Breastfeeding Update At Week 16

We had that ped appointment and she did not seemed concerned about the lip tie. She didn’t even think he had one which was odd. However for the past few weeks we have not had any breastfeeding issues!! No more milk blisters or clogg milk ducts! I’ve made it a point to make sure he has a good latch.

I just think my body finally got the hang of it and my milk seems to be making the right amount so I don’t get clogged anymore. Liam is now sleeping a bit longer at night so I may wake up very full but no clog ducts. It is amazing! I am so happy I do not have pain anymore. It was so hard trying to enjoy breastfeeding like I did in the beginning.
He also use to feed for about 15-20 on one side and now only 6-10 mins on one side. I usually feed him on one side until he stops and then switch to the other side. I use to just feed him on one side since he fed for so long. He now feeds less but has plenty of diapers. 
He does spit up a lot more now but it’s normal. He should get better around 6 months.
I am extremely happy breastfeeding is going well now because I can enjoy it again!

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