Liam is Officially Crawling!

This morning as I was getting my coffee ready, Liam crawled! He has been so close to fully crawling without stopping and falling to his tummy, for over a month. At 7 1/2 months, 32 weeks, he is finally mobile!

I love that he can do something new. He loves that he can get to me quicker and can also get around easier. He use to sit up and cry for me if he wanted me to pick him up, and I would try to reach my arms out to let him know he can scoot to me, but he never did. Today, he did that cry and I reached my arms out and he crawled to me!

This milestone is bittersweet! After learning to sit on his own, it took him only a week to learn to fully crawl.

This is one proud mamma over here. 🙂

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