New Development of a 14 Month Old

This month as he nears to 15 months old, Liam has learned to do a few things that we’ve been waiting on. I wanted to document these for future reference. Enjoy!

Pointing with his pointer finger:

This is huge because for awhile he would only “point” with his hand. It has been so cute since he has started pointing with his finger.

Stacking blocks:

He usually would knock down anything I built and although he still knocks things down, he also stacks about 3 blocks at a time now. It is fun playing with blocks with him and seeing his face when he stacks.

Putting my cellphone up to his ear:

Today is did this for the first time. It was so adorable! I was completely surprised!

Signing All Done:

He does not do this on his own but if I ask him, he will do it. I do this at mealtime. 

Taking keys and putting up to the door:

Today as I was editing this post, he took my keys and walked over to the front door and put the keys up to it. He’s growing up so fast! 

Putting hats on his head:

I believe he started this last month. He loves to put on beanies.

Hugging teddy bear:

I also believe this started last month. It is so cute when he picks up Chaucer the Bear and buries his head into him.

Time is flying and his baby-ness is almost gone! Bittersweet. 

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