Weeks 25-26 Adventures

I have missed a week or to, but here is what I got before and after the baby shower. 🙂

This was week 25 before I left for the baby shower.
 The flight to WA

Family Time at a McMenamins- Olympic Club

First Day of week 26- The baby Shower!

Stay tuned for the thank you cards! I appreciate all who came to the shower or sending gifts:) And also thanks to my family for setting it up! Ben and I really enjoyed it.
Day at Alder Lake!

Week 25 notes:
Liam is a lot more active! Not too much to say this week. 
Week 26 notes:
I have noticed that I started getting acid reflux. Mostly during longer car rides, if I am stressed, or when I am trying to go to bed.
I cannot think of any specific cravings I have had, but the main thing these two weeks is that Liam has been moving a lot more and it is more than just kicks. 🙂
I also had my glucose test two days after our trip. It went well and my results were good! I do not have gestational diabetes! I was slightly low on iron, but all I need to do is add more to my diet. 🙂
Weight at doctor visit: 147
Blood pressure: 119/69
Mood: Calm 
Symptoms: Fatigue
Work is getting a little more uncomfortable, as in my back, but overall is not too bad still. I do wish to bed home earlier than a full shift, but this is what I chose. 😉
Thanks for reading and I hope to get up week 26 soon!

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