Breastfeeding is more than a feed.

Breastfeeding has always been my goal; an accomplishment that was a must. I was made to feed my child. I wanted to experience it all. When my son was born August 2015, I discovered many things that no one tells you. Things that made me love breastfeeding even more.
You will learn that your baby does not only cry for food when wanting to nurse. Before you understand this
  • You may wonder why they want to nurse again the second time within an hour.
  • You question your ability to produce.
  • You are worried there is something wrong.

Mamma, nothing is wrong and it is quite opposite. Your baby needs

  • your smell
  • your warmth
  • the comfort you bring
  • the reassurance that all is okay.

You are simply a vessel of love and they are learning to trust their surroundings because you are there for them.

Breastfeeding is more than a baby’s benefit. It helps you

  • feel a strong bond with your baby
  • is sends hormones to help relax the baby and you
  • it helps with weightloss along side proper exerise and diet
Your baby is in a whole new world and it is scary to them. Breastfeeding provides everything advertised products do not. It
  • soothes
  • brings nourishment
  • warmth.

The number one thing that a product cannot do for your child is give it the love they need. The next time you feel overwhelmed or exhausted from the constant waking at night, or even worried about production, remember your body is made the way is it suppose to be. It is a vessel of security for your baby in many ways. Your role is so important. Trust your body, trust your instincts, and trust that your baby is getting all the love it needs.

Breastfeeding is more than feeding; it is love. The bond you get during the late night cuddles is indescribable! The smiles they give you as you talk to them makes your heart melt. The warmth of their little body against yours is the truest form of security and love. Time will stand still when you’re nursing.
These are the things I was not told about breastfeeding. It is not just a feed. It the development of trust, security, love, and fulfillment. Remember this as you hold that precious little one late at night and kiss that soft head for the hundredth time.

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