P90X3 Results & Review

This past February, about 6 months post pardum, I finally decided to get off my butt and finally loose the extra weight after my pregnancy. I did not feel ugly or horrible about myself, however I wanted to feel better and fit into more comfortable clothes. I wanted to feel strong again and also have more energy. There are many reasons to want to get active and also start eating healthier. I opened up my Beach Body OnDemand, read about P90X3, and my husband and I took before pictures and measurements. I was ready!

My Results

Before: 148.8
After: 129.8

Before: 37 in
After: 36 in

Before: 33.75 in
After: 27.5 in

Before: 37 in
After: 36.5 in (It is interesting because when I did Piyo I got down to 33, so birth has changed my figure as expected)

Right Thigh-
Before: 22.5 in
After: 20.5

Left Thigh-
Before: 22.75
After: 20.5

Right arm-
Before: 11 in
After: 10.75

Left Arm-
Before: 10.25
After: 10.0


This is the third Beach body Program I have done since becoming a coach. I knew it would push me harder than the others and that was exactly what I wanted! I love the results I got from 21 Day Fix or Piyo, however P90X3 is a program that really shapes your body. Do not get me wrong, the other two mentioned will as well, but the main things I love about P90X3 are:

  • the workouts are only 30 mins, so very dueable especially with kids
  • they work your entire body
  • has weights and chin up bar to help with definition
  • 90 days rather than 60; that way you can get a great run in without having to do two rounds like 21 day fix or Piyo

Tony Horton is hilarious at times but really tries to explain things well and get you motivated to keep going. The other trainers are fun to watch and easy to follow. The modifiers are easy to follow and simple enough to do if a beginner.

The range of workouts are great because there is not too much focus on one type of thing like cardio or weights. It is a well balanced program.

This program is intermediate or advanced depending on which schedule you use. It is best if you have done a full program first. I have done two but it was over a year since I worked out full time and it did kick my butt at first. The schedules just tell you what days to workout and which workout to do that day. I will say that although it is very challenging, it can be done as a beginner, you will need to modify and not stress about catching up for a few weeks.

The meal plan is very similar to any other program from Beach body. It has recipe examples and based on calorie intake.You figure out which range you are in and follow the plan.

Overall, I would tell everyone about this program because it truly gets you lean and fit. It has reasonable timeframe and reachable goals. You can do another round(90 days) and get even better results, especially trying a different schedule.

Beach Body Challenge!

What is the beach body challenge? You do a full beach body program, take your before and after photos, and take your before and after measurements. Once you finished the program, you log into your team beachbody account and put in your info to be put into a drawing to win money! PLUS, you always get a FREE T-shirt of the program you completed! I have a 21 Day Fix t-shirt and a Piyo T-shirt. I just inputted my P90X3 results and will be getting that t-shirt and hopefully be a winner! Check it out here: Beachbody Challenge


If you are interested in trying P90X3 out or want to know MORE, email me at kristinadstone @ gmail . com for more assistance. Emailing me will help you figure out if this is best for you. If you were to purchase on your own, you will be paired up with a random coach. Let me be your coach and sign you up! I would love to help you along the way and keep you accountable, help  with meal planning, and share in your success!

I hope this review was helpful and stay tune for more fitness tips or reviews.



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