Late Night Cuddles it is.


Your 20 lb body rests safely against mine, cradled in my arms as you nurse. It is the second time tonight you cried for my security, my warmth, my loving arms. Some nights my ears hear you, but my eyes are tightly shut. I must muster up every ounce of energy I may have to get out of bed. I get out of bed to soothe your little self.  Mommy is here, don’t worry little one.

Late night cuddles it is.

As I try to keep my eyes open and focus on you, I silently breathe in all of the overwhelming love I have for you. Sometimes the love is so much, my anxious self thinks of the scariest things. Will you wake up tonight? You hold my finger or my shirt, nursing softly, falling back asleep into your short dreamland. I smell your hair and feel the softness of it. I think to myself how lovely your soft hair is and how I would love to have your shiny, soft hair. I gently rub your head and slowly close my eyes. I embrace the exhaustion and patiently wait until you’re fast asleep again. Some nights are not as simple. Some nights I cry in exhaustion, feeling like a horrible mother for thinking I just want let you cry. Sometimes I just want to scream at you to go back to sleep. But mommy has an important job to do.

Late night cuddles it is.

Once you are done nursing and fallen back asleep, I slowly get up and put you back into your crib, praying you will sleep longer than two hours. Hoping you will give mommy some sleep to help get her through the next day. Please sweet baby boy, let mommy sleep. I lay my head down, starring at the ceiling wondering if I should even bother trying to fall back asleep because you may cry in a few minutes. After what seems like forever, I start to drift slowly back into my beauty sleep, until I hear a little cry.

Late night cuddles it is.

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