Liam update: 14 weeks old

Liam is growing so fast!

What is new with this little guy?
He talks a lot! He loves to coo and go on and on. It is the most wonderful thing. He has the cutest little voice.
He can grasp things on his own a little better when it’s next to his hand. Also holds on longer.
His hands are open more rather than a fist.
I see teeth in his gums and drools a lot. He is in pain occasionally.
He stands longer while I hold him.
He moves his head up longer while on tummy and kicks and moves. He will be rolling over from tummy to back soon!!
He has more control of his neck and not as much of a bobble head.
He can follow you with his eyes and see further away. 
His eye contact is longer; I say for a few mins.
His attention span is a little longer.
He sleeps for about five and a half hours for the first time I put him down for the night. Some nights are shorter or longer. But sleeps better.
He giggles now!
He is such a happy baby and smiles all day.
He loves to talk while being changed.
He still loves bath time and splashes more.
He loves to listen to me sing and will coo with me.
He loves when I have his arms over his head and squeeze his cheeks. And have his toes touch his face.
He listens to you.
He is in size 2 diapers. 
He is size 3 months. 
He is over 12 lbs. He will be weighed tomorrow so I will know the exact weight.
He likes to sit on my lap and watch whatever we are doing and also leans forward. He can’t keep his balance but he likes to lean forward.
They say they grow so fast before your eyes and I cannot believe how time flies. He is over half his birth weight and almost four months! I love this little chub chub.

  One thought on “Liam update: 14 weeks old

  1. December 4, 2015 at 9:44 PM

    He's adorable! Love your little blog! What a good mommy you are! Glad you are taking the time to document his progress and all of those “firsts”!

    Love you!
    Aunt Wendy


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