5 Months Old

Again, another month has passed! He has learned so much and has mastered a few skills. This little chunk is growing like a weed!

What is new?

Liam can now rolled from back to tummy like a pro. He also can roll from tummy to back but isn’t as good at that yet.

He lifts his head up a lot longer now during tummy time!

Liam has been fussy due leap(check out wonder weeks) and growth spurt.

He went from size 3-6 to 9 in Carters clothes. He mostly fits 6 months in oh we brands. 

He is size 3 diapers from the Honest Company. 

I do not know his weight but Dec. 28th he was 15 lbs 10 oz so I’m sure he is at least in the 16 lb range.

Liam has found his feet!
He can grasp things great now!

He can sit upright for a few seconds on his own while he uses his arms as “kick stands”. 
He loves to jump while standing him on your lap.

He loves playing with you and laughs at weird sounds and faces.

Liam loves water and bath time. We played with water today and had him sit and splash. Also stamp in it.

He likes books and I love reading the  Stone books(the books you record reading to the kids).

Liam uses his tongue a lot now either with babbling or sucking.

He is more aware that I go away from him so he cries when I leave him more often now. 

He likes this ball:
Liam knows his name!

He holds onto my shirt when I hold him. 

He only nurses about 5-7 mins on one side now sometimes both sides. It use to be about 15-25 mins on both sides. 

Liam has recently for the past month(4 month old) has been sleeping between 2-3 hours throughout the night. He recently has been going back to about 5 hours. Hopefully he sleeps longer. 

He sleeps longer during naps the past couple of weeks. I think it’s because he’s grown so much in a short period of time. 

Screams a little more.

Babbles a lot!

And he loves giving sloppy, wet kisses!! As well as trying to eat his hands, your hair, or anything he gets his chubby fingers on. 

This little guy has grown so much! Love him to pieces. 

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