8 Month Old


Today Liam is 8 Months Old! There are so many things that have happened this past month. Liam’s development in all areas has changed a lot!

What has Liam learned?



This is the first new development he learned this past month and only a week later, he was offically crawling! He was wobbly at first and would fall often, but after a few days, he was a sitting pro.


The first week into turning 7 months old, that morning he just crawled. No longer was he scooting with his head down, pulling his way along, but full on crawling! It was an adorable sight to see. A proud moment to remember! Ben was at work so I immediately texted him.
He was slow. He was sloppy. He was mobile!


Only a few days after learning to crawl, Liam started pulling him up and standing! He has always had a strong stance when standing on our laps. He loves to stand and will do so often. If he is not playing with a toy, he is standing!


  • He not only says momma or mom and dadda or daddy, his babbling has advanced to more o’s, awww’s, and eeeeh. If I pay more attention, there may be more.
  • He knows what the words milk and kisses mean. 
    • Milk he knows he will be nursed.
    • Kisses are expected when I say the word and he will open mouth eat my face or cheek. 


All About Liam



Liam loves nature.

  • Liam use to be afraid of grass. The first time he experienced grass he cried. However, this past month all he wants to do when we go outside is play in the grass either to touch or eat. His toys are a thing of the past!
  • He loves zippers, dad’s shoes, the tiniest things you can possible find on the carpet, cords, and anything other than his toys.
  • Crawling anywhere he should not be.
  • Standing up holding onto you.
  • Music
    • he loves when I sing and gets extremely happy.
    • he loves hearing music playing from the car or our phone.
    • He will dance by moving his head back and forth or move his shoulders. He will even rock back and forth. 
  • Water
    • he loves to play in his bathtub and splashes!
  • Fabric
    • He will put any type of fabric in his mouth.


  • He is mostly breastfeed, feeding on the average of every 2-4 hours. He still nurses at night. That is not the same every night. He gets solids 1-2 times a day. I am gradually added more.
    • So far I see that he loves sweet potatoes, yogurt, bananas, and avocado. 


  • This past month has be a rough one. He is up every 2-3 hours. I tried an earlier bedtime, around 6:30-7:30 and that worked for a week. He has had a few great nights only waking up once or twice. 
  • He sleeps in is crib most of the time, but sometimes will end up in our bed when nights are rough. 
  • Nap time lately has been easy and will go to sleep on his own.
    • Night time has been rough, but lately has even out and he can put himself to sleep once he has been nursed.
This is most of what I can muster up for the moment that accured this past month. It has been a joy to see all of the new things. He is a hoot and so playful. He had a few hard days, however that is apart of development.
This mom is blessed!

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