19 weeks and counting

I have a few updates to share! So exciting and the past few weeks have been a lot of milestones and mastering skills.

Liam has done many things since the last post. His babbling has changed a bit and using his tongue more. He likes to scream and will talk in his crib when he wakes rather than cry right away. 
He mimics us sometimes. We like to I love you and he sometimes sounds like he is saying it. We catch him saying random words on accident like mamma or hi.

He full on laughs now rather than just giggle. The best thing ever.
He also has been rolling to his side a lot (left more than right) and the past week he has been so close to rolling over from back to tummy. However, today he rolled over! I could not get it on camera. But he did it! We didn’t see it happen and he was wrapped in a blanket but rolled over and kicked the blanket off. So Ben thinks the blanket helped him. But I caught him rolling later and as he got on his tummy, he didn’t move his arm straight and didn’t officially get to his tummy so he rolled back to his back. So close!! 
He loves singing and when I sing If You’re Happy and You Know It, while clapping his hands(fists) together he goes into a laughing fit. Too cute!

He can play on his playmat on his own for awhile now so he is better at entertaining himself. 
He likes to use his feet to touch and hold onto things. He kicks a lot and loves to jump on our lap.
When you go to kiss his cheek he will wide open mouth kiss you or more like eat you. I like to say kisses and then let him kiss my cheek.
He sleeps less during naps but was sleeping between 5-7 hrs at night(straight but we obviously go back to sleep so it’s more hours of sleep). 
However lately since last week he’s been waking up almost every 2 hrs. It feels like when he was a newborn. It is common that they have a 4 month sleep regression. Also he is currently on a leap so he’s learning and growing. (Check out the Wonder Weeks app for more about leaps). 
He does sleep on his owns till despite the sleeping issue. Also now he is moving around the crib so I may lay him down one way and his head is horizontal instead of vertical. Crazy baby. 🙂
Baby’s First Christmas
Let’s show some Christmas fun! Liam’s first Christmas was fun. He was too cute!
We all got great gifts and Liam got gifts from aunts, cousins, grandparents, and parents. Thank you all for the gifts! 

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

4month Appointment Dec. 29th
Also I want to talk about his 4 month appointment he has last week at 18 weeks. 
How much he weighed Dec. 4th at the appointment before 14 lbs 8 oz.
How much he weighed Dec. 29th. 15 lbs 10 oz! He gained over a pound in three weeks! He’s a chunk.
Also his head is in the 75 percentile. He has a big noggin.
His length was 25 inches!
Born 19 inches.
Liam did real well with his shots and didn’t need tylonol. Also, he wasn’t too sore. He actually felt more sore the next day. 

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