Fussy Baby Mental Development

For the past week Liam has been very cranky and fussy. He has his usual happy moments but are less than normal. It can be very hard to deal with that because he demands attention and sometimes we don’t know how to cheer him up. And we were use to such a happy baby!

I have this amazing app called The Wonder Weeks. It talks about leaps babies go through. It has helped me know that it is just a phase and it will pass. It explains what things he could be learning and the fussy days he will have give it take a week. So far it has been spot on. We currently have a few more days on this leap and he should be back to his old self. Below I’ll have pictures of the app to give you an idea. This app is based on a book. I want to get it sometime.


The fussy times get worse during each leap according to this and I completely agree! Liam is fussier than he ever has been. I know teeth may be also a culprit but he isn’t hurting.
Anyone else have this app or book? Does it help you and is it accurate?

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