Liam is 6 Months Old!

Liam is growing like a weed! This past month he has felt so heavy! It is so close to crawling that it is any day now. He scoots around and pulls himself while his head is now. He kicks a lot and has done all the stages of early crawling.

I try to read to him often and love to have him listen to the audio book from his grandpa and grandma Stone. These books are fun because he can hear his grandparents voices as they read the book to him.

New Things This Month

  • Early crawling development
  • New babble words and we have heard him say dada or mamma. 
  • Liam now knows that mommy leaves him when I am out of sight so he can be fussy.
  • He LOVES his jumper and plays in it daily.
  • He has started to hit and scratch, but this is just apart of development and I am teaching him to be gentle.
  • He has been fighting sleep more often and naps can be hard. Night time he still gets up a few times. I usually put his binkie in and he is fine. I start to nurse him again around 7am.
  • He puts everything in his mouth.
  • He grabs things easily now.
  • Holds on to you when you hold him. He usually holds on to your shirt on your shoulder or breast area.
  • Gives kisses when asked most times.
  • Is ticklish! Most times he is ticklish in the ribs or lower back. 
  • He loves when I sing to him especially “If You’re Happy and You Know it” and hopefully soon starts to clap on his own!
  • He still LOVES to jump in your lap, or while standing in general.
  • Find tiny details on the carpet, blankets, or your clothes and pinches it to try and put it in his mouth.
  • Throws things.
  • Blows air or spit bubbles.
  • This is my favorite development: Liam has this new voice that sounds like a dinosaur voice and it is too cute. It would be something you would have to hear.
  • Pulls himself up when sitting on you.
  • Has a bottom tooth coming in and I can see white.
6 Month Pediatrician Appointment
He did really great during this appointment. Our Ped has no concerns and Liam is healthy! He is developmentally on track. 
Fun facts:
  • Ped said Liam may have blue eyes like his daddy’s after all since his eyes haven’t turned brown or darker.
  • He weighed 18 pounds 2 oz.
  • Length was 26.5 inches.
  • Big noggin( can’t remember the size and may edit).
  • He had to get FOUR shots, but will not need anymore until 12 months. Yay!
  • He did great after the shots, took a little longer to calm down, but had no fever and wasn’t fussy at home.

 A Little Breastfeeding Update:

We are still going strong with breastfeeding! I have no pain or issues! He does great and has a better latch than ever. We nurse every 2-4 hours and he nurses before bed. I try to nurse him in the early morning instead of every time he wakes at night. Eventually he should be sleeping a little longer.
Sleep Update

Liam’s sleep is different every day! He can either sleep 6 hours through or wake up every 2-3 hours. I do not have a routine down yet, and that may help. I try to keep him awake for at least 3 hours before I want him down for the night. He usually goes to sleep between 8-11pm. 
Naps are always different. He either sleeps 45 mins or 1 1/12. He takes 2-3 naps a day.

That is all I can think of that has happened this past month. 

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