Week 33: Liam’s Corner and Ultrasound

This week has been very busy! We have moved things into the little house in the back that will be our little home for a while. We had two doctors appointments! And organizing where we want Liam’s stuff to be.

Week 33 Symptoms:

  • I have been very tired. Fatigue kills me some days especially the day after we have been out for a doctors appointment or window shopping. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and then go back to bed two hours later for a 2 hr nap!
  • Backache. This happens a lot when I have been out all day. It happens when I sit in a spot too long. It happens when I clean.
  • I may not feel like anything to eat, but my appetite has increased.
  • Thirsty all the time and must keep up with hydration or I am either cranky or don’t feel good.
  • I think I have had Braxton Hicks contractions. 
  • I have been a good mood this week. I haven’t been moody which is nice!
  • Nesting!!
1st Doctor Appointment
My uterus was measuring at 30 weeks and I was 33 weeks. My doctor was not concerned and because he did not have time to look over my records(we have moved and we just gave him the records that day), he wanted us to have an ultrasound to make sure all is good and that the baby was having proper blood flow. 
My weight: 153 lbs
Starting weight: 127 lbs

2nd Doctor Appointment: Ultrasound 
I will admit I was slightly worried. I have not seen Liam since 22 weeks and was scared to find something wrong. I was also excited. Both emotions were an odd combo.
We arrived at Tacoma St. Joseph Women’s Health and we were early and still got in faster than any other place I have gone to.The nurse who took my weight and blood pressure was nice. The rooms were nice and high tech. Then we had to go to another room for the ultrasound. 
The ultrasound tech was very nice. The equipment was super awesome. I remember back in Culpeper I thought all ultrasounds were the same, but Tacoma had a medium tv screen on the wall so we can see the ultrasound perfectly. The lady measured so many things and talked it through with us. My last doctor was nice, but did not walk us through it much and the screen was very bad quality. 
Also did not like the pictures we go the first time. This time we got a decent profile and a face shot!
Liam looked so big and developed! His measurements were good.  He’s in the 36th percentile. She said all looked good and confirmed that he is still a boy! (Slight fear he was a girl. Only because we have so many boy things now lol).
Liam was breeched but she did not seem concerned. She said we have options if he stays that way. He was estimated to be 4 lbs 12oz according to his measurements. His head was a little small but she said it may be because he isn’t faced down and my cervix(I think) hadn’t help shape it. He is at normal range and measuring on time so my smaller measurements was not a concern!
Then the doctor came in to look at what the Ultrasound tech did and she said all was good. 
Overall, we loved that appointment, excited to meet Liam, and glad all is good. 🙂
My weight: 153
Blood pressure: 130/79
Baby Liam’s Corner 
We have a lot more decorating and organizing to do with his space, but this is what we have so far. We have moved things around more than once and finally feel this may be where his crib and chair will be. 

Putting the crib together

Once our whole place to put together, I will have more pictures. We still need a few more things for Liam and us so eventually it will be a nice cozy little place to ourselves! 😀

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