Liam is 9 Months Old

My little baby boy is growing and learning so much! I see more personality growing daily. I love how happy and silly he is. Liam is now 9 months old!

Also, I want to clarify because I even get confused with this, these monthly updates are updates from the past month. This means although the title says 9 months, he did all of this up to 9 months if that makes sense. It is all of the development up to 9 months and what he can do now. So basically updating what he did as a 8 month old, does that make any sense? 

New Developments This Past Month


  • He is very fast now and can get to any place he desires.
  • He does go underneath things.
  • He moves his legs really well to move from all fours to sitting, to all fours, and likes to put his butt up in the air and look under his legs at me.


  • He has always been great at standing. Now he can let go of the side of the bed, coach, or whatever and can stand their longer, up to 5-7 seconds.
  • He now walks along side things faster and more confidently. He even lets go from one thing and lightly throws himself forward to the next, with decent balance.
  • He likes to move up and down or dance while standing.
  • He loves to stand.


  • He talks all day.
  • Dadda and mamma are still the two clear words he says.
  • He loves to squeal or scream for fun.
  • He makes a cute monster voice.


  • He does a really great job with listening to me when I do not want him near something or on something. He does take a few tries, but he eventually crawls away. I do not think he understands what I am saying, but gets what I am after. For an example, I do not like him in the kitchen and I repeat “no kitchen” or “out of the kitchen” usually with his name, and a lot of the times he leaves or moves. I still need to redirect or move him of course.


  • Happy all the time! He enjoys so many things and people interaction.
  • The only things that bring him down is if he is hungry, needs to sleep, or gets hurt. And if he just wants mamma or gets frustrated if I need to move him or take something. Oh, and night time….yeah.
  • He is so silly. He likes to “sing” or make funny noises while smiling at me. I feel he wants a reaction.
  • He will look at me from time to time while playing almost as if he wants a smile from me. Or maybe seeing what I am dong.
  • He is on the go a lot because he has learned he can get somewhere, but he does observe and focus well on one thing. He likes to listen to others and has the cutest focused face that reminds me of his dad.
  • He loves music and happy when I sing songs to him.
  • Liam loves kisses and hugs. He will cuddle, but is not a huge cuddle baby because he wants to be on the move. There are times I can snuggle if he wants to watch a little netflix with me or rest.
  • He gets so happy to see daddy when he gets home from work and is focused on him for awhile.


  • Oh goodness, it is a struggle. We live in a studio at the moment, so we have learned to go with the flow and I have tried many things and he still wakes often throughout the night.
  • However, only recently the last two days, I am working on giving him more solids throughout the day to add calories and we tried music last night, and it seemed to help a lot. He still didn’t sleep all night, but we will keep at it.
  • Naps are great. He goes down without a problem. He may whine a little or cry for a min, but goes to sleep.
  • Nights are a struggle after the first wake up. Sometimes he decides he wants to talk and stay up, or he wont go down unless I nurse.
  • We are working on sleep.


  • It is going strong. He still nurses between 2-4 hours.
  • He still nurses throughout night. I do not mind, but the lack of sleep is killer.
  • I am trying to work on slowly taking the nursing out during the night. Hoping the music and more solids in the day will help. If not, we got this. I am in no rush in anything dealing with breastfeeding changes.
  • I do not have any pain still with breastfeeding. Sometimes he does surprise me and will sleep longer at night so then I will be a little full and it is uncomfortable, but nothing like the early months.
  • I also do not need nursing pads. I will leak a little or a lot if he surprises me at night with sleep. But I do not need it during the day most times.
  • Also, I am in no rush to wean. One year is not the end mark at all.


  • He loves to eat sweet potatoes, bananas, yogurt, or peas.
  • He loves to crawl.
  • Liam loves when I get on my hands and knees and chase him. He will crawl away. He also loves when I go hide and likes to find me.
  • Loves to be outside and is very curious of his surroundings.
  • He is like mamma and loves the natural light coming through the window.
  • He loves to play in the water.
  • His favorite things to put in his mouth is anything with a tag or long piece of fabric.
  • Loves to nurse and just be close at times. We will have a very short sesson just so he can be close.
  • He loves mirrors just like most babies.


  • Night time sleeping
  • He does not like having to stay still during a diaper change or outfit change. Typical baby development.
  • He is not a fan of staying in his jumper very long anymore. We usually wouldn’t go much longer than 30 mins if needed, but cannot get him to stay in long. He is on the go!
  • There are a few flavors of baby food he hasn’t cared for, but cannot recall exactly which.


  • Size 4 Honest Diapers
  • Size 9 months clothes(Carter’s mainly, Gerber is too small), but fits 12 months(Carter’s mainly so other brands a little bigger) perfectly He is growing fast!
  • His head is too big for suggested size so we currently need to find ones that fit!

9 month appointment details

  • 20 lbs 7 oz
  • 27 inches long
  • I believe 48 cm head
  • Doctor suggested more solids for sleep and to get use to eating pieces of food
  • No shots this time
  • No problems and doing great!

I love to share his fun journey as a baby. It is mainly for me to look back on and it is very fun to read the other updates.

What is your baby doing?


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