Mr. 7 Month Old

This month has been exciting and tiresome. It has ups and downs. It is full of love and full of new experiences. Liam is now 7 months old!

Tidbits from this month

Motor Skills

  • This past month Liam has been practicing crawling and even more mobile. He can get places faster, and further than before.
  • He makes heads stands, planks, and down dog. He is so close to crawling!
  • He can stand longer and even moves a bit when held unto something he can hold onto like side of a couch or low bed.
  • He prefer to be on his tummy now, scooting around. 
  • This isn’t mobile, but he can sit unassisted, but still falls over. He is working on balance. However, from sitting position he can go onto all fours.

  • He started saying mamma a couple weeks ago and now likes to say dada over and over. 
  • He gives very good eye contact now and laughs at funny things.
  • He will almost instantly respond to his name and also to chunky or chunk chunk.
  • He still loves to hear us sing to him and dances to it.
  • Liam makes high pitch screams when he is happy and waits for your reaction or to look at him.
  • He talks a lot more and babbles in the car almost the whole trip.
  • He is generally a very happy baby and is very social.
  • Non verbal includes happy faces, pouty lip if scared, wide eye when very happy, dad’s stern brow, and curious focused stares.
Fine Motor Skills

  • His hands are always in his mouth and occasionally his feet as well.
  • He will hold onto something and stare at it for a bit. He seems to concentrate on one thing very well now and likes to look all around the item.
  • He grabs onto something you put near his hands and has a strong grip.
  • Scratches everything and loves to feel soft fabric.
Details, weight, height, measurements 

  • His hair in the back where his bald spot is, is growing in.
  • Weights 18 lbs 12 oz.
  • Little over 26.5 inches long

  • He has been eating solids, 1-2 times a day. 
    • He has tried banana, pears, apples, squash, peaches, peas, green beans, mangos, carrots, prunes, and oatmeal(mix into one of the mentioned foods).
  • He still breastfeeds on demand every 2-4 hours.
Fun and Play

  • Liam loves balls, tags from (clothing, toys, ect), shirts, string, shoes, wipe containers, lent, random things on the ground, water bottles, burp rags, blankets, cords, basically anything but his toys he puts in his mouth. (He does love his turtle toy).
  • He still loves his jumper.
  • He does this new thing now where he likes to suck or bite his bottom lip. 
  • He loves to play games like peak a boo or tickles.
  • He loves when I nibble on his tummy, thighs, neck, or face.
  • He loves to watch nursery rhyme videos on youtube. I sing the songs with him while we watch cute little animation. 
  • He loves songs that you use your hands to add action such as happy and you know it, baby shark song, or itsy bitsy spider.
  • He enjoys picture books.
  • No teeth popping up just yet! Although he drools like crazy and I see some white.
Baby Eczema 

Liam development some baby eczema on his back that was very red and dry. He was prescribed some cream that has worked wonders. He has had some dry patches on his legs and arms that were very light and also was not an issue. However, the back got worse and thought it may have been ring worm. He now has clear skin and we continue to use the cream just in case, for a couple weeks.
Also, he was prescribed a fluoride and Vitamin D drops. He has been on the Vitamin D drops since like the first month, but now around 6 months old they start them on fluoride as well.

Sleeping Update

This month has been rough! It is similar to last month, but slightly more tiresome! 
Now that he has turned 7 months, I hope that this new month will be better.
During his 6 month, he only sleeps maybe 30 mins each nap and has about 2 naps a day. Sometimes longer sometimes less. It is different everyday. 
At night is the trickiest! I try to get him down between 8-11 pm, with the lights low, quiet, and same thing every time(get clothes off, jammies, snuggles, nurse, and put down to bed). For awhile he would not want to be put down and cry. I would have to hold him to sleep or when he is half asleep and he would generally fall sleep in the crib.
He would wake every 2-4 hours at night and it was brutal. Some days in a row every two hours!
I believe it was only one time this past month I got a good six hour span. 
Baths or solids before bed did not always help. 
My theory is that he is growing and also when learning a new skill such as crawling can throw sleep out of whack. My Wonder Weeks App says he has been on a leap.
Liam is growing like a weed and time is full speed ahead. I cannot believe he is half way to a year old! Liam, slow down boy!

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