First Night Without Liam

Christopher, Ben, Tammy, and I decided that we wanted to go out for dinner. They asked me if it was okay if my parents would watch him so all four of us could go out by ourselves without kids before Aria comes.

Great idea.
Except….it was a nerve wracking thought! I was not prepared for that! All I could think of was that Liam would need me or need to nurse. I breastfeed. However, after talking with my mom, I was okay with it. I left them some baby food just in case and went on our way.
We were only planning on be out for only a couple hours so it would be just enough time before he needed to nurse. 
I did great! I barley thought of him and did not worry. I did miss him. My mom even check up on me and sent a picture of Liam sleeping on my dad.  Liam basically took a nap the whole time and did amazingly!
He was so happy to see me when we got home. Our dinner was really good Italian food. Ben and I also shared Ice cream.
Our first outing without Liam was a success!

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