I am an Aunt.

Aria Scarlett
8 lbs 7 oz, 20 inches long
Born March 4, 2016


March 2nd: 

As I sit here in the delivery room with my family, my sister is laying the bed and having many feelings and thoughts like I did. It is completely exciting and scary waiting to give birth to a baby. And she is being induced and wants to do it without an Epidural.
That is amazing to me. Despite the fact she is told it most likely will be even more painful, she still wants to experience birth at its hardest. I am sitting here thinking how great it is to be here to see this moment. We won’t be in for the birth because her boyfriend and her want time together, but I will be here to see Aria. (Update: With so much pain, and all she went through, she got the Epidural. I am so proud of how strong she was).

I am an Aunt! I am excited to be one and see another baby in the family.
Being an Aunt will be fun especially since our babies are so close in age. They will grow up together,  and be close. That is really fun to think about.

Aria Scarlet, we are excited and happy to meet you.

UPDATE: Tamara was in the hospital from March 2nd-March 7th!
They try softening her cervix, which took two days! Finally March 4th her water broke and labor was full effect. She had Aria noon! Aria had jaundice and needed to stay a little longer and finally they came home Monday the 7th!

It has been so great seeing Aria and how adorable she is. I am happy for my sister and she’s doing amazingly with breastfeeding.

The best thing is that both our birth stories are different. We experienced such different births and can help others in different ways.

I am an Aunt!

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