Liam’s First Beach Day and Black Beard Brewery

Last Sunday, the 10th, we took a spontaneous beach trip for the day. I do not recall going to Westport, WA before, so Ben and I decided to drive over there and hangout. We got some much needed time together out of the house. The drive is not too far, but far enough to feel like you are on a mini getaway.

Thoughts on Westport, WA

Westport is just your typical small coastal town. It has a few shops, boats, seafood, and many other neat things. We found a place to park near a beach and walked a bit to get to the sand.

It was a cloudy day but in the 50’s. It wasn’t even that windy which was a plus! With the jackets we had on, we even felt a little hot after walking a bit. It actually was almost perfect! Some sun would have made it even better of course. The area we were at was neat because we saw boats or ships coming to port. There was not many people around since it was not that season. It was a great time. We also looked at a couple of shops. We shared salted caramel ice-cream and relaxed on a bench.

Liam did amazingly! The only time he was fussy in the carrier, was when he needed to nurse. We nursed on a nice driftwood right by the ocean. He had his first “seafood”. Bahaha!
He observed his surroundings and would look up at me, constantly waiting for me to react. He then would give me the biggest grin. He seemed to like being there. He also would look over at the waves since they were loud. Liam even got to see seagulls.

I took many pictures, videos, and Ben climbed on the rocks. After we had almost 2 hours at the beach, we decided to try out the Black Beard Brewery we saw as we drove in. But before that, we saw a campground and observed it. We may try that place out sometime. I do not recall the name at this time.

Thoughts on Black Beard Brewery Westport, WA


I do not even think we looked this place up for reviews. We just saw it coming into town and was curious. No scratch that, Ben did look at a yelp. On the way home we stopped by and it was very nice! It is a fairly new establishment.

We loved their flight of 4 beers. Our favorite one was the Strawberry Blonde. It smelled like fresh strawberries and it pretty much tasted like it as well. All of them were very good and worth the drive.
The second flight was just local beers, which were not anything special.

The chicken ranch pizza we ordered was amazing! I wanted to take a whole pizza home. It had chicken, white onions, white sauce that had garlic in it, and the dough basically tasted like amazing garlic bread. We gave it a 10 out of 5 stars! 😉

The customer service was good and our waitress was nice and talked with Liam. Overall, the experience there made us want to come back soon!

From their facebook page

We are going to take another trip to the beach for a day very soon!

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