A Silly 11 Month Old

*Mom confession: I look like I remember everything my son did or does, however I cheat and look at past Facebook posts to remember everything. Life HACK. You are welcome.

This past month has been so fun! Liam has been practicing walking and has now been able to walk about 80% of the time. It baffles me how fast these months go. It is said every month but it continues to surprise me! What has Liam been up to?

Developments This Month



  • Around July 8th, Liam was being more bold on walking unassisted. It started with just two or three steps and then he would fall on his butt.
  • He is walking a lot lately! -July 15th 2016

  • Liam is walking all over the place now! He still crawls but walks and walks! – July 20th

  • He now walks most of the time!


He will crawl when he has fallen down from walking. He cannot stand up from sitting, so he still needs to crawl to something to pull himself up to stand so that he can walk. He is almost there!


Liams teeth are making nursing a bit more uncomfortable but I have not gotten bitten yet!

Liam has been fussing this month because little did we know, he will be cutting the TOP two teeth pretty soon! He will have two bottom and top in the coming weeks.


  • Liam LOVES to crawl under things. He recently crawled under his crib, under boxes, chairs, or under anything he thinks he can fit.
  • He loves to climb over/on things!
  • He likes being outside and exploring the grass and all that he thinks he can eat.
  • He explores the house and learns new things all the time. It is really neat to see.

Listening to Mommy and Daddy

  • Liam actually does a really good job at listening. Although I do have to repeat, he will leave an item or area when stating “no no” or “let go”. He recently has developed a permanent monster voice and will use that when I tell him no. It is adorable.
  • He does a good job with listening to Ben as well.
  • He does have a hard time with no when it comes to taking off our glasses or anything to do with us.



By the way, Liam loved the fireworks. I was so nervous and he almost fell asleep before the show started but woke up as soon as the first was lit. He did great!

  • As mentioned before, he uses this adorable monster or dinosaur voice. It is more pronounced when we use “no” or if he does not want to do something.
  • He loves to sing or hum. It is so cute and will also dance.
  • He now acts bashful in the high chair and brings his head to the side and smiles.
  • He is such a goof! He just does the silliest things or makes the silliest noises.
  • He is very loud and likes to shout.
  • He likes to gabber all day and especially when mommy is talking.
  • He is also is quiet and observes.


Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve woken up at 10am! Little man slept in! Hate waking late but I got some sleep!!


I am trying something new tonight. I left Chaucer the Bear in his crib after he fell asleep. Liam loves him and is always happy around him. I am hoping he will soothe Liam at night. First time may not work, but I am going to try this for awhile. You never know.

So Liam woke up for the first time tonight after less than an hour. I went over to him, patted his back, put Chaucer the Bear in his arms, patted his back, he ended up laying on him, and he got quiet. I snuck over to look at him after a few seconds and he’s asleep! Score 1 for mommy thus far!

 Update on Chaucer the Bear: Liam didn’t sleep amazingly and the Bear didn’t help him sleep. It seemed to help a little bit I had to rub or pat his back. I did only nurse once. He woke up 3 times before 12 or so and then slept about 6-7 hours? I didn’t look at the time so I wouldn’t get really upset. All in all, wasn’t too bad! I was up late anyways.
  • Sleep has not gotten worse and some days are way better, but Liam still does not sleep through the night.
  • He does cuddle the Bear in bed. I do keep it in there for him.


These night feedings are killer.

  • We are still full time breastfeeding on demand.
  • I do not know when I will wean him.
  • We still night feed because that is what works for us right now.
  • He eat between 2-4 hours.


  • He does really well with solids and eats more!
  • This month I found out he loves fresh honeydew and strawberries.
  • He eats pretty much anything I put in front of him. He may not eat it all, but he will eat. If he does like it, he eats it all.



  • Eating from mommy’s plate.
  • When mommy sings.
  • His reflection.
  • Music.
  • Cords.
  • Eating anything off the ground.
  • Daddy’s teeth or glasses.
  • Fruit.
  • Nursing.
  • Playing chase.
  • Hitting food on his tray.
  • The cat, Mittens and touching her.
  • Playing with his cousin Aria.
  • Hanging out with family.
  • Being outside.
  • Going on walks with the stroller


  • He HATES being changed.
  • Does not like it when I make sure he did not eat something bad off the ground in his mouth.
  • Sudden loud noises.
  • Being confined for too long.
  • Having to sit still for very long.


  • Size 4 Honest Diapers
  • 9 and 12 months clothes.
  • Still no appointment this month so no measurements or weight.

Time is flying by so quickly it is so bizarre. We almost have a one year old! He is such a blessing and joy.




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