to tell them what not to do or what to do in his best way. For an example, when playing with his cousin Aria, he will tell her no or tell her what toy he wanted.
  • He will try more challenging things on the playground like the tire swing.
  • He is talking a lot more now.
  • If he knows he has hurt his mom or dad, he will say sorry.
  • When told what to do, he will say “okay momma”.
  • We still share a room because of our situation and about four months ago he started sleeping on our bed rather than his.
  • He no longer cries at bedtime. For a period of time when putting him down he would cry for a little while or go down fine but end up crying for whatever reason. He has no sleeping issues right now!
  • He is now in 24 months and fits many 2t’s.

Potty Training

This is a very slow process for us. He is not interested. However, lately if I catch him pooping, if I ask him if he wants to use the big toilet, he says yes and finishes on the toilet.

I have tried asking him to go or putting him on the toilet often throughout the day, but he fights it hard.

I have tried putting on fun underwear and reminding him to tell me if he needs to pee or poo. That was not successful after a couple of days.

I have not been consistent because he makes it a very negative experience.

The little candies have been helping. He sometimes will ask to go. I am letting him lead it for a couple of months and then I will try again with more putting him on the potty. We sing Daniel Tiger songs, he watches shows with potty’s, and books are read. Fingers crossed that he will finally want to go.

These are just a few things I can think of  that Liam has learned over the past six months. He has grown so much already and communicates so much. He is so fun to play with and a joy seeing him pretend. The months are quick. Soon he will be three before we know it!





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