Father’s Day is more than a Holiday

This past weekend was a great reminder how much has changed in the past year or so. These holidays are fun to reflect on your life and how blessed you are.

My husband is an amazing father. He has never hung out with a baby on a regular basis prior and was never the type of person that wanted to be around babies. He prefers older children to hang out with. However, over these past months he has done amazingly despite not knowing anything about babies. His natural instincts and his intelligence guide his choices and decisions regarding Liam. I respect the hell out of him even if I fail at showing that sometimes! Parenthood looks good on him.

My husband is more patient than me. He will let Liam steal his glasses and let him pull his beard hairs out.

My husband is more assertive than me. When I tell Liam no or try to sound stern, Liam smiles and laughs because I just sound like mommy. My husband gives me coaching lessons on gentle sternness.

My husband is more silly and playful with Liam. I am the mommy so I love teaching while playing. Daddy is goofing around and amusing Liam.

My husband is more perspective and insightful than I am with many things. He is the one who helps lead the decisions about the important things regarding Liam. I am learning to give all my trust to him.

My husband is more dedicated than I am. If he has a task that he wants to do, he will get it done that day! I like to plan and plan, but a lot of times fail at finishing!

My husband is more of a talk it out person than I am. I like to attack with emotions and he is the level headed problem solver. Although, we both have gone far with improving!

This Father’s Day brought more appreciation for my husband and all that he does. I want to thank his parents for raising a lover not a fighter. A loyal, smart-butt, and silly person.

This Father’s Day is more than just a holiday; it is a revelation.


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