Why Do Women Apologize for Their Appearience?

There is something I have noticed for a long time. I have seen this since I was a child. I have also done this myself! Why do women feel the need to apologize for the way they look? For an example, since being a mom I am apart of many Facebook groups. I see all types of people. But one thing in common among them all is that if they post a photo or video of themselves with their family and they happen to not be wearing makeup or have their hair done to their liking, they apologize to the viewer.

If you do not apologize what happens?

What happens is that you feel great in your skin and know that just because you look tired or your hair is not perfectly straight like you prefer, does not mean you do not look beautiful. If you are with your family or baby in that photo, you know what I see? I see love. Putting yourself together is fun and feels great, however those moments where you have been playing with your child or a picture was taken of you unexpectedly, do not apologize. Apologizing sends a message that something is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong hun, we don’t care that your hair is up today.

What I really think is that you are apologizing to yourself. 

Stop apologizing. You are not perfect and never will be.

Lets send the message to our children that we do not need to apologize for our looks. How about if we do not like how we look in that picture we look at the message in that picture instead. Do you see a happy mamma? Do you see a happy baby? What do you see? Don’t focus on those under eye circles. Don’t focus on your bun.

Most of the time we look great but our inner voice is our worse critic.

Stop apologizing!



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