Milestones at 11 Months Old

This past week Liam has shown us two things that are new to his development! He surprises us every time. He puts smiles on our face and reminds me that he is not a baby anymore. He is transforming into a toddler!


Liam starting waving last week. It is not always on cue. It usually happens when he is playing or sitting. He will mimic sometimes. It was so adorable when he did it for the first time. He is catching onto things so fast now!

Following directions

The other day, Liam, Ben and I were on FaceTime with Ben’s parents. While Nana and Papa were talking with Liam as he ate sitting in his highchair, I believe it was Papa who asked Liam if he could share. Liam held up what he was holding up to the phone. It was so sweet and shocked us all. He is doing little things like this now and it is amazing watching your child develop.

He makes us smile all the time by how smart he is and the new things he does. Can you believe he will be ONE in just nine days?! I sure cannot.

What are some new things your child has done recently?



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