Liam’s Two Month Checkup

At 9 weeks Liam had his two month checkup at his Pediatrician. We love her and how knowledgable she is. She is up to date on things and not old school. There is so many outdated advice out there and she doesn’t ever give that advice.

For an example
She says not to feed solids before 6 months. Many pediatricians are advising parents to start solids or at least say it fine to start solids around 4 months! That’s crazy!
She is a lactation consultant and knows the updated growth chart for breastfed babies.
She gave us advice to not use lotion on his skin until his natural oils come when his baby acne appears. That way the acne won’t be as bad and clears up faster.
She told us not to use baby Tylenol before his shots or before a fever after the shots so that his body will naturally fight whatever he may need to fight. Tylenol will take away symptoms so we were advice to wait in case we need to be on the look out for anything. He didn’t need the Tylenol anyway.
She makes us feel confident as parents and doesn’t ask too many questions. 
She is 100% in support of breastfeeding.
These are many reasons why we love her! The main reason we chose her is because she also specializes in lactation. I want to be successful at breastfeeding and knew that was a bonus! 
About the Appointment
I was super nervous about his appointment because he was getting his first set of shots. I knew he would hurt and cry and didn’t want to see him that way. I was partially nervous if he would have a reaction because of the anti-vaccine movement. But I knew I wanted to still vaccinate.
However, he did really well and the nurse was very quick! He did bleed a bit and cried. But was fine afterwards. He was so tired and passed out on the way home. 
His weight at the appointment: 12 pounds
His weight last appointment last month:
9 pounds 6 oz
Length was iffy because the lady didn’t do it very well but said 22 inches
He was 21 inches last month so we think he was at least 23 inches. I should have gotten him measured again cause I’m anal.
Head circumference at appointment was 40 cm.
Last appointment was 38 cm. 

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