Week 37: My Birth Story

This week was interesting! And it led up to the birth of our son, William Evan Stone II, aka Liam.

Notes from week 37 that were my personal symptoms that I was to go into labor on Sunday night:

  • 3 days before water broke-
    • insomnia
    • dreams about going into labor
    • braxton-hick contractions
    • leg cramps
    • numbness/tingling
    • restless leg syndrome
    • saliva excessive
    • sciatica
    • stretch marks
    • tingling hands
      • moods
        • anxious
  • Two days before water broke-
    • “feeling a lot of pressure down there. I feel him, not sure what, near my bladder and sometimes if I am sitting up I am squishing him? It’s an odd feeling I cannot describe. It doesn’t hurt much, but very uncomfortable. Also back aches a lot!”
      • Moods
        • stressed
        • motivated
  • Symptoms-
    • left pelvic pain
    • joint pain
    • backache
    • frequent urination
    • leg cramps
    • pelvic discomfort and pressure
    • sciatica
    • white discharge
This picture was taken Sunday 7:53pm. My water broke 9:40pm. The funny thing is, I shared this picture on a pregnancy app stating : Alrighty baby, we are ready for you lol. Okay I’ll wait till you’re done cooking but I feel so heavy.
And then he decided to listen to me.
My Birth Story:
Sunday August 23, 2015
 9:40pm: I was sitting in my bed on my phone when all of a sudden I felt a “pop” and water starting gushing out of me. Like literally reminded me of the movies. Just like that.
First thing that popped into my head was WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?
I do not think I understood what was happening for about 10 seconds, but then I got up and ran to the bathroom because my body was leaking. I called Ben and told him my water broke. He comes into our place and the face he had was priceless. He looked so excited! Meanwhile I am freaking out.
I call the hospital because I just knew Liam was still breech and we were suppose to go to our next appointment the next day to see if he was. The hospital told us to come in so they can make sure.
Ben starts to pack the rest of what we wanted as I tried figuring how to deal with this leaking issue. We get our stuff together, tell our family and will call them if we are needing to stay at the hospital if he is breech.
The drive there was so crazy for me. I did not have any contractions that I could feel. That was nice. I wasn’t even sure if I would have any, any time soon. There was so many emotions and thoughts going through my head. Ben was excited and we talked the whole way there. It took about 45 mins to get to our hospital.
Taken while waiting in ER to be seen
So many emotions!
11:00pm: We get to the ER and got signed in and the wait begins. Finally we got seen and go into a room. I laid down and I started feeling some contractions. They were not too bad. But felt like period cramps. They checked and he was breech. I was so sad. I had to get a c-section. I was so scared and nervous. Ben was such a great support and made me feel better. Because I ate dinner previously, I unfortunately had to wait eight hours to get the c section. I had to go through labor for eight hours. I chose to not use any medication. I felt like a crazy person denying drugs, but I was determined. I wanted a vaginal, unmedicated birth and since I could not have that, I wanted to still have the labor experience. Unfortunately, my blood pressure got a bit high and I had to be hooked up to manage that which meant I could not use the coping positions I wanted to try to get through the very difficult contractions. So nothing was going the way I wanted. But I was blessed.
The eight hours surprisenly went by fast. Labor was intense. When it first started, I felt like this was something I could totally get through. I had some moments where I was VERY tempted to give into the drugs and by the end of it, I wanted to scream. When the contractions would let down for a bit I would prep talk myself and Ben was so supportive. I felt so bad because when I had a really bad one, I would breath faster and sometimes cry out and he would wake up and stand next to me and let me hold his hand or he would rub on me(I sometimes would shake my head no because I didn’t want to be touched). He was what kept me from taking the drugs. He was my birth coach. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
FINALLY, eight o clock came and I kept looking at the clock and I would tell myself through each very hard contraction that it will only last a few seconds, it will be over soon. I would breath through them and shake my head no for some reason. Sometimes verbally say no or say ouch! Ben would calm me down a little to help me get back to my breathing, which honestly does help distract you.
My family came in and walked in on a bad contraction. Then a nurse came to help me walk to the surgery room. I was so mad I had to walk and did not get a wheel chair, especially since I started having a real bad contraction on the way there.
We get in the room and I burst into tears. I was so scared. That room was intimidating! Ben had to wait until they prepped me to come in so my support was gone. The surgery crew was nice but I felt so alone for a bit.
They put the needle in my back and my bottom half instantly when numb. I felt great! I started to calm down a bit. They had to move to onto my back and they started to get me ready for surgery. The curtain went up and a few minutes later, Ben was there. Once Ben was there, I felt so at ease. And Ben took a video of the birth. Liam was taken out within 4 mins of surgery! The waiting for the first cry was like time stood still. And that little cry had me in tears. I look to my left and they take him to the cleaning table and I could not keep my eyes off of him as they sew me up.
I finally get to see him and they put him on my chest for a little bit. That was the best moment of my life.
Ben and him had to leave and I was sewed up. They wheeled me to our room and I finally get to see my baby.











William Evan Stone II
And that is how our little, adorable bundle of joy came into our lives.
How are the parents?
We are overjoyed and extremely happy! I am sore but healing very well. I will do an update on baby Liam when he hits one week.
P.S. Sorry if it looked like we didn’t tell anyone that I was in labor. It was literally 12 at night and I had to have a c section. We didn’t want visitors the first day since I was recovering and wanted our time with Liam. The second day my aunt Memo and cousin Lacey and Keira visited. We really appreciated the company. 🙂



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