Top Five Reasons You Need To Fail at Fitness


Today as I was working out at home to my usual program of choice, I came to the realization it was past noon and I usually get the workout done in the morning. However, I learned another important thing that will change my fitness journey.

 Push Yourself Harder

  • You understand that when something is not working, you try to find a way to make it work. The result, if you are determined, is that you keep moving and do not quite, even if you seem to not get it right.

Failing leads to Perfection

  • No this does not mean physical perfection, but perfecting a move that you once failed at. The more you fail at it, the better you get. 

What Works and What Does Not

  • You may follow other fitness gurus, however you learn what works best for you. You may hear that working out right when you wake up in the morning is best, however come to find out, you burn out too quickly or get light headed from lack of food. Find what works best for you and run with it!

Realize Your Body is Different Than Others

  • You learn to accept that your body will always look different than your role model or person you look up to in fitness. You may learn this later, but it is apart of failing. You failed at loving yourself, but the realization will be there. Once it is, your fitness will soar!

Breathe and Look Up

  • One way to fail at fitness is forgetting to breathe through the workout and holding your breath. This is another reason you may be light headed or quitting too soon. Looking up keeps your body straight and makes your results better. Failing at these two things will make you see what you are doing wrong. Pay attention to the instructors!
These are just a few things I personally have learned during my fitness journey. Number one is was what I learned today after almost 11 weeks into this program, I learned to workout in the after after I have eaten more. The key is to learn from failing and keep going. Find a partner or accountability friend to help you reach your goals. If you would like for me to be your personal coach, email me at kristinadstone @ gmail Dot com with the Title Beachbody Coach. 

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