First Week: Liam, Mommy, and Daddy


This last week has been incrediably mind-boggling. I cannot put into words the feelings I have. I am so blessed and grateful for the help and love that my husband has given to Liam and I. Because I had an unplanned C-Section, I could not get around without help. At the hospital he dressed me, got me food, helped me walk to the bathroom, changed majority of Liam’s diapers and also took care of him when I wasn’t not feeding him, and supported me throughout the entire labor process. My recovery has gone so well because of the man. And I thank and love him for that.

Liam has done so well! He passed all of the tests at the hospital. He has not shown any high case of jaundice( knock on wood), and overall does extremely well.

Fun facts about Liam
  • For the first few days we called him Popeye because he would just open one eye. It was the most adorable thing ever. He still will open one eye at a time when waking up.
  • He loves to be swaddled since he was a breech baby.
  • His cry sounds more like a cute baby animal.
  • He is currently 6 pounds 1 oz, so almost back to his birth weight.
  • He does a great job breastfeeding and now nurses between 20-30 mins. Sometimes multiple feedings in the same hour.
  • The face he makes when I give him kisses is precious. He loves them.
  • He loves his daddy morning snuggles and sometimes they fall asleep together.
  • He can sleep through anything, which is great so we can get things done, like vacuuming.
  • Newborn clothes are slightly big on him. 
  • He likes to play with his hands and has sucked on his thumb a few times.
  • He looks right at you and can follow my hand a little. 
  • He’s adorable. Duh.
How’s Mom and Dad?
We are doing great. The transition was not as difficult or challenging as I thought. Do not get me wrong, the lack of sleep is a little hard, but not that bad. He is not a needy baby and sleeps well. Ben sleeps well, but if he is awake at certain times, he will change and bring Liam to me to nurse at night. It has been really great to have the support and love from him. It makes things so much easier. 
I am recovery very well and still have some pain if my meds wear off. However, I can get around much easier now. I still take it easy though.

If you do not like the topic breastfeeding and do not want to read about boobs then do not read. This is for anyone who wants to learn and read about my journey so far.

I was actually a little nervous to breastfeed. It have seen so many quit or not breastfeed very long. I have heard many negative stories. So I was slightly discouraged. However, I do have a few friends who have stuck with it and groups I have joined that gave me resources and encouragement. I wanted to take a class, but that did not work out. But I came to realize it was not as difficult as I thought.
It seemed so natural. He knew what to do however, he did take a little while to catch on how to latch. And it took me awhile to learn how to help him. He would only nurse for about 5-10 mins on one side and be done. I am not sure how many feedings I was doing in the first few days. However, he seemed to catch on more each day.
The only concern or problem we faced was that he stopped latching onto the left side. I also noticed that my milk came in finally, but that made that side even more fuller.  So for about two days I did not have any milk come out of that boob because he would not nurse on it. I tried to have him latch but nothing worked. I tried different positions and offering that side first. So I was so worried and the boob was hard and hurting.
So, our pediatrician specializes in breastfeeding, that is why we chose her, and at our first appointment she helped him latch on the left side. I was so engorged that the nipple wasn’t easy to latch on. But she got him to latch and ever since we have been good. It takes him slightly longer to latch on that side, but we got it down. 
Now he nurses for about 20-30 on one side and sometimes will want to nurse more so I will have him nurse on the other side until he is done which can be between 5-20 mins. 
I am very happy that it has been a good start so far.
Liam and Family

Grandma McPhail 
Daddy and Liam
Great Aunt Wendy
Great Grandma White
Great Grandpa White
I love this little guy so much it hurts. 😉


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