A First Mother’s Day Revelation


Today is the first Mother’s Day I can celebrate with you physically in my arms. Last year was a whirlwind of emotions because I was carrying you inside of me. You were growing and soon I was going to meet you.

This year I have you in my arms to snuggle and kiss your soft little head. This year is a whole new whirlwind of emotions. This year you are less than four months away from turning one years old. You are growing up fast. Time is slipping underneath me. You are growing and learning quicker than I ever expect. You are slowly slipping away from my protective grip.

This year I am a mother to a happy, brilliant little guy. You are the reason I work so hard on this blog, work on myself daily, and work on things with daddy. You are our foundation. I never thought that a child would bring so much depth and raw emotion to life. When I was a child, I thought having kids was fun and happiness. Son, having you turned our world upside down, right side up, and throwing us forward into the parents or persons we want to become. We are not only teaching you, son you are teaching us!

Teaching us to find the patience to believe in ourselves. To practice unconditional love-caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves. This is the biggest lesson you are teaching. It is crazy that a tiny human being has more impact on our lives than any other person. This is at least my own experience.

This Mother’s Day is a transformation from Kristina-wife to Kristina-wife and mommy. This year has taught me how to balance my mother role and wife role; also my personal role. Sometimes one may tend to put more care and nurture into a new living being and sometimes forget about daddy.

This Mother’s Day will be the most memorable one because you have taught me so much about myself. This Mother’s Day is a reminder that I am a mother who goes with the flow, holds onto every moment as long as she can, and a mother who continues to transform into the person I want to be.

This Mother’s Day I thank you for giving me the strength to be a better person. The strength to get past my fears.

This Mother’s Day is a transformation.



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