Teething the Second Time Around

Teething the second time around is like hitting your funny bone again, on the same exact spot. It hurts more and you are Mr. Jackel and Hyde.

That is how teething for Liam has been the second time around. The symptoms are the same, yet enhanced. Liam will go from all smiles to a crying mess within seconds. He has more crying fits that are longer and needs more physical interaction with me. Nursing is more often in small intervals.

The interesting thing this time around is that he actually sleeps better than he has been in a while!

Here are some of my tips that have helped us through this difficult time: 


  • Nursing always helps when Liam is crying and cannot calm down.
  • The Nuby Teething Keys that have been in the freezer help a lot.
  • We use Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets-these take a bit to kick in, but does the trick.
  • Distractions help a lot.
  • Taking him out of the house for walks or another environment besides the house helps!
  • Night times are when it is worse, right before bed or after his nap, so have your teething aids ready beforehand, like teething rings in freezer a few hours before.
  • He likes to chew on textured toys.

Symptoms that he was teething again:


His two top teeth are cutting

  • Excessive drooling is the first to show
  • Eating his hands and always having something in his mouth
  • Very moody going from happy to upset in seconds
  • Grumpy
  • Sensitive
  • Has a hard time going down for bed
  • does not listen has well as he once did when correcting him

Common things that we did not experience:

  • not sleeping well
  • fevers

When did he start teething again?

Ten months old and has been trying to pop these teeth for weeks but less than a month

What are some things you use to help during teething?




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