Teething Signs Before First Tooth

Thursday,  Liam was acting very fussy and not himself as he has been for a couple weeks now. However, more so than ever. I decided to check his gums again for any teeth. Sure enough there is a small hole that has a little white popping through. Here are the things that told me Liam was going to have a tooth come in soon:

  1. Excessive Drooling

    Liam has not drooled like crazy since about 4 months old or so. The fact that his shirts were starting to soak again was a good sign he was teething.

  2. Fussiness for no real reason

    Liam is usually a very happy baby and smiles 85% of the time. He has been fussy and not himself.

  3. More Clinging

    He has wanted more attention or closeness lately. He usually likes to play on his own for a while.

  4. Putting his hands in his mouth a lot

    Besides the usual wanting to eat everything, he did want his hands in his mouth way more than normal. He did want to bite a lot of things. He also nibbled on me more often.

  5. Refused to nurse

    Liam has never refused to nurse before. This was the last sign before popping a tooth and it was what really made me know for sure that he was teething after all. Teething signs are normal baby things, but when happening at certain times, can be more obvious that it is teething related. We used teething keys that were frozen and was able to nurse shortly after he bit on those for a min or so.

Liam has always had bad sleeping habits so although that is a sign for many other people, it is normal for us.

It is about time that he showed a tooth. He is 9 months old after all! I have been so nervous for this day to come because I am scared that he will bite me during breastfeeding. I hope we do well with that.

What were the signs that your baby gave you that meant he or she was teething or popping a tooth soon?



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