Liam is One and A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party

As I reflect over the past year, I feel so blessed to have this little guy. I feel blessed for his health, his personality, and blessed to have his father/ my husband Ben by my side. The past year has been a learning experience of going with the flow and transforming into a mother. It is transitioning to not only from being a wife, but caring for another who needs me more. Being a mother has many challenges and you have to adjust to a new life, a new way of thinking, and a new way of approaching things. It is appreciating your life even during the darkest moments in the middle of the night. It is being happy even when your little one is not. Being a mother has its joys and proud moments. When you see your child learn something new for the first time is the best feeling in the world. The cuddles and the kisses. The laughter and the smiles. The soft skin and little toes. The silliness and the goofiness. It is the little things that make the day amazing. The quiet moments that create the bond. My life the past year has changed so much and I am so happy to have this little family of mine.

Liam at Birth and Now

Birth-First Birthday.jpg

What I have learned this past year

  1. I am stronger than I thought.
  2. Patience does not come naturally to me, however this past year has shown me I MUST work harder to have it.
  3. The motherly instinct does kick in when you have your child.
  4. Babies do not get spoiled, they are loved.
  5. Babies will sleep however they like no matter what you do.
  6. The bond or love you have for your child is stronger than any other love.
  7. Motherhood is a crazy ride of emotions that brings out the worse in you if you let it, but brings out the best in you to.
  8. Having a life to take care of is the scariest thing and you try not to think about the possibilities.
  9. You will worry about your child for the rest of your life.
  10. I have never been more proud of myself because taking care of a child is hard, amazing, and confusing at times!
  11. Making it a habit to not look things up on the internet and just go with your gut.
  12. Listen to my husband because he is smart and is usually right.
  13. Balance is key to surviving life.
  14. Hardships make you better if you let it.
  15. Children are in awe of you and watch your every move!


Liam’s Development This Past Month



  • Liam is a full time walker now. He does occasionally crawl, but it up running around exploring!
  • He does fall all the time, however has pretty good balance.


  • His two top teeth finally cut through this past month.
  • He has been cranky because of the teething.
  • He had some rough times crying because of teething pain.


  • He loves to walk all over the place and find rocks, shoes, cords, or anything that he should not put in his mouth.
  • He crawls under things and hide.

Listening to Mommy and Daddy

  • Liam does a good job most of the time listening to a command or when being corrected.
  • Liam does have more of a tantrum moment when he does not want to leave something or when I have to take something away he should not have. But it only lasts a few seconds.


  • He is usually a very happy guy and will make silly faces.
  • He is so sweet and also can be a crazy monster to; as in growl and whack you for fun.
  • He is adorable when he sees Mittens the cat or his cousin Aria. He makes the cutest sound when they are in sight.
  • He dances to music and loves it when we sing.
  • He hums to himself often especially when he is tired.
  • He cuddles a little more now, but is usually on the go.
  • He is getting a little attitude when being corrected, however is quickly gone when I distract him.
  • He is so silly per usual and will make the funniest noises or faces.


  • He still does not sleep through the night!
  • Most nights he is up about 2-3 times.
  • He is up about 1-2 times before 12am and then usually wakes maybe once after and then up between 6-8.
  • He still nurses at night.
  • He takes really great naps that are usually about two hours. He takes 1-2 naps a day depending on the day.


  • We still breastfeed. I use to use an app called Baby Feed that currently says I have been nursing on the left side for 1050:35:05 so that just shows how long I have not been using it to track the feedings and left on the tracker since July 11th. I do not know how long he goes between feedings anymore. I nurse on demand and he does nurse less.
  • I do not know when we will officially stop breastfeeding, but I will be slowly weaning him.
  • We just introduced a sippy cup to him a few days ago with water and I am going to start giving him cow’s milk soon. A large part of me is sad and does not want to transition him, but it will be nice to have my body back.


  • Liam learned to clap this month! He finally mimicked me when singing If You’re Happy and You Know It.
  • He also started to stomp his feet during the song to!
  • He also waves, but does not always do it on demand.
  • He follows directions sometimes. He “gave” food to Paw Paw during FaceTime when he asked him to.

Things that interested Liam this month

  • When walking outside Liam loves to touch rocks.
  • Liam prefers to walk on the sidewalk or rocks rather the grass.
  • He loves to play in the dirt and feels around with his hands.
  • When he feels something crackle or make noise on the ground while he is walking, he stomps on it repeatedly.


  • He has not been to his one year appointment yet, but I will edit his size and weight here.
  • He may be growing out of his size 4 diapers because he leaks at night again.
  • He is in size 12 months clothes. He can fit into his 9 months, but I use 12 months.


Liam’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party

Decorations and Food

Family and Friends

Opening Presents

Special Present from Grammie and Grandpa McPhail

This is the rocking chair I got on my first birthday party. My parents put it back together for Liam! The padding is new and is so soft. Thank you again, mom and dad!

Eating cake

A special thank you for all of those who helped, hung out, and made Liam’s First Birthday fun and memorable!

Gifts from Nana and Paw Paw Stone & Uncle Bert and Spencer

They sent two packages of gifts full of 18 months clothes, toys, and a Olive Garden gift card for mom and dad. The note said, “For surviving your first year” haha.


This whole year has been a fun ride as well as a learning experience that will keep on going. Thank you to all who have helped us throughout the year and made Liam happy. We love you all!



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