Facebook Ruins Lives

  Well, I guess the title is a bit dramatic. I do feel that Facebook does to a point ruin lives. Why? I think if you really know yourself then you know why it can ruin your life. Here’s why:

Facebook started in the early two thousands. It was meant for college students to keep in contact with people. It was a much different environment and society also was different. Now all Facebook is, is advertisements and drama. It doesn’t have to be that way, but most people I know make it that way. It’s either politics or a disagreement of some sort that sheds negative lights. It’s just a showcase of your life and not the reality of life.
It’s so simple to take a perfect snapshot of your day but behind closed doors it’s not that way at all. I don’t think this is with every photo or with everyone, but Facebook is not real life.
The main issue I have with Facebook and how it ruins lives is that it’s so easy to get caught up in other peoples lives that you don’t pay attention to what’s right front of you. Facebook is too much of a distraction.
Again you may get caught up in other peoples lives and realize you’re not where you want to be and Facebook can become depressing. If that is the case take some time off.
I would catch myself staring at my phone for minutes only to look down at my son smiling at me. Facebook takes away moments that you can never get back. I’ll catch myself looking down at my phone on a date with my husband. I’ll be on the phone while watching a movie. We are so memorized by this thing that is takes away the life we are living now. Why must we feel the need to be on Facebook all the time?! 
What happened to handwritten letters or emails? Phones calls? Facebook has taken away any other communication with people. All you have to do is visit a profile just to keep updated with your friends and family without them even knowing your there. 
Sadly our society is teaching younger generations that virtual relationships are easier, polished, and quicker. There is no room for developing relationships on a more deeper level. Now it’s just easy to say hey or go on someone’s wall and say happy birthday rather than seeing them in person. Do our words even have any meaning anymore? Do we even have friends? What is the friend? A friend used to be someone who would pick up the phone and call you to see how you’re doing. Or your show up at your front door to hang out. Or ask if you need anything and actually did something about it. Facebook takes away the real relationships we used to have.
Facebook doesn’t make you try harder at maintaining relationships. It doesn’t teach you how to communicate to others but to only talk about yourself or hide behind a computer and say whatever’s on your mind.
Facebook is a showcase of what you’re doing, what you’re eating, how you did this, what you bought for someone, another selfie of the day, or where you’re going. Facebook is all about you.
Facebook can easily ruin relationships. Because Facebook is more about yourself so if you do not agree with someone it’s just easy to delete them from your life. Our relationships are virtual instead personal.
Facebook controls every aspect of your life. There’s no more effort. Facebook tells you your friends and families birthdays, tells you upcoming events, tells you who’s going where, and tells you where you should shop. Facebook is your brain.
Facebook is also a web of lies. People create their own reality known as articles and they get shared and shared and shared. If you’re not careful you will believe things that aren’t true and it’s hard to find the truth. 
Facebook is your influence. 
The media is heavily involved with Facebook and that is how they distract us from the very important things in life. We need to educate ourselves again and not rely on Facebook.
I think as a society we need to boycott Facebook. Our whole lives are revolved around this very big moneymaker called Facebook. There’s so many ways Facebook takes money from you. Apps, donations, advertisements that you click on and shop, and so many other ways.
Do you want meaningful relationships? Do you want a fulfilled life? Do you want friends? 
If Facebook is consuming your life, deactivated it. 
And that’s what I did. One day down and I am withdrawling. And that’s how I knew Facebook was a problem because I couldn’t imagine going a day without it.
I am free!

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