Week 23- First Mother’s Day/ Ben’s Birthday

This is up a little late because I will be posting my week 24 this weekend, however this week was pretty good. I had my first Mother’s Day and Ben’s Birthday was celebrated that weekend as well.

First Mother’s Day!
The titles of these books Ben got me for Mother’s Day are funny. 😉 

The card and flowers are what Jodi and Rob got me. I had to work Mother’s Day but we all went out for dinner after I got off. It was a nice day. 
Fun Things I got from Zulily For Me
What is Zulily?!
It is an amazing discounted online store where they have new daily sales going on from high end to lower end brand names. I have only done one order and it came in a timely fashion and everything looks great! There are so many good deals on baby and maternity. Also kids, women and men. It has many things to choose from! Check it it out. http://www.zulily.com/invite/kstone1822
 These long shorts are nice, but a little snug on the belly band, but I may loosen it. It fits perfect everywhere else! Only $15!
I love these shorts. Only $15!

This tank is comfy and cute. I cannot remember the price.

I am wearing the tank and shorts.
The shorts belly band is super comfy!
Zulily Finds For Liam
I could not resist this cute fox stuff animal! Less than $10!

This was only $7! Zulily has like so many good deals on their site!

I  did find a ton of cute things for him but I don’t need to shop for him much right now since we have baby showers. I will for sure come back when I need to!

A friend named Ben got us this set from our registry. I thought it was sweet of him. He really wanted to shop for Liam. 🙂

What I noticed during Week 23
  • The day after mother’s day I believe I felt baby hiccups for the first time. I haven’t noticed sense then.
  • The next night I was very tender on my belly, like in the belly button area. It sorta hurt to touch. I think I was stretching. I was fine the next day.
Ben’s Birthday
Like I mentioned above, we celebrated both Mother’s Day and Ben’s birthday Sunday. He worked on his birthday so we had dinner that night when I got off work. They were able to go Wine Tasting and other things while I worked, so they enjoyed a nice day. 
I got Ben a new baseball mitt for baseball season. It was on sale and it seems to work well. 🙂
That was all that week from what I remember. I try to take notes in my app so that I can remember what to write. Nothing too uncomfortable happened and I got a lot of cleaning done. I put up some of Liam’s clothes with new baby hangers. I can’t wait to get more things in the nursery!
I cannot wait to see family and friends next week in WA for our first baby shower! We have missed you all.
Thanks for stopping by! If you have any ideas for baby registry stuff, comment below or Facebook comment! 

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