Breastfeeding update 14 Weeks old

I had it rough for a couple of weeks. My right nipple was in pain and I got milk blisters again which led to clogged milk ducts. That hurts so bad! Now, for about a week or so I have been great! A little pain now and again on the right nipple but I have kept the milk blisters at bay. The best thing that I have done is just kept an eye on it and kept it from getting too dry. That has seemed to help.

I do have some concerns though. I asked on a breastfeeding group on Facebook about nipple pain and reaccuring milk blisters and also about teething because I thought that had something to do with my nipple pain, and was told Liam may have a lip tie.

The teeth have not broken through yet but thought it was still rubbing on my nipple. But that wouldn’t explain why my right nipple was fine most of the time. When I posted my question with this picture, a admin of the group who are very knowlegeable mentioned how it looks like he may have a lip tie which can cause nursing issues such as milk blisters or poor latch. So I called the pediatrician office last week and got an appointment to talk about my concerns. Our ped is also a lactation consultant.

Once we figure that out, hopefully I won’t have anymore issues because being in a lot of pain while nursing is so hard! I have almost cried a few times. Thankfully I have been great lately and enjoying breastfeeding again. If you are having a rough time, know it will get better and if you are having reaccuring issues, talk to a lactation consultant!

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