Ten Months Old

Liam turned 10 months June 24th. I am a bit behind on this update!

New Developments This Past Month


  • This past month Liam has been practicing walking along side things and holding himself up by pulling on things.
  • He took his FIRST steps this month! 6 to be exact.


  • He continues to crawl more often than walking.



  • Liam stands all day!
  • He will stand in the middle of the room for a while playing with a toy or dancing.
  • He likes to stand in the crib or the playpen.


  • His TEETH finally pop this month, two of them.
  • He likes to bite but I feel is of course is affection. I am currently teaching him to be gentle.
  • He had a hard time with nursing for a few days when they were cutting.


  • He is climbing ALL OVER the place lately. I have to change the “blocked areas” with larger things because he can climb up on things now.


  • This month has been the beginning of the testing phase for sure.
  • Liam gets upset when I say no or try to tell him to stay off of something.
  • There are many times he will obey.



  • He has grown into a silly little guy. He has always been so happy and chill, however is loving to make cute monster voices a lot more lately, and cheesy smiles per usual.
  • He cannot stay in one place for too long. He MUST explore and MUST climb.
  • He has a fascination with Ben’s teeth and loves to put his hand in Ben’s mouth.
  • He still enjoys music and almost always dances.
  • He loves attention! Absolutely loves to be held by family and gives the sweetest smiles to everyone.
  • When he is angry is now will arch his back.
  • He hates being changed either a diaper or his clothes. I feel he just does not want to stay still.
  • He LOVES nursing.
  • He MUST try anything Ben and I are eating if it is safe.


  • This is just no. It has been horrible and the most challenging part about Motherhood/Parenting.
  • He still wakes every 1 1/2-2 hours up until maybe 2am and then I may get 5-7 hours span IF I am not awaken by Ben’s work alarm.
  • He nurses at night still. I am trying to cut down a little. Extremely hard due to our situation.


  • We still nurse on demand.
  • He usually nurses between 2-4 hours depending on the day and what we are doing.
  • I still have NO issues and so blessed and happy about that.
  • I have not see ANY milk decrease since I starting working out and watching what I eat.
  • I only nurse, but may pump some to go on DATES!


  • He is starting to like solids more this month so he eats a lot more.
  • He eats fingers foods like puffs, fruit, fish, avocado, veggies, or whatever we are eating sometimes.
  • He eats about 2-3 solids feedings a day.


  • Kisses
  • When I kiss the inside of his neck.
  • When I sing to him.
  • Chaucer the Bear.
  • His daddy.
  • Mommy because she has food. Okay, fine he loves mommy because of her hair.
  • Petting the cat.
  • Crawling EVERYWHERE.
  • Standing.
  • Dancing.
  • Eating everything off the floor.
  • Shoes.
  • Being at the park and exploring everywhere because he can stand and walk along the stroller.
  • Watching himself on a video.
  • His reflection in the mirror.
  • His grandparents, uncles, and aunties.


  • Letting mommy sleep at night.
  • HATES being changed.
  • Does not like when I say no.
  • Baths do not seem fun for him lately.



  • Size 4 Honest Diapers
  • 9 and 12 months clothes.
  • We did not have an appointment this month so no measurements or weight!
  • We thought he had a lazy eye, but we were put to ease when the doctor did not seem concerned, but referred us if we wanted to see a specialist. I have not made an appointment. His left eye seems to drift or look odd when he is tired or spacing out. Other than that, he is good.

That is all that I can think of this month! A lot is repeat from last month because he is just the same silly little baby boy.


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