Liam is 2 Months!

As I sit here on the couch watching Liam sleep in his rocker, I can’t but feel so blessed. He is healthy, thriving, growing, and living. He is two months old today!

Time sure does fly by and the days are quicker than a blink. I thought time would slow a bit with him here however, being so busy with him it makes the days go fast. It is crazy how it feels like yesterday Ben and I were in the hospital with him. 
Nothing too much has changed since the last post. But here are some things he has learned and is doing now:
🔹He social smiles a lot now. He smiles at objects on the wall, at our voices, and at our face.
🔹He kicks a lot and has fairly strong legs.
🔹He has “laughed” a few times. They are little sounds that sound more like giggles than a laugh.
🔹He makes noises as though he wants to talk. It is freakin cute. He’s done it to Ben and it was adorable!
🔹He wacks at you more because that’s his way of touching you. 
🔹He grasps things a little more and has a decent grip.
🔹He is currently on a growth spurt and wants to feed even more than normal. 
🔹He loves light and anything flashy that gets his attention. 
🔹He likes it when you play with his feet and will smile.
Everyday I feel he changed just a tiny bit more. He seems to grow and grow. He feels heavier. I know he must be over 10 lbs because I weighed myself and then us together and it was a little over 11 lbs. The pediatrician office scale is lighter when we get him weighed there. His next appointment is next week so we will find out his weight and height then.
This journey has been great! The past few days I’ve felt so tired but it’s so worth every smile. 
Liam’s first Pumpkin Patch at Thomasson Family Farm!

Liam did great at the farm! We even breastfed while he was in his carrier. He slept through most of the stay.

Liam and I had a nice day the other day laying outside in the warm sun. He really enjoyed laying on the blanket while I talked and played with him. I showed him some leaves. He even wanted to eat so I breastfed him right there. I will miss the warmer days because it will more difficult to be outside once he gets cold.

We love this little man and he probably gets more kisses than daddy but daddy knows we love him to. 😍

Thanks for reading Liam’s updates. I love writing and this is for myself later when he gets older. 

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